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Working Artificial Brain Made Using Circuitry

A working artificial brain made using circuitry. That sounds impossible but that is what has been achieved by a German scientists’ team. They made this artificial brain and the best part is that it does not use any computer processor. Even without a computer processor, this brain is capable of mimicking an actual human brain’s functions. The Applied Physics Letters has an article published about this extremely technical research.

About the Artificial Brain Circuitry

The circuit created by the team of scientists has two oscillators. These oscillators have been designed to create what is known as periodic electrical impulses. In between these two oscillators sits a special circuity network.

This network has been made using special components. The circuitry is capable of remembering previously flown voltage level. This allows the circuitry to adapt to different voltage levels that are generated by the two oscillators. Interestingly, the oscillators, just like human brain neurons, managed to synchronize themselves.

Thorsten Bartsch – Kiel University neurologist and one of the team members of this fantastic research – is excited about the new circuit because of its synchronization ability. According to Bartsch, the circuit has huge potential. He says that for long scientists have wondered whether the synchronization of neural impulses in a human brain is linked with human consciousness or not. This new circuitry, according to Bartsch, may just provide the necessary insights into the functioning of human brain.

Several researches have been conducted in this field in the past. However, all of them ended up recreating the higher functions of a human brain. This artificial brain in particular has, for the first time, recreated a simple adaptable network of circuits which reconfigure themselves after a stimulus like cognitive activity or sensory input. This is precisely what the neurons network in the brain do.

Memristors in Artificial Brain Circuitry

Memristors are the specialized circuits that form the backbone of this artificial brain. At the core of a memristor sits a simple circuit made of two conductive terminals. This simple circuit memorizes the current level passed through it. As a result, the electrical resistance it puts up in future varies depending on the current levels that flow through it.

When multiple memristors are used for constructing a circuit, a form of electrical memory is generated by making use of nothing else but electricity. Good thing about memristor circuits is that when they do not get any power, they still remember. Later when electricity is passed through them, they simply recall. This is what makes them amazing.

What’s really interesting about memristors is that they are so simple circuits that a large number of different materials can be used for making them. They can even be made to be flexible. Creating neural networks that work has been attempted earlier using memristors. Some experts hold the notion that for creating artificial intelligence that is at par with human intelligence, memristors can become the most crucial factor.

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