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When should I take down my Christmas tree? Once Christmas Day and Twixmas have passed, the focus often shifts to cleaning the home and taking away the tree’s decorations (including garlands, lights, and wreaths) and cards.

There is often uncertainty – and dispute – about the appropriate time to accomplish this. However, you should resist the temptation to take down your Christmas decorations too soon, since custom dictates that they should remain up for a little longer than you would imagine.

Twelfth Night

Since the fourth century, Christian custom has designated Twelfth Night, the night when Christmas ends and the night before Epiphany (that is, the Eve of the Epiphany), as the right time to remove your Christmas tree and all the associated decorations.

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This means you may continue to enjoy the dazzling lights for a little bit longer, since Twelfth Night will occur on either January 5th or January 6th – the dates vary according to custom. However, be warned: it is believed that keeping your Christmas decorations up beyond this day will bring you bad luck.

Following Advent, which is best defined as the four weeks preceding Christmas in which Christians prepare for and celebrate the birth of Christ, Christmas celebrations traditionally began on Christmas Day and lasted 12 days (dubbed the 12 Days of Christmas), concluding on the evening of 5th January, dubbed Twelfth Night.

The Epiphany, celebrated on 6th January, commemorates the Magi – the Three Kings or Wise Men – paying a visit to infant Jesus in his manger in Bethlehem, bringing him gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh.

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So, when should I take down my Christmas tree?

Do it on the 12th night, that is, 5th of January. Else, you can do that on next day morning, that is on the 6th of January. Remember that for the Church of England, 6th January marks the start of Epiphany.

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