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Quizizz may have a unique name, but the concept behind it – making quiz-based education enjoyable – is not novel (Quizlet and Kahoot! are two examples). However, it does make quiz-based learning very simple to use, both for instructors and students, and in an exciting manner.

All of this contributes to the platform’s strength as a learning platform, both for distance education and in the classroom. This is shown by the fact that Quizizz is extensively utilized, in over half of all schools in the United States and in over 150 nations worldwide.

It is visually appealing in a minimalist manner, is easy to use, and is compatible with a variety of devices, making it generally accessible. Is Quizizz the powerful classroom tool you’re looking for? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Quizizz.

What is Quizizz?

Quizizz is essentially an online quiz tool that functions similarly to a game show. This translates into a question-and-answer platform, which works with all compatible web-browsers, as well as iPhone and Android smartphones, with dedicated applications for each.

From the students’ viewpoint, this makes studying more enjoyable by including game-based interactions and the chance to complete an exam using their own devices. Teachers may choose from a variety of pre-built quizzes or alter and construct their own from scratch.


Due to the fact that students simply need an access code, they are not required to create an account, making access very easy for everyone. Additionally, their privacy and personal information is safeguarded.

This platform provides instructors with a big database of quizzes, making it an easy-to-use tool that does not need a lot of time or effort. However, since they are editable, they may also be used to create a more in-depth and customized offering for pupils and classes.

How does Quizizz work?

To begin using Quizizz as a teacher, you must first sign up. Basic information is needed and may be submitted using a school-issued email address or a Google or Microsoft account. The especially handy aspect of this product is that it integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Remind.

Once an account is created, instructors may access the database of quiz choices, which can be searched and arranged in order to facilitate the process of choosing the right quiz. You may realize that an existing quiz will suffice. Alternatively, you may like to alter and tweak the final version.

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Additionally, you may create a new quiz with single and multiple-choice answer alternatives. Teachers may enter questions and answers manually if that is the simplest method for them, but rich media alternatives are also available. Include graphics in questions or as response choices, and also tailor student feedback.

For instance, you might integrate a famous meme that students view in response to their answer. While there are several options available, they may also be created by instructors if desired.

What are the best Quizizz features?

The opportunity to take a quiz privately or in a class setting is a convenient feature. This enables instructors to administer customized tests to individual students or to work together as a class, receiving feedback on how the class is coping with a specific topic. The benefit of working in a classroom setting is that everyone can observe how their classmates are doing. Equally, working alone might be advantageous for people who prefer solitude or for setting homework tasks.

Quizizz has a leaderboard, however instructors may disable it if the competitive element of the board is detrimental to the kids. The same can be said about question timers, which may assist in motivating certain students but may be seen as excessive pressure by others – therefore the ability to toggle this feature on and off is a good addition.

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Additionally, the meme feedback and soundtrack selections are adjustable. With them enabled, the quiz may seem quite dynamic and enjoyable, or you can disable them for a more studious approach.

One option enables students to see their scores after they complete the quiz, which is a beneficial technique to ensure they learn from their errors. Additionally, students may retake the quiz to gamify it by seeing how many they got correct the second time around.

Teachers may provide parents a full report on a student’s performance through the app. These statistics also assist instructors in determining how pupils are faltering and determining what to focus on next.

How much does Quizizz cost?

Quizizz is completely free to use but conceals its payment structure on its webpage, except for work-based choices.

While the free option is available, there is also a $10 per month plan (you may pay annually at the rate of $96 per year). This provides you with access to the Quizizz Super quiz collection and the opportunity to create an infinite number of quizzes and courses. There is no advertising, and the site has answer explanations, game themes, and interactive videos among other features.

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Quizizz best tips and tricks

Spend time doing research

It’s critical to spend time browsing the database, since spending more time here results in grabbing a nearly-completed quiz, rather than the much more time-consuming process of creating your own. Additionally, the more you search, the more proficient you get with the site.

Conduct an early assessment

Begin a lesson, or perhaps a semester, with a quiz that measures pupils’ comprehension of a topic or subject area. This may assist you in fine-tuning your approach to the topic on both teacher-to-student and class and level.

Include parents

Email the results to parents and inform kids that this occurs on a regular basis, possibly monthly, so they can have an additional pair of eyes on the efforts they are putting in.

Quizizz FAQ

What is Quizizz used for?

Quizziz is a web-based assessment application that enables educators and pupils to collaborate on quizzes. After assigning a unique access pass to each student, a quiz may be delivered live as a timed competition or utilized as homework with a set deadline.

How is Quizizz different from Kahoot?

Teachers may use Kahoot! to create multiple-choice quizzes, conversations, surveys, and jumbles where students are required to place the answers in the right order. Teachers are confined to a multiple-choice quiz style using Quizizz; this lack of question varieties restricts students’ learning to facts and recollection.

How do students use Quizizz?

Students simply locate a quiz on Quizizz and click the ‘Challenge Friends’ option. They may even build their own quiz. After a student submits their name, they get a game code for sharing with others to invite them to the game.

How does a student create quizzes on Quizizz?

Using your student account, you may design your own quizzes. Log into your Quizizz student account and navigate to the upper left-hand corner of the page to the ‘Create a quiz’ button. Create your own questions and use the teleport tool to include questions from other publicly accessible quizzes.

Is Quizizz app free?

Quizizz is a completely free tool. It is compatible with all devices, including web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc., and Android, and iOS devices. You may choose from hundreds of pre-made quizzes or make your own.

Is Quizizz a safe website?

Here are some examples of Quizizz’s security and privacy measures:
— Quizizz does not allow behaviorally tailored advertising.
— Students are not needed to create an account in order to participate in games.
— Students who have not provided permission or who are unable to do so have a restricted product experience.

How safe is Quizizz?

To safeguard your personal information, Quizizz encrypts all data in transit and maintain current certifications with a reputable third-party provider named DigiCert. All passwords are encrypted using the bcrypt hashing method.

What’s the difference between Quizlet and Quizizz?

Quizizz may lack Quizlet’s superior question diversity and study facilities, but it does provide a pleasant, meme-fueled game show experience that kids, and instructors will appreciate. Having said that, older pupils may find it childish.

How do teachers use Quizizz?

Quizizz is used by teachers to supplement education, review, and assessment for students in Pre-K through College. It’s really easy to use and absolutely free! After assigning a unique access pass to each student, a quiz may be recorded live in the form of a timed competition or sent as homework with a particular due date.

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