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Oodlu is an online learning platform that use games to assist students in acquiring knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.

Games may be customized or produced by instructors to achieve a particular learning objective while still including gaming into the interaction. The platform is applicable to any topic and is available in the majority of languages, allowing for widespread usage.

Oodlu also gives instructors with feedback analytics, which enables them to assess how students are developing in the short and long term, allowing for more effective teaching personalized to each student. The fact that the games are so enjoyable is just a bonus.

Continue reading our Oodlu review to learn all you need to know.

What is Oodlu?

Oodlu is an online game platform. More precisely, it is an educational tool that instructors may employ to assist kids in learning as they play. This all adds up to a fantastic choice for those who struggle with conventional learning and would benefit from a gamification approach.

The activities that follow the questions and answers are intended to assist students in reinforcing their learning and enabling them to work more efficiently. Numerous educational games are accessible online, but this business believes they may be improved if made by instructors, and hence provides teachers with the means to do so.

oodlu games
Image Source: Oodlu

The platform is suitable for users of all ages. If the learner is capable of using a device and has a working knowledge of the game’s mechanics, they may play and learn. The ability to read is critical for the inter-game questions and answers.

This is a web-based service that can not only be used through Chromebooks, laptops, and desktop PCs, but it is also available as an iOS and Android app. This allows students to work on game-based tasks in class or at home as needed. This is an excellent approach to work outside of class hours while also include students who are studying remotely.

How does Oodlu work?

Begin by making an account and logging in, which will enable you to immediately build question sets.

Choose from pre-populated sets of questions in a variety of formats, including flash cards, sequencing, fill in the blank, missing words, and multiple choice.

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When the bank of questions is full, you can choose Play to select the game in which these questions will appear – or you may let students choose. The game then appears between a couple of the questions to keep pupils occupied but not too distracting, given they only have a few minutes. The game occurs at random, after the appearance of a selection mechanism depicting a happy or sad face — this has nothing to do with answering the question correctly.

If a student answers a question wrong, they are urged to retry and are unable to progress until the response is accurate. Teachers may provide some feedback text at this stage to assist pupils in avoiding difficulty.

Once completed, the game may be shared directly via a class group such as Google Classroom, through a URL or via email. On their first visit, students must sign up, which is a short and simple procedure that is best done in a group setting in class while doing this for the first time. Auto-registration for students is available, however it is a premium offering.

What are the best Oodlu features?

Not only does Oodlu provide a vast array of pre-written questions on a number of themes, but it also provides feedback. Teachers may use a game’s stats to determine how well a student or a class performed. This offers an instant visual indicator of the areas where the group is suffering, which is perfect for future lesson preparation.

oodlu on desktop, tablet, and mobile
Image Source: Oodlu

The flexibility to assign games to a class, individual students, or subgroups is a welcome feature. This enables quizzes to be tailored to each student’s current level, so assisting everyone in progressing while still enjoying the wonderfully tough process.

Students may choose which game they would want to see displayed in between questions. This gives users the option of changing the game type based on their preferences, how they feel that day, or even to balance the topic type for them.

Teachers may see the proportion of questions that students successfully answered the first time around using the basic analytics. A premium account is required for more thorough analytics. Additional information is included in the segments below.

How much does Oodlu cost?

Oodlu’s price structure is divided into two categories: Standard and Plus.

Oodlu Standard is completely free to use and includes a variety of features, including student leaderboards, three question types, formative assessments, student-created questions, question searching, five games, overall achievement monitoring, student groups creation and management ability, and access to a form for teachers.

The Oodlu Plus option is quote-based and starts at $9.99 per month. It includes everything mentioned above plus 17 question types, bulk question creation, AI-powered suggestions, features for adding slides, audio, text, & images, summative assessments, ability to search questions and merge them, feature for organizing questions, 24+ games, student selection of games, Quickfire (a game for entire class but led by a teacher), and the ability to embed games on website.

Additionally, you have the option to establish limitless student groups with an unlimited number of students, create student profiles automatically, import students, print leaderboards, issue badges, administer awards, and add other tutors to the group. Additionally, there are powerful analytics that allow for detailed monitoring of student success and data download.

There is yet more! Additionally, you get a bulk discount, API access, phonics tools, premium support, a notes jotter, and administration tools for schools.

Oodlu best tips and tricks

Break it down

After the session concludes, create a forum for students to discuss the games they played. This promotes (typically enthusiastic) conversation, which often results in the introduction of question-based discussion to help consolidate learning.

Reward the games

Allow students to choose their games only when they are working toward a goal you have established. This keeps the prize attainable and provides another objective to strive for.

Sign out with a game

Because these games are meant to reinforce what was learnt in the questions, hosting an Oodlu session at the conclusion of a lecture is an excellent approach to reinforce everything learned.

General FAQ

Is Oodlu for students free?

Yes, Oodlu for students is free and it will always remain free.

Is Oodlu for teachers free?

Oodlu Standard is free for teachers. However, they can upgrade to Oodlu Plus that costs $9.99 a month.

Is Oodlu for parents free?

No, Oodlu for parents is not free. They can use Oodlu for $9.99 a month and see how their child is progressing and learning.

Oodlu is available in how many languages?

Oodlu is available in seven languages – Arabic, Hebrew, Slovenian, French, English, Croatian, and Mandarin. All translations are done by teachers.

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