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Gimkit is a digital quiz game platform that instructors and students may use to learn. This is true for both in-class and at-home study.

Gimkit was conceived as a result of a student’s work on a high school project. Because he found game-based learning to be especially interesting, he created an app that he imagined himself using in class.

The current advanced version of that initiative is an app that provides quiz-based learning in a variety of ways and even includes additional activities to increase engagement. While this is an enjoyable method of learning, will it work for you?

What is Gimkit?

Gimkit is a digital quiz game that teaches pupils via the use of questions and answers. The platform is compatible with a variety of devices and, more importantly, students may access it using their own cellphones, tablets, or computers.

This is a very simple and straightforward system that was designed and is maintained entirely by students. As such, it is very accessible to children in the K-12 age range, with simple controls.

gimkit question
Neatly arranged questions on Gimkit

As you can notice in the image above, the questions are straightforward, with multiple choice response alternatives presented in boxes with plenty of color. Students may submit questions that the instructor may include in the game currently being played.

This provides class-wide, individual, or live games at the students’ speed, and may be used both in the classroom and as a homework device. An incentives system encourages students to stay interested and return for more.

How does Gimkit work?

Once a teacher has registered with Gimkit, they may begin immediately. Signing up is straightforward, since an email address or a Google account may be used — the latter of which makes it convenient for schools already using Google. This is particularly true with roster import. Once a roster is loaded, instructors may assign both individual quizzes and live class-wide modes.

how gimkit works
Gimkit Live

Students may join a class game by responding to an email invitation or by visiting the website. Alternatively, they may utilize a code that the instructor can provide through the LMS platform of their choosing. All of this is managed by the instructor via a single class account. This enables not just game management, but also evaluation and data analytics. We will discuss that later.

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Live games may be organized in which students submit questions that are moderated by the instructor and answered by others. This works great if the quiz is shown on the big screen for the whole class to complete together. It is possible to work in teams or compete against other players. Due of the free version’s five-student restriction, the large screen or group alternatives function effectively.

What are the best Gimkit features?

Gimkit has a KitCollab mode that enables students to assist the instructor in creating the quiz prior to the game starting. This is especially beneficial when the class is divided into groups and the task of coming up with really difficult but beneficial questions benefits everyone.

Kits, as the quiz games are referred as on the site, may be developed from start, imported as a CSV file, imported from Quizlet, or selected from the platform’s own gallery for modification.

Credits earned in-game are an excellent approach to keep kids interested. This virtual cash is granted for each right response. However, if you provide the incorrect response, it will actually cost you. These credits may be used to purchase score-boosting powerups and other enhancements.

Millions of possible combinations enable pupils to play to their strengths and develop their own unique identity. The option to utilize a second chance or to increase the earning potential per right response are examples of power-ups.

kitcollab on gimkit
Gimkit Live KitCollab

There are already over 10 games accessible, with more being developed to enhance the quizzes’ realism. The Floor is Lava,  Humans vs. Zombies, and Trust No One are among them. Trust No One is a detective-style game.

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While live games are beneficial for classroom instruction, the option to give student-paced work is good for homework. While a deadline may still be established, it is up to the student to choose when the assignment is completed. These are referred to as Assignments and are automatically graded.

Teachers may use their dashboard to evaluate student progress, earnings, and other formative data that might assist them in determining the next project to work on. One outstanding characteristic is that the assessment of students’ performance in a game is distinct from their academic skill in the assignment. Ideal for folks who are knowledgeable about the subject but struggle with the game aspect of things.

How much does Gimkit cost?

Gimkit is completely free to use, although there is a five-student restriction each game.

Gimkit Pro is available for $9.99 per month, but you can go for an annual payment that costs $59.98 per year. This unlocks all modes and gives you the power to create assignments (that is, play asynchronously) and submit graphics and audio to your kits.

Gimkit best tips and tricks

KitCollab the class

Create a quiz using the KitCollab tool but require each student to submit a question they don’t know the solution to — this ensures that everyone learns something new.

Pretest the class

Utilize Gimkit as a tool for formative assessment. Create pre-tests to find out how well pupils understand, or do not understand, a topic before you prepare how you will teach the class.

Get groups for free

Avoid the pay limitation restrictions by letting students share one device in groups or by projecting the game onto the whiteboard for a class-wide engagement.

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Gimkit FAQ

Okay, now that you know what Gimkit is and what are its features, let us quickly go through some frequently asked questions about Gimkit.

What is Gimkit used for?

Gimkit is a student-created and maintained quiz learning game for instructors and students. After registering, you’ll begin by generating “kits” which are live learning games. Kits are used for creating quizzes. Create a quiz from scratch, import one from a CSV file or from Quizlet, or alter quizzes in the Gimkit gallery.

Is Gimkit like Kahoot?

Gimkit, invented by Josh Feinsilber, functions similarly to a Kahoot game, except that students receive money for successfully answering questions, and a lot of money if they are excellent at it. Josh is a student at a Seattle high school that emphasizes projects and internships as part of the academic curriculum.

How is Gimkit different from Kahoot?

Both Kahoot and Gimkit are very interesting for kids, while Kahoot is more appealing to competitive pupils. Gimkit enables questions to recur randomly, allowing for more repeats.

Can student create Gimkits?

Yes, students can create Gimkits using KitCollab. Once the questions are submitted, instructions can approve them or disapprove them.

Can you play Gimkit solo?

Gimkit Assignments enable students to play Gimkit asynchronously. There is no need to schedule live games or distribute the game code. Rather, pupils play Gimkit independently and at their own speed.

How to add students to Gimkit?

Students with Educator accounts may now transition to a student status by clicking the assignment link, class join link, or entering the code for a live game with a class. Once they convert to a student, they will be instantly assigned to your class.

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