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ClassMarker is an online quiz and assessment tool that instructors may use both in the classroom and at home.

This is a robust platform that has been constructed with assessment in mind. It is designed for both education and business. As such, it may be a handy technique for creating self-marking examinations.

This is readily accessible and may be utilized by students on their own devices, including a iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and Android, as well as a Chromebook.

This is a very secure platform that comes with a plethora of compliance standards to put your mind at rest. However, with stiff competition from the likes of Kahoot!, Quizizz, and Quizlet, is this the right fit for you?

What is ClassMarker?

ClassMarker is an online quiz production and scoring system that is simple to use and access. With feedback and statistical analysis capabilities, it elevates testing and quizzing to a level where the data are doubly beneficial for instructors.

Due to the fact that this is also a business-oriented product, there is outstanding security, since your stored quizzes are backed up every hour by the cloud-based organization.

classmarker question
ClassMarker question

The technology is simple to use yet operates in such a manner that it accelerates your progress as you use it. This saves your work so that you may reuse it on a new quiz in the future.

In comparison to some of the competitors, this site has a more minimalist business-style appearance. Therefore, do not anticipate the humorous meme-style response that some provide – a good thing if you want to keep things serious, but it may come off as chilly to instructors looking for ways to engage younger kids.

How does the platform work?

Because ClassMarker is a web-based application, you must first register an account. This is a straightforward procedure that involves just the sharing of basic information including your email address. Students do not need to register since they can access a quiz by a simple access code that you can share with anybody.

After registering, you may immediately begin using ClassMarker for free. Further price levels provide additional possibilities, but more on that in the following sections.

test results
ClassMarker results

Create a quiz, either from scratch or by incorporating already published questions. Additionally, you must include response alternatives that enable students to choose from a list of multiple-choice answers.

It’s as simple as emailing students a link that enables them to begin the quiz from their preferred device. Once they’ve completed the exam, the results are immediately available in the instructor account.

The results may be studied, with longer term patterns readily visible. As a result, this is an excellent method for assessing students over the course of a year or more, allowing for a detailed picture of their achievement.

What are the best ClassMarker features?

ClassMarker makes advantage of a convenient question bank mechanism. Once you’ve entered a question, it is saved so that you may reuse it in subsequent quizzes. Indeed, you may have a quiz produced randomly from your question bank.

While multiple choice is an effective method for fast assessment, you may also utilize short responses, essays, or other sorts of questions. Randomizing questions and responses may be a beneficial feature since it enables you to provide pupils with a variety of response alternatives.

classmarker grading
ClassMarker Grading

Indeed, one option enables you to embed a quiz on a website. This is advantageous if you manage a website or a school website, since it provides a convenient central location for students to access quizzes.

Additionally, availability dates and time restrictions may be specified, which is excellent if you want to keep pupils on track to finish these assignments on time.

Students may bookmark questions as they go. This may be a useful method for them to notify you if they encounter a particularly tough question, or for them to remind themselves if they want to return to it later.

Multilingual student assistance is offered, enabling you to construct a quiz that is accessible to the whole class in many languages.

How much does ClassMarker cost?

ClassMarker is completely free to use for a basic account, but there are additional options available.

The free account allows you to grade 1,200 tests each year and includes restricted functionality such as certificate generation, emailing test results, batch import of questions, uploading photos or videos, and seeing detailed results analytics.

Professional 1 costs $19.95 a month and includes all of the above features in addition to 4,800 graded tests every year.

Professional 2 costs $39.95 a month and includes all of the above plus 12,000 graded exams yearly.

Alternatively, you may purchase credit packs to use as needed. For instance, 100 credits correspond to 1,200 graded examinations. $25 gets you 50 credits, $100 gets you 250 credits, $300 gets you 1,000 credits, $625 gets you 2,500 credits, and $1,000 gets you 5,000 credits. All of these are valid for 12 months.

ClassMarker best tips and tricks

Encourage pupils to build

Collaboratively create assessments with groups of students and distribute them to one another to get the class working on topics that may be unfamiliar to them.


Utilize these quizzes to examine students prior to examinations, enabling you to analyze their progress while also providing practice.

You are not permitted to pass

Create assessments that students must pass throughout the year in order to advance to the next level of study.

General FAQ

What does class marker do?

ClassMarker is a powerful, but simple-to-use online testing solution that enables you to quickly construct your own web-based tests. Whether you’re testing five or five thousand users, ClassMarker will spare you the long, agonizing hours required to create, distribute, and grade exams.

Does ClassMarker see your screen?

ClassMarker does provide quiz proctoring alternatives that work with online tests that you generate. How can you use ClassMarker to proctor an online exam? You may have users share their screens through Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts, allowing you to view their screen as they take your examinations.

How do you make a test on ClassMarker?

Create a ClassMarker account. Create an account and begin generating Online Tests immediately.
— Add a new test by clicking the “Add New Test” button.
— Begin by composing your Questions.
— Assign the Test that will be taken.
— Select the Test configuration.
— The Results section contains the results for viewing.
— Analyze the outcomes.

How do I delete my ClassMarker account?

Instructors may terminate their Accounts and/or Registered User Accounts at any time. They just need to follow the “Close Account Instructions” that they can find on ‘My Account’ page of the ClassMarker website.

Is ClassMarker proctored?

If you’re searching for a cost-effective proctoring solution for your online tests, ClassMarker provides you complete control over when exams may be taken and the ability to proctor using Zoom at any time.

How do I add time in ClassMarker?

— After you’ve assigned your Test, go to the ‘settings’ page for your Test.
— To explore further parameters, click on the section Taking Test.
— Enter the duration of time under the heading Time Limit.
— At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

How do I download Classmarker results?

Export is located under the title Groups or Links on your Dashboard.
— Pick ‘All’ under Groups/Links to export all results, or select just those that you need.
— Select ‘By User’ or ‘By Test’ to sort users.
— To choose a date range, choose Simple or Advanced.
— Select a date format.
— Export.

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