Unexplained Death of 1,000 Sheep, Kazakhstan in Trouble?

by Sankalan Baidya

Is Kazakhstan in trouble? Why are we asking this question? That’s because, the nation is experiencing a series of unexplained phenomena that no longer look as isolated events. There has to be a connection somewhere and we are yet to figure out that missing link. From giant skulls to sleep sickness to unexplained craters and mysterious UFO sightings, Kazakhstan is now becoming a hot bed of events that attract critics, scientists and conspiracy theorists alike.

Now there is something new that the people of this small nation are experiencing – the unexplained death of 1,000 sheep. This is not an isolated event of biotic crisis. We previously wrote several articles on this biotic crisis that many people refer to as the 6th extinction event.

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Media reports said that this weird event started in Kazakhstan towards the end of June this year. The ground zero for this event was South Kazakhstan’s Kyzylorda region. The area experienced an unusual spike in temperature in month of July. It was back in early July that the temperature of the district soared up to 45°C or 113°F. By the time the hot month came to an end, the total of 5 sheep farms in the area collectively experienced the death of 1,000 sheep.

The possibility of heat killing these animals has been ruled out and not possible explanation has been put forward so far. However, the event did manage to send the Agriculture Department of the region in red alert. Department head Bakhyt Žahanov was very quick at declaring emergency and looked at this event as the precursor to Saiga antelope disaster that took place in May 2015.

In case you are not aware of what really happened, here is the summary:

In May 2015, 100,000 Asian antelope known as Saiga suddenly died off Kazakhstan’s Kostanai region. Though scientists eventually said that it was caused by respiratory infection known as pasteurellosis, the locals came up with a very outlandish claim that these antelopes were put on a rocket that took off from Baikonur Cosmodrome but the rocket crashed shortly after, killing the 100,000 Saigas.

Anyway, coming back to the mass sheep death issue, scientists are analyzing the dead bodies of these animals to figure out the true cause of their demise. However, officials have already taken steps to treat the remaining sheep to rule out the possibility of pasteurellosis outbreak.

Is there a possible relation between the mysterious sleep sickness that took place in Kazakhstan and the death of these sheep? Well, as far as the story of sleep sickness is concerned, the officials have come up with an explanation, blaming the whole incident on trapped CO or carbon monoxide which is said to be trapped in nearby uranium mines that have long been abandoned.

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It seems unlikely that there is any kind of connection between the Sleepy Hollow of Kalachi and the mysterious sheep death of Kyzylorda because the sheep did not fall asleep to wake up later. They simply turned into carcasses.

So the question is, ‘Is this event of mass death attributed to the craters?’. Very unlikely because the craters that were formed in Kazakhstan’s Perm region were nowhere even close to the site where these sheep dropped dead. And what about UFOs? Did aliens kill the sheep? Umm… nope! We don’t buy that idea because even if aliens were to come after the sheep, they would have abducted a few possibly for the sake of experimenting.

So with nothing that looks even remotely connected to the mass death of these sheep, the only good explanation that fits the bill for now is pasteurellosis. If so, the question that follows is, ‘Why is this respiratory disease wreaking havoc?’ Is this disease the end result of thousands of years of human misdeeds? Is this Mother Nature’s warning saying, – ‘I am coming for you all’? Who knows! Only time will reveal the true story.

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