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Unexplained Booms Terrorize Alhambra – A California City

Unexplained booms are terrifying. You don’t get to know the source of the sounds. It is just loud and clear. Everyone hears it but no one knows where it is coming from. What will you do? You will panic! This is precisely what is happening in Alhambra – a city in California, USA.

More than 100 such unexplained booms have occurred in past 6 months. It all started on February 15, 2016. The first person to hear the sound was Susan Saunders. It was a mysterious and loud boom. Soon her neighbors started hearing those sounds too. Only, they didn’t know where the sounds were coming from. On an average, 20 sounds a month have been terrorizing the Alhambra residents.

Mark Yokoyama – city manager of Alhambra said that the police department received 114 calls, all reporting the strange and mysterious booms. Yokoyama and his staff, along with the city police are totally baffled by the sounds.

Attempts to Find the Source of Unexplained Booms

In order to understand the sounds, Administrative Services Director of Alhambra – Mr. Christopher Paulson decided to plot all reports on a city map. Once the map pointing was completed, Paulson noticed that these unexplained booms were reported from the northeast corner of Alhambra. However, he failed to find a central location that could be the possible source of the mysterious booms.

Paulson took officials from County Department of Public Works of Los Angeles and searched the northeast corner. He even called the officials of Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority to join the search.

During the search, not even a single construction site was identified that used explosives of any kind. Neither was any of the construction site carrying our excavation activities near any gas lines that could possibly cause such sounds. Definitely they were unexplained booms.

Turning to Caltech for Explaining the Unexplained Booms

When non-scientific methods failed, people turned to Caltech hoping for a possible explanation. May be the sounds were coming from some kind of seismic activities. May be the seismic equipment had some answers to provide. Unfortunately, the Caltech folks also turned down the residents.

Jennifer Andrews from Caltech’s Seismological Laboratory stated that the equipment they have is very sensitive. It can pick up pressure waves caused by helicopter sounds or thunders. But nothing unusual was detected by the equipment.

Earthquake data was pulled out by Caltech folks for February 22 upon request from officials of Alhambra. Unfortunately, there were absolutely no seismic activities when the sounds were reported. This left Christopher Paulson totally baffled.

The Unexplained Booms Are Real

These unexplained booms are very much real. Paulson and many other city officials have also heard the mysterious sounds. The specifically remember hearing a mysterious explosion after the meeting of the city council. All of them are awaiting explanations along with the terrified residents of the city.

Susan Saunders, who is a school teacher, that she last heard a boom in June this year. Many explanations are floating around on the internet about the possible cause of the mysterious sounds. Mysterious Universe, for example, questions whether it could be caused by the cursed creatures of the mythical stories from the Tales of the Alhambra, written by Washington Irving.

Some are blaming these sounds on the aliens. Alien firecrackers? Huh? Who knows! Susan Saunders however says that the sounds could be caused by anything but she is not ready to accept that aliens are behind these sounds.

Whatever is causing the unexplained booms, one thing is pretty clear. Alhambra residents are quite panicked at the moment because they don’t know what will come next.

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