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UFO Evidence – Is NASA Deliberately Hiding It?

NASA has been blamed of hiding UFO evidence. Not once but multiple times. The most recent blame came on July 9, 2016. Sky watchers caught a glimpse of a bright object/spot descending down into Earth’s atmosphere. The video was from the live feed of ISS or International Space Station. At one point the unidentified object stopped. That is precisely where the live feed was cut off. As a result, space conspiracy theorists started blaming NASA and stated that the feed was deliberately cut off by NASA.

NASA tried to reassure everyone stating that such interruptions in video feed are quite common. According to Dr. Seth Shostak of NASA and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), NASA has become an agency that people simply love to hate. He said that if NASA releases a photo of Pluto, people will see and enjoy but if a live video feed is cut off, NASA is covering up alien existence!

Dr. Shostak’s Explanation on UFO Evidence Cover Up Accusation

Dr. Shostak said that interruptions in live video feed from ISS is very common. This happens because ISS is constantly moving and at times, it may just move out of range of Data Relay and Tracking satellites. That’s when live video feeds are automatically cut off. This is precisely what happened on July 9 and swirled up rumors that NASA is hiding UFO evidence.

According to Dr. Shostak, what was seen on the live video feed before it was actually cut off was probably a small object. It was moving slowly compared to the speed of ISS. Dr. Shostak explains that even a tiny water droplet appears to be bright, quick and big when viewed from a distance of 20 feet.

He goes on explaining that NASA has absolutely no reason for hiding UFO evidence. It is simple for NASA. If NASA finds alien visitation, funding for NASA will increase significantly and hence, there is no need for covering up anything.

Further Explanations for UFO Evidence Cover Up Accusation

Dr. Shostak didn’t stop there. He even brought up Area 51. He said that UFO interest picked up in USA somewhere in 1960s after the whole nation was engulfed in Area 51 rumors. He explains that by 1960s, mankind was busy sending strong radio signals for slightly over a decade. That time was not really enough for reaching even a few star systems that are close by. This means that if aliens did respond to those radio signals, they should have been somewhere close by. The question is, if they were close by in our neighborhood, why didn’t they visit us sooner?

Shostak tries to clarify that since 1950s only a few thousand star systems in our universe have received radio signals form earth. Which means it is mathematically impossible for aliens to pay the ISS flyby visits.

To further validate his point, Shostak gave an example and said that even if a Klingon community existed some 30 light years away, they couldn’t have visited us by now. He said that it would take 30 years for us to send message to them and yet another 30 years for the aliens to pay us a return visit. This means, statistically it is impossible.

What Do People Say About UFO Evidence Cover Up?

Well, they are accusing NASA irrespective of what Shostak has to say. People and space conspiracy theorists are simply saying that NASA has covered up UFO evidence, not once but multiple times. So, people don’t trust NASA? Here is what the National Geographic Poll of 2012 says: 36% of American population believe that UFOs do exist. Here is something more shocking: ABC News says that 77% of the Americans are very much convinced that aliens have visited earth in the past.

The problem is that no matter what NASA or government says, people will not believe easily. Given the history of cover ups of US government, it is literally not possible to believe every word that government says. When it comes to space, NASA and US government has near monopoly in this world. Seriously, no one can do anything if NASA and US government maintains secrecy on this matter.

May be NASA is hiding UFO evidence from people. UFO conspiracy theorists are pretty sure that NASA is covering up things. But they also say that UFOs are something of grand scale and maintaining secret for a very long time will not be possible for either NASA or for the US government.