Top 5 Haunted Place in India

by Sankalan Baidya
Haunted places in india

Haunted places in India! Now we are speaking of something that triggers adrenalin rush! You know what? YouTube and the whole of internet is flooded with ghost stories, haunting and related videos and almost 100% of them are from America. So, the question we normally ask, ‘are ghosts limited only to America?’ Not really, no! It is just that Americans like to publicize those things more than any other country in this world. That’s typical American behavior.

We are not here to speak of America. We are here to talk about India. Just like any other country in world, India has its fair share of mysteries, including the supernatural ones. Those mysteries are uncanny and eerie. They can push even the toughest of hearts to the edge. They can give goosebumps and trigger adrenalin rush. They can bring out the adventurous side of you.

So, if you have a hidden explorer in you and if you like mysterious haunted places, this list of top 5 haunted places in India is going to serve you well. Beware! We are talking supernatural. So, if you have a faint heart, these aren’t the places you should be at.

Haunted Places in India: 1: Rajasthan’s Bhangarh Fort

Of all haunted places in India, Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan’s Alwar district is considered to be spookiest of all places India has to offer. This 17th century fort stands at the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve. This fort is considered as India’s most haunted place. Such is the reputation of the Bhangarh fort that even Archaeological Society of India or ASI has put up a notice outside the fort, prohibiting entrance after dark.

Haunted places in india

Story behind Bhangarh fort is quite interesting. It is said that there was once a magician in that area. Despite being no match to the kingly status, the magician fell in love with the princess of the area. In order to ensure that the princess surrenders to him, he tried to cast a spell on her. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), the princess learned about his evil plans and managed to have him killed. Being well-versed with black magic, the magician, right before his death, cast a dark spell on the entire palace and in the following years, the kingdom met its doom.

This fort is one of the major tourist attraction of Rajasthan except that no one (locals and tourists alike) is allowed to enter the fort after the night unfolds. Such is the reputation of the fort that local villagers have actually abandoned their houses and moved away from the fort.

Haunted Place in India: 2: Rajasthan’s Kuldhara Village

Then comes the Kuldhara village of Rajasthan. Its fame is only slightly dwarfed by that of Bhangarh Fort but for paranormal enthusiasts, this is one of the most preferred go-to destinations. The village was established back in 1291 by a prosperous clan known as the Paliwal Bhramins. The village was inhabited for over 600 years. Today it stands in its ruins.

Haunted places in india

As per legends, Salim Singh, Jaisalmer’s state minister visited the village (actually a village community made of 85 villages) and saw a beautiful girl. He wanted to marry the girl. So, in order to make the villagers agree, he threatened that he would levy excessive taxes on the villagers unless they marry the girl to him. The villagers were not very happy about the threat they received. In order to protect the honor of the girl, the villagers (of all 85 villages) left the village overnight. No one saw them leaving. No traces were found about their whereabouts.

It is said that before they left, they cursed the village, thereby preventing anyone from inhabiting the village ever again. Paranormal activities have been reported in the place in form of voices and moving shadows and hand imprints. There is no restriction about staying in the village at night. You can always do so but do that at your own risk. To know the full story of Kuldhara, click here.

Haunted Places in India: 3: Rajasthan’s Brijraj Bhawan Palace

Not as creepy as the Bhangarh Fort or Kuldhara, Rajasthan has yet another haunted place to offer. It is the Brijraj Bhawan Palace located in Kota. According to tales, during the 1857 Revolt, a British Officer named Major Burton was shot dead along with his sons right inside the palace.

Haunted places in india

Since then, the ghost of Major Burton has been roaming around in the palace, which is now a hotel. There are no reports of the ghost hurting anyone but the guards have claimed that an invisible hand has slapped them in the middle of the night. Well, that’s a benevolent but angry ghost.

Haunted Places in India: 4: Mussoorie’s Lambi Dehar Mines

Located on the outskirts of Mussoorie are the Lambi Dehar Mines. Claimed to be haunted, this place has a nice story to accompany. Before narrating the story, it is worth saying that no one can accurately say when exactly the mining operations started in this place. Some claim that the Lambi Dehar Mines have been operational since the time of the British.

Haunted places in india

Coming to the story, it is being said that nearly half a million people died because of improper mining techniques. They died a slow and painful death over a period of time and eventually, because of the high numbers of deaths, the mines were shut down. Because of improper medical facilities, the miners died coughing blood. It is said that the souls of these half a million people haunt the place.

If that is not spooky enough, the story takes a different turn into the world of witchcraft. It is said that the mines are now the home of a witch who comes down the mountains at night and tries to lure men into the mines. Those who follow meet their doom and never return. A number of accidents have also been reported in the place with buses and truck rolling off the cliff being the commonest accident tales to be heard. Even a helicopter is said to have crashed in the area. Talking of the witch, it is said that she screams at night and when people approach closer, the screaming abruptly stops.

There are several other stories of hauntings that locals narrate. So, are the Lambi Dehar Mines haunted? Visit and find out!

Haunted Places in India: 5: Goa’s Three Kings’ Church

Then there is the Three Kings’ Church located in Goa, which is also said to be haunted. It is said that the church is inhabited by the ghosts of three kings who once fought each other and in the process, got killed.

Haunted places in india

Their purpose of clashing with each other was simple – own the church property. Unfortunately, no one managed to get it but everyone managed to end up dead. After many locals reported experiencing paranormal activities, the Paranormal Society of India sent the GRIP team, which also confirmed paranormal activities in the place.

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