Top 5 Funny Indian Wedding Rituals

by Virupakshi
Funny Indian Wedding Rituals

Weddings are fun. They represent the beginning of a whole new life but they are also punctuated with celebrations, fun, eating and of course, rituals. However, not all rituals are always normal with nothing out of the box and extraordinary. There are some rituals, which are downright weird and funny at times. In this article, we take a look at 5 such funny Indian wedding rituals that will take you by surprise. Let us begin…

Bihar’s Earthen Pot Ritual to See Bride’s Adjustment Qualities

Funny Indian Wedding Rituals

Testing bride’s adjustability by placing earthen pots on her head – this certainly is not expected for a woman who goes to her in-laws’ residence for the first time after marriage. The day after the marriage, the mother-in-law places earthen pots on the bride’s head and to top it off, the poor bride has to touch everyone’s feet while balancing the pots on her head. This, as people believe, shows how well or worse the girl adjusts in her new home and to the new responsibilities. This crazy ritual happens in Bihar. You thing this is not funny enough? Continue reading to learn about other funny Indian wedding rituals.

Kanpur’s Tomato-Potato Ritual to Welcome Grooms

Funny Indian Wedding Rituals

Welcoming the groom and his baarat with tomatoes and potatoes! – a baarat is groom’s wedding procession in India. Usually the groom and his baarat are welcomed by flowers and sweets and aarti but in a village called Sarsaul, near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, tomatoes and potatoes are hurled at them along with cuss words. Reason for this unimaginable ritual? They believe that things which start with hate end with love.

Groom About to Embrace Sanyasi Path – Tamil Ritual

Funny Indian Wedding Rituals

Momentary decision of the groom to give up marriage and become a mendicant! – down south in Tamil Nadu, in Iyer (Tamil Brahmin) families, when the wedding is going to happen in some time, the groom decides that he wants to become a vagabond and head straight to Himalayas. The bride’s father and brother convince the groom and make him accept the bride and then the wedding happens. Bhagvat Gita, sandals, umbrella and hand fan are the things which the bride’s father uses to convince the groom. Weird props for weird ritual.

Ring Finding Duel – A Common Ritual

Funny Indian Wedding Rituals

Game of ring to decide the lord of the couple – a ring is dropped in silver pot or dish filled with milk, some rose petals and vermillion. Now on the count of three, bride as well as the groom should insert their hands in the pot and search for the ring. It is best of seven and whoever gets the ring for four times or more is not only the winner of the game but it is also believed that the person who got the ring would have an upper hand in all the affairs. This ritual is called jua or aeki beki.

Mother Forbidden from Witnessing Daughter’s Wedding – Bengali Ritual

Funny Indian Wedding Rituals

Mother cannot see her daughter’s wedding –  seeing her daughter getting married is probably one of the biggest wishes of every mother. Unfortunately, Bengali mothers are not allowed to witness their own daughter’s wedding. It is believed that daughter’s married life will be happy if mothers don’t attend the wedding. On the wedding day, early morning, all the married women in bride’s family go to the banks of River Ganga and perform a Ganga aarti and invite Ganga to attend the wedding so that Goddess can bless the bride.


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