The Stunning Broken Glass Beach of Russia

by Virupakshi
Broken Glass Beach

Nature has always something to give, be it deserts, green lush lowlands, snow-capped mountain ranges, forests or beaches. Nature has the ability to convert any random entity into a beauty. One such example is the Steklyashka Glass Beach of Russia. The exact location of this beach is Gornostai Bay in Ussuri Bay, near the Vladivostok Port in the east. It is famously known as the Broken Glass Beach.

Broken Glass Beach

It all started with Russians dumping their vodka and beer bottles on this beach and before USSR disintegrated, this bay was used as dumping site for ceramics and glass. After USSR disintegrated, the site had been closed and left on its own.

Broken Glass Beach

No one paid attention to this beach, neither the government nor the common folks. It remained a dumping ground for all. Earlier no human was allowed to get near this bay because of the dangerous shards of ceramics, porcelain and glass bottles.

Broken Glass Beach

However, with every wave reaching the shore the place got more and more beautiful by the moment. The pieces of glass and ceramics got continuously eroded by water. Mother nature did wonders to that place and with years of polishing and smoothing of glasses into pebbles of varied colors by waves and surrounded by hills and mountains, it now stands as a marvel, a treat for our eyes in form of the famous Broken Glass Beach.

Broken Glass Beach

The broken glass beach in Gornostai Bay was once covered with volcanic black sand and on that the glass bottles. It is not far from China or North Korea and it borders the Sea of Japan.

It looks almost similar to the glass beach of Fort Bragg, California but with only one difference. This beach is covered with ice during winters unlike the California beach which remains untouched by the snow all throughout the year.

Broken Glass Beach

The beach looks stunning when it is partly covered with snow and all the small pebbles contrasting with the white snow and glowing in the sun and equally awe-inspiring during summers when it looks like glowing jewels on black volcanic sand.

Authorities today charge a small amount of money for those who wish to watch this mesmerizing beauty created by man and nature together. Russian authorities of Primorsky Krai region designated this place as specially-protected zone for its charm.

Broken Glass Beach

Locals and tourists equally flock here with families and friends and enjoy in this unusual and breath taking beach. Most visitors arrive here during the time of summer and spring for sunbathing and swimming. It is a thirty-minute way from Vladivostok port to reach Steklyashka beach, which is the most widely taken route.

Planning to visit Russia? Do visit this place. It will simply leave you spellbound.

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