The Big Cats Quiz – Do You Know Them Well Enough?

by Sankalan Baidya
big cats quiz

You think you know a lot about Big Cats? If you think so, we throw a challenge to you today. Play this Big Cats quiz and find out how much you know about these majestic creatures.

These ferocious and yet magnificent carnivores are important. They sit on the top of the food chain and play a vital role in maintaining the natural balance that we are kind of hell-bent on destroying.

We know (and so do you) how nature is reclaiming everything in the midst of the recent events that have enveloped the world like a wildfire.

As humans have retreated back into their lairs, skies have become clearer and bluer. Animals have returned to places that once belonged to them and we displaced them.

The ozone layer of our atmosphere is healing, the air pollution levels have dropped and we can breathe fresher air.

The story of big cats is no different. We have managed to destroy their habitats. We have killed them for fur trading and hunting games. We have killed them just to project our superiority.

And today, we talk about their conservation. We put them in enclosures, we use them to breed hybrids and what not!

Do you really think what we are doing is right? We don’t think so!

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Let us take for instance, the Asiatic Lions. Once spread across various parts of the world like Turkey, Mesopotamia, Syria, Baluchistan, Palestine, Arabia and several other places, the Asiatic Lion is today found only in India in protected sanctuary of the Gir Forest.

Bali Tiger and Javan Tiger are totally extinct because of us. Only a few Cape Lions and Barbary Lions remain today in protected areas and zoos.

It is saddening. What have we done to our Earth?

It is about time that we learn about the importance of co-existence with other animal species else, the day is not far when we will bring down upon us, our own destruction.

Having said that, this big cats quiz will not only help your test your knowledge but will also help you to get a better understanding of the nature around you.

Don’t worry if you fail. You can always retake the quiz whenever you want. So, let’s play…

Which of the big cats is the biggest wild cat in the world as of today?

which is the biggest big cat?
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Siberian Tiger is the biggest wild cat in the entire world as of today. Though it must be said that there is a conflict as some still think that Bengal Tiger is the biggest wild cat.

Which big cat can be found at a height of 9,000 feet to 15,000 feet?

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Snow Leopards are the big cats that can be found at a height of 9,000 feet to 15,000 feet.

Which of the big cat’s height is similar to the height of a Bengal Tiger?

similar height
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South China Tiger’s height is supposed to be of the same height as Bengal tiger. They are, unfortunately, thought to be extinct.

Which of the following is/are hybrid of two big cats?

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Liger and Tigon are the two hybrids of tiger and lion. Liger is the hybrid of male lion and female tiger and Tigon is the hybrid of male tiger and female lion.

Which sub species of lion is called the “Kalahari Lion”?

kalahari lion
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Transvaal lion is generally referred to as the Kalahari Lion.

Which species is the biggest in the big cat category?

biggest big cat species
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Tiger species is the biggest cat in the big cat category.

Sexual dimorphism is clearly understood in which of the big cats?

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Lions show sexual dimorphism. Lions have mane and lioness don’t have any mane. However, there are few lions that don’t have manes.

Lions once were widely present throughout Europe, Middle East, Southwest Asia, Africa, etc.

lion distribution
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True. Lions were once widely present throughout Middle East, Africa, Southwest Asia, Europe etc. But, due to multiple factors like deforestation, habitat loss etc. they had to lose their home.

Which is the only big cat which can’t roar?

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Snow leopard is the only big cat of all the five big cats that can’t roar.

Which one of the following is not a big cat?

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Big cats are the wild cats that belong to the genus Panthera. This genus consists of lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, and snow leopard. Cheetah is not in that genus and hence, it is not a big cat.

Which hybrid is derived from mating of male lion and female tiger?

hybrid name
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Liger is the hybrid which is derived from mating of male lion and female tiger.

Which big cat is found in Himalayan region?

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Snow Leopard is the big cat which is present in Himalayan region. The other big cats are usually seen in tropical or sub-tropical areas.

Are all lionesses in a pride are related to each other?

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True. All lionesses in a single pride are related to each other in some way or the other.

Which one is generally referred to as “the biggest cat in the new world”?

new world biggest cat
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South American Jaguars are the biggest cats in the new world. They can weigh up to 260 pounds.

Are Leopards and Jaguars different in terms of their coat patterns?

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Slightly true! Leopards and Jaguars are different in their physical features like tails, body size, jaws and head. Jaguars have stocky body, muscular body, broad head, powerful jaw and shorter tail. Coming to the coat patterns, both of them sport rosette patterns but in case of Jaguars, there spots inside the rosettes. In case of Leopards, those spots are missing.

Which two species of big cats are closely related to each other than others?

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It may be surprising but Tigers & Snow Leopards and Lions & Leopards are more closely related to each other than other big cats.

Which big cat is usually found in the Savannah?

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Though lions are found in many habitats. Their usual habitat is Savannah grasslands.

Which is the only big cat present in the New World?

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Jaguar is the only big cat which can be naturally seen in the New World. The other four big cats are naturally present in the Old World.

Which of the hybrids of big cat doesn’t exist?

doesn't exist
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Snion is our imaginative name! Jaglion, Tigon, Leguar are hybrids. Jaglion is hybrid of jaguar and lion, Tigon is a hybrid of tiger and lion, and Leguar is the hybrid of leopard and jaguar.

Is Black Panther a big cat?

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Yes. Black Panther is a big cat. Black panthers are basically melanistic Jaguars and Leopards.

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