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The 1969 Soviet Files of UFO Crash – Truth or Hoax?

We are all aware of the Soviet-US (now Russia-US) tensions! So, darn dangerous was the tension that the possibility of an imminent clash between the two nations loomed at the horizon right after the World War II. It was the Cold War era.

The tension between the two countries reached new heights with a race of nuclear arms and the whole tension escalated all the way up to the space, triggering the space race.

No one was willing to cede any space and the scientists and the military of both the nations went into an overdrive – a relentless effort to project military and space supremacy.

How the tensions ended is a completely different story but amidst the escalated tensions, Soviet Union secretly recorded an UFO crash. Yes, you read it right! So near-authentic is the video footage that it is difficult to say whether the Soviets indeed managed to get hands on alien tech or not!

What really happened? How did the story unfold? What did the Soviets do? Let us find out…

The UFO Crash – A Soviet Footage

The race was on – between the US and the Soviet Union. It was the race of projecting military and technological superiority.

In comes the Soviet Government and the Soviet Intelligence with an elaborate video recording that revolved around alien tech and alien UFO.

They [the Soviets], kept the footage stashed in the KGB archives. The footage allegedly chronicled the whole event of the recovery of the crashed UFO and some Soviet scientists carrying out an autopsy of an alien humanoid creature.

What the Soviet footage showed was a crashed circular-shaped craft in a way that it appeared to have crashed on land in an angle.

soviet ufo crash

Half protruding out of the land, the saucer-shaped vehicle appeared to have been embedded partially into the land in a frosty and wooded area. The trees were deprived of leaves. The setup very much indicated a desolate and cold weather.

The film – the grainy old film – that chronicled the event also showed the area being guarded by armed Soviet military personnel wearing hats and thick coats. There were some 15 to 20 of those Soviet men who were shown to be guarding the entire area, most likely keeping away the accidental onlookers who just stumbled upon in the area.

The inference from the whole footage was that the military of the Soviet Union managed to find the crashed UFO and were guarding it on command.

It appeared that someone filmed the whole event with a handheld camera.

When Did It Happen and Where?

The question is, when did the Soviets discover and record the UFO crash? Supposedly, according to the film, in March 1969.

The event took place in a place called Yekatrinburg of former USSR. Now the place is called Sverdlovsky.

The video footage and the still images chronicled the whole event of inspecting the crashed vehicle, its recovery and even the alien autopsy. The film only showed an arm and the torso of the humanoid creature. The creature appeared to be very small.

Unfortunately, neither the story, nor did the film come out in the public until 1998. That’s three decades after the event!

It only came to notice in 1998 after a TV series named “The Secret KGB UFO Files” was broadcast in the USA and other areas of the world.

The production of the TV series was sensationalized and it was a costly production. On top of that, it was hosted by the late Roger Moore – yes, the same Roger Moore who was the hero of the 7 insanely successful James Bond movies.

The TV series was a whole documentary with tons of UFO data but, the most attention-grabbing part was the video footage of the crashed UFO and the deceased crew.

The UFO Crash Video – How Did the Footage Come Out?

If the Soviet intelligence was involved, the question is, how did the file come out? No one knows! It was supposedly smuggled out of KGB archives and then sold for USD 10,000 to the production company that produced the TV series.

USD 10,000 may not seem a lot but by the standards of late 90s, it was quite a lot.

Is the UFO Crash Story Hoax or Authentic?

When the footage went public, the National UFO Center made some comments in which it pointed out the following:

The footage contains a truck of model ZIS151, which was in use circa 1950. The Russian military has not used the truck for quite some time now and hence, finding the truck for elaborately staging a hoax would be quite difficult.

The timing of the film as to shadows, the movement of the Soviet soldiers, the UFO itself – all pointed to the fact that the event did take place and that it was real.

Not just that, there were several documents verifying the UFO crash. Then, there was an eyewitness who swore that the recovery event did take place.

The footage also showed autopsy being carried out on the deceased humanoid figure by some personnel who weren’t wearing any caps or gowns but during that era, it was quite common in the Soviet Union.

The furnishing in the autopsy room, according the National UFO Center, also looked reasonably acceptable.


The three men conducting the autopsy were in their 20’s and 30’s and there was a woman who was taking notes. Many people have actually identified the woman as O. A. Pshonikina – KGB stenographer. On top of that various documents were shown that supported the autopsy.

Now the question – is it hoax or authentic? We don’t know! Even the National UFO Center did not draw any conclusion because of the lack of further evidences in favor of or against the footage.

Unfortunately, the two countries no longer cooperate with each other and hence, it is nearly impossible to say whether the UFO Crash footage was indeed real or not! The whole event will most likely remain unsubstantiated for decades to come.

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