Superlatives of Fauna Quiz – Know if You Really Know Animals!

by Sankalan Baidya
superlatives of fauna quiz

Did you understand what we mean when we say – superlatives of fauna quiz? Just to be clearer, let us explain. This quiz is all about the greatest (if there is any), strongest, biggest, tallest, smallest, etc. of animals.

Now that we told you, do you think you know about animals so well that you can pass this quiz? The information about these superlative animals is pretty much available everywhere and we hear about them almost every other day.

But do we realize that these animals possess such amazing characteristics? Even if we know the characteristics of these animals, do we acknowledge them that they are so amazing and unique in their own way?

Every animal is unique in its own way, not just these ones which have some superlative attached to them. For example, elephants are the only animals in this entire world that can’t jump! Do you want one more? Kangaroos are the animals who can’t fart… Ok, last one! This may be a little weird to fathom. Nearly 3% of the ice in the glaciers of Antarctica is made up of urine of penguins.

Now, you may have a proper idea about the weird and unique things about each animal. Your pooch or feline buddy is no different from the animals in the wild. Here on our website, we have a cool collection of facts on animals, that you can read and enjoy and also learn.

Irrespective of whether you pass or fail in this quiz, we assure you that you will learn a lot about animals and you will be simply amazed. So, are you ready for this ‘superlatives of fauna quiz’? Just take this quiz and know how well you know about animals in general and the ones that would be asked in this quiz in particular. Get set and go!

Which snake is the largest snake in the world?

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The green anaconda or sucuri or common water boa or common anaconda is the largest snake in the world. It is a non-venomous snake. The female is around 4.6 meters and the male is 3 meters in length.

Which is the tallest land animal in the entire world?

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Giraffe is the tallest living land animal in the world. Not just that, it is also the largest ruminant in the world. Northern giraffes can be as tall as 4.6 meters to 6.1 meters.

Which animal has the longest arms?

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Gibbons are the primates that have the longest arms relative to the body size of the animal. They can swing their arms over distances of nearly 10 meters or even more!

Who is the highest jumper in this world?

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For their size, fleas are the highest and longest jumpers in the animal kingdom. They can jump 220 times their own body length and 150 times their body weight.

Which animal is the deadliest in terms of killing humans?

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These tiny creatures called mosquitoes are termed as the deadliest animal in the entire world. They kill an average of 1,000,000 humans each year according to CNET. The second deadliest animal is human himself!

Which one of the following is the heaviest animal?

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As you might have guessed, whale or in particular, the blue whale is the heaviest animal on Earth. On average, it weighs 100 tons, and the maximum it weighed 190 tons.

Which is smallest mammal on Earth?

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Bumblebee bat or Kitti’s hog-nosed bat is the smallest mammal on Earth. It has a body length of 29 to 33 millimeters, a wingspan of 130-145 millimeters, and a weight of 1.7-2 grams.

Which of the following animal is the fastest land animal?

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Cheetah is the fastest land animal. It can get a speed of 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. However, cheetahs can run only for 60 seconds.

Which animal has the longest gestation period?

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The gestation period of the elephant lasts for about two years in elephants making the longest gestation period in the animal kingdom.

Which one is the loudest animal in the entire world?

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The heaviest animal of the Earth, whales are the loudest animals too! The sound they produce can reach up to 230 decibels!

Which one has the longest lifespan?

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A species of Jellyfish that is popularly dubbed as immortal jellyfish is the one who has the longest lifespan. This jellyfish can revert back to a premature state and start its life again whenever it is exposed to injury or stress.

Which one is the most venomous animal in the world?

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Australian box jellyfish is the most venomous animal in the world. Its venom can kill 60 adults in one go.

Which animal is the strongest on Earth?

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A dung beetle can lift around 1,141 times their own body weight, making it the strongest animal on Earth.

Which carnivore is the largest carnivore in the world?

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Bear is one of the largest carnivores in the world. The polar bear is the largest carnivore in the world. On average, it has a weight of 360 kilograms and the maximum weight a polar bear to ever reach is 1002 kilograms.

Which animal has the longest migration in the animal kingdom?

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Arctic terns move between Greenland and Antarctica making them the longest animal migration ever recorded in the animal kingdom. In its lifespan of 30 years, the arctic tern would actually cover 1.3 million miles!

Which is the biggest bird?

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The ostrich usually weighs 230 pounds and is around 7 feet tall. Some ostriches can be around 9 feet tall.

Which of the following is the largest invertebrate?

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The colossal squid is the largest invertebrate. It weighs a whopping 600 to 700 kilograms!

Which bird is the smallest in the world?

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Hummingbird or bee hummingbird is the smallest bird in the entire world. Males measure 57 millimeters in length and are 1.6 grams in weight. Females are a little larger than males.

Which animal has the largest mouth?

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Bowhead whale has the largest mouth in the world. Its mouth measures 5 meters in length, 4 meters in height, and 2.5 meters in width.

Which land animal or terrestrial animal is the largest in the wild?

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Elephant or particularly African bush elephant. On average it weighs 4.9 tons and reached a maximum weight of 12.25 tons.

Superlatives of Fauna Quiz
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