Submit Facts

by Sankalan Baidya

Feel free to submit a post but remember to read the instructions (below) carefully.


Send your entries/articles to:


1. You need not be a registered member of this site to submit content. In fact, we do not have registration option.

2. A proper title such as “20 Interesting (Topic Name) Facts” is necessary for all articles submitted.

3. Number of facts you provide is solely your choice. However, the number of facts should not be less than 10. Adjust the title accordingly.

4. If you wish to post in Awesome & Weird category, you need not create a numbered list.

5. You must quote the sources from where you take your facts. Only authentic sources will be allowed.

6. The list of facts you submit should have a proper opening paragraph with “(Topic Name) Facts” as the primary keyword being used at least twice throughout the article.

7. If a particular fact requires some explanation, you should do so.

8. You do not need to find images. We can do that. However, if you wish to send images, you are welcome to do so but remember to send proper image credits.

9. Ensure that the work is completely original. Copy-Paste work is not accepted by us. We check for plagiarism before we upload any content.

10. You must check and recheck your list before your submit and eliminate all grammatical errors and typos.

Please remember that any submission from you will be voluntary and no payments will be made from our end. We will only give you author credit.


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