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Strange Disappearance of James Worson – Inter-Dimensional Travel?

How many times have you heard the proverbial phrase – “vanishing into thin air?” What if someone claims that this has happened literally? What if someone says that a man – a fully-grown adult man just vanished into thin air right in front of the eyes of other people? This is exactly what is article is about. It is the story of a person named James Worson who allegedly vanished into thin air – literally.

So, what was it? Inter-dimensional travel? Teleportation? Bilocation? Time shifting? Actually we don’t know but what we know is that the story is quite fascinating. Let us learn about it!

The story begins… once upon a time…

England, Warwickshire – there was a shoemaker who was known by the name James Burne Worson. James lived in a small place called Leamington. People knew him as a humble and very honest man but had this one nasty habit – alcohol. He loved drinking. The only problem with Mr. Worson was that whenever he became drunk, he used to get involved in outrageous wagers. During one such drinking frenzy, he started to boast about his athletic and pedestrian prowess. The result was that the fellow drinkers challenged him into a race against the almighty Nature. Mr. Worson gladly accepted the challenge.

The day was September 3, 1873 when Mr. Worson, provoked by fellow drinkers, decided to pick up the challenge and embarked on the mission of defeating Nature. He was asked to run/walk 20 miles up to Coventry and come back the same way covering the exact same distance. The man who challenged Mr. Worson (no one remembered his name) accompanied Mr. Worson on a light wagon right behind him. Two other men stepped on the carriage – a linen draper named Barham Wise and a photographer named Hamerson Burns.

Driven by his athletic prowess and of course the provocation, Mr. Worson started running. He did pretty well. For a few miles, he showed no signs of tiredness. It appeared that the alcohol in his tummy didn’t have enough power to make him intoxicated. The three men on the wagon behind Mr. Worson occasionally gave out a shout or two of encouragement. Then… something happened. Something really unexpected and inexplicable.

Somewhere in the middle of the road, Mr. Worson tripped on, perhaps a stone, and pitched forward headlong. He gave out a cry that sounded pretty terrible… The three men behind, only a few yards away from Mr. Worson, saw everything as the whole thing happened right in front of their eyes. To their utter astonishment and disbelief, the saw Mr. Worson JUST VANISH is thin air even before he could touch the ground. That’s it! He was never found again. The three men behind were left in a state of shock. They didn’t know what they saw… There was nothing in heaven or on earth that could provide a possible explanation.

The three men had to return back to Leamington. They had only thing to do – narrate the story of the unbelievable event they witnessed right in front of their eyes. All three of them were taken into custody as the investigators believed that they were responsible for the disappearance of Mr. Worson. Eventually, they had to be released because they were known to be men of honesty and good standing. They were also sober enough during the event and hence, their alcoholism could not be blamed.

However, throughout United Kingdom people were divided into opinion groups. Some thought they were saying the truth and some said, they just concealed something but the explanation they chose for concealing was one of the most amazing story that human beings ever came up with…

Now the big question…

Was the story of James Worson true?

Let us ask you, did you ever hear the name Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce? He was one of the most celebrated story tellers of the late 19th century. In 1873 he wrote this story named ‘An Unfinished Race’. What was the subject matter of the story? Well, it turns out that the short story “An Unfinished Race” was actually the exact same story that we learned only a few moments ago.

Though many websites today only narrate the story of James Worson, creating a sensation for the sake of driving traffic, they deliberately eliminate truth about the origin of the story. You can find the tale – An Unfinished Race – in Bierce’s book titled “Can Such Things Be?”, which was published in year 1893. The same story was published once again in 1909 in Bierce’s Collected Works that made available in 12 volumes.

An unexpected twist…

It is right that the story of James Worson was actually a tale written by Ambrose Bierce but that should not lead us to believe that Worson was a fictitious character that came to life from Bierce’s imaginative mind. One must not forget that Bierce’s fame, to a great extent, was a result of his journalism and he was known for chronicling strange happenings. The question is, ‘Was the story – An Unfinished Race – one such strange event he chronicled?’

Things get really strange…

Okay! We agree that Ambrose was intrigued by strange events and liked to keep detailed records of such events. What’s really baffling is that Ambrose himself went missing, leaving behind no trace and no clue whatsoever. This happened when he was 77 years old and was in Mexico. There he met with Poncho Villa – a revolutionary who was pretty infamous. Ambrose wrote a letter to Blanch Partington. Partington was Bierce’s good friend and the letter that Ambrose wrote on December 26, 1913 (interestingly The Federal Reserve System of USA, which is responsible for the catastrophic end USA is heading for today, was formed only 3 days earlier on December 23, 1913) had this line: “…as to me, I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination.” That was the last thing ever heard from Ambrose. He then vanished, leaving behind no traces. He was never found again. Many people theorized that Ambrose died. He could have possibly been murdered. Also, it is possible that he simply killed himself for reasons unknown or perhaps he succumbed to some kind of illness. What really happened? We will never find out!

What about James Worson? Was he real?

The questions that a logical mind should ask after learning about mysterious disappearance of Ambrose are:

  • Did James Worson really exist?
  • Did Worson really vanish in thin air right in front of three people?
  • If he existed, where did he go after vanishing?

The 4th dimension

We take physics in order to make an attempt to explain. We know about 3D reality. We perceive it. We use it to explain and measure depth, height, width etc. What is 4th dimension then? Well, we don’t really feel or see it. It is a hypothetical direction in our 3D geometry. It is a spatial dimension that mathematicians often use to explain something. We don’t really want to go into depths but we will just sum it up. It is a hypothetical linear direction. It is not true or real.

Let us remind you though that the concept of 4D or 5D or 6D or whatever D you can think of is hypothetical to us because that is what our brain is designed and hardwired to think in the current accepted realms of physics that allows a framework to explain the world around us. Possibly, we are not open enough to accept that there may be some other dimension which can actually work as a gateway to a parallel universe, if at all there is one.

Within our current framework of physics, it is not possible that James Worson ended up entering a 4th dimension simply because we don’t see it, we don’t feel it and we have never seen anyone or even anything coming out from nowhere. On top of that, Worson wasn’t a scientist or a religious cult artist that we can use as base for the possible disappearance of him. He was just walking and disappeared!

Blame teleportation

So… how? We are asking this question based on an assumption that Worson was a real man and he really did disappear in thin air. Barring the idea of the 4th dimension, what other possible explanation can we use? Here comes the idea of teleportation.

Teleportation is somewhat a possible answer because, though this thing is not something we see in daily life, we do have reports of isolated incidents. For example, there was a case in India and another one in Italy. Let us learn about them in brief:

The Indian case of teleportation: There was this man named Damodar Ketkar who live in Pune, India. Back in 1928, he suddenly vanished and then reappeared about 60 miles away from the place where he vanished. Allegedly, his governess saw him reappearing and later she went on writing about what she saw in her journal.

The Italian case of teleportation: It was also in early 20th century that two brothers from Italy, known as Pansini Brothers experienced teleportation, disappearing from one place and appearing in another, separated by a distance of 15 miles. Allegedly, they experienced teleportation several times and on one such occasion, bishop Bitono and the mother of those brothers actually witnessed them disappearing!

Well, these men actually reappeared somewhere else. This was not the case of James Worson. What happened to him? Did he just teleport to some parallel universe or may be to another planet or perhaps to some other region on planet Earth itself? We really don’t know. What do you think? Was the story of James Worson really true? Could he just vanish in thin air? Do you have any possible explanation?