Sponsored Posts Policy Guidelines

by Sankalan Baidya

1. Pricing and Article Frequency

We allow sponsored content in two formats:

  1. Bi-Monthly Contract
  2. Per Article Contract

Bi-Monthly Contract

In this format you are allowed up to 4 articles a month against a fixed monthly fee of $300 (USD) for a minimum time frame of 2 months. Other options are available. See pricing matrix for different article counts and their respective prices.

Number of Articles Monthly Fee Contract Tenure
1 to 4 $300 USD 2 months
5 to 8 $500 USD 2 months
9 to 12 $900 USD 2 months
12 + Custom Pricing 2 months

After two months pass by, you are welcome to renew the contract for a period of another two months. However, in case you don’t want to continue after two months, you need provide a written notice for breaking free of the contract at the end of the first month.

For instance, if you enter a contract for June and July and you don’t wish to continue after July, you need to provide a written notice at the end of June.

There are certain terms that you need to comply with. They are:

  • Contract will formally start from the day the article (sponsored content) goes live on our website and will end exactly on the 61st day (or less or more as applicable*) from the date of article publication.
  • Facts Legend will hold the right to decide whether to keep the content live or remove the content from the website after the contract comes to an end.

* Two months can lead to following combinations:

  • January + February or February + March= 59 days
  • January + February or February + March= 60 days (in case of Leap Years)
  • July + August = 62 days
  • Any other combination = 61 days

Per Article Contract

In this format you are allowed to post as many articles as you wish in a single month. You will be charged per article and there will be no obligations for renewal of the contract. The pricing for sponsored articles under this category is mentioned in the matrix below:

Article Count (Minimum per Month) Price Per Article Total Price
1 $300 USD $300 USD
2 $150 USD $300 USD
3 $100 USD $300 USD
4 $75 USD $300 USD
5 $60 USD $300 USD
≥ 6 but ≤ 10 $50 USD ≥ $300 USD or ≤ $500 USD
More than 10 Custom Pricing Custom Pricing

2. Advertisement Revenue from Sponsored Content

Facts Legend will have exclusive rights of deciding whether to display advertisement on the sponsored content pages or not. Any advertisement revenue that is earned through sponsored content pages will be earnings of only and only Facts Legend. The revenue earned from those pages will not be shared with creators of such sponsored content.

3. Copyright Policy

Sponsored content will always be tagged as ‘Sponsored Content’. The copyright of those content pieces will be owned by their respective creators. However, creators need to ensure:

  • The content they produce does not infringe on others’ IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). If such a situation arises, Facts Legend will have full authority to:
    • Cancel contract with sponsor immediately.
    • Remove the content completely from the website irrespective of the contract type (monthly or per-article basis).
    • Take legal action against sponsor immediately.
    • All legal actions taken by Facts Legend will be heard and settled in the jurisdiction of the country of origin of Facts Legend.
    • Facts Legend will not pay for any damages to third party whose IPR is infringed upon by the sponsor and the sponsor needs to assume full responsibility of any damages and expenses that Facts Legend has to bear because of such copyright infringement. Sponsor also needs to settle all claims with the third party whose copyright or IPR has been infringed upon.
    • Sponsor needs to ensure that the images they produce are either:
      • Free of any copyright claims or,
      • The sponsor has proper express written permission from the creator of image to use the image (for commercial purpose) or,
      • The sponsor needs to create the image on their own or,
      • The sponsor provides proper credit to the copyright owner of the image they use ensuring that in case of any copyright claims, the sponsor needs to take responsibility and settle any damages.
  • If Facts Legend and the sponsor decides to discontinue with the contract, Facts Legend will have all the rights to decide whether or not to keep the content and assume or own the copyright of the content already published. The sponsor will relinquish all copyright claims once the contract ends.
  • Facts Legend will own exclusive rights of either keeping the content published (after contract ends) and continue to earn advertisement revenue from the same or, Facts Legend can decide to completely take down the content.
  • Sponsored content published on Facts Legend needs to be exclusive only and only for Facts Legend. The same content (in full or in parts) cannot be reproduced by the sponsor on any other website or blog.

4. Quality Guidelines for Facts Legend

Sponsor needs to ensure that the content they produce meet the following quality guidelines. Under no circumstances shall any breach of any one or any combination of these guidelines will be acceptable to Facts Legend. Failure to comply with quality guidelines will mean that Facts Legend can either end the entire contract without providing any refund or simply decide not to keep the content alive on website. Thorough quality checks will be conducted before placing/publishing the article on Facts Legend website.

Sponsors need to follow the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Articles need to be written using AMERICAN ENGLISH only.
  • Articles need to have correct grammar and sentence structure.
  • Articles need to follow conversational tone (using you, your etc.).
  • Articles should preferably be listicle by nature.
  • Articles need to be factually correct.
  • Sources for all information provided in the articles should be clearly mentioned. For online sources, valid links should accompany. For offline sources, valid citations in APA style referencing need to be produced.
  • Articles need to have small sentences (no longer than 20 words per sentence).
  • H1, H2, H3 etc. headings should be used.
  • No paragraph should exceed 300 words.
  • Articles, under no circumstances should have less than 500 words (excluding title and headings).
  • There shouldn’t be any spelling errors.

5. SEO Strategy and Keyword Optimization Rules for Facts Legend

Content produced by the sponsors should follow the undermentioned SEO guidelines:

  • Content should comply with Hummingbird Update. The article should be able to answer all questions related to the topic that a reader can potentially ask.
  • Content should also comply with Penguin and Panda Updates. No spam linking allowed. No thin content allowed.
  • Content should fulfill the promise of the title.
  • No more than 2 focus keywords or key phrases are allowed per article. The keyword density for primary focus keyword should not exceed 1% of total word count of the article. The keyword density for secondary focus keyword should not exceed 0.7% of the total word count of the article.
  • Keywords or Key Phrases should not be forcefully included into the content. Keywords or Key Phrases should naturally flow into the article.
  • Primary focus Keyword or Key Phrase should appear in title and each heading (H1, H2, H3 etc.).

6. Linking Policy

In case of Monthly Contract

Do-follow links will be used till the contract remains active. Once the contract ends, all active links will be removed from the content pieces if Facts Legend decides to keep the articles. By default, Facts Legend uses do-follow links. However, once the contract ends, no-follow attribute will be added to the links or the links will be removed completed.

In case of Per Article Contract

In case of Per Article contract, there is no renewal obligation. All links will be kept for a minimum of 6 months or indefinitely as deemed appropriate by Facts Legend.

In either case, we will not allow link spamming in any form (to stay compliant with Penguin Update). In case of any violation from the end of the sponsor, the links will be removed completely.

7. Payment & Going Live

Sponsors need to make Payments in FULL one day before going live. Failure to make payment in advance will only delay the publishing of the article(s). Payments are to be made via PayPal ONLY. PayPal email address is sbaidya1982@gmail.com.

All articles will be scrutinized by Facts Legend editors to ensure that they follow quality and SEO guidelines. Only when the articles clear the editors’ desks, they will be approved for publication. Sponsors will be notified accordingly and they need to Pay in Full before the article is published.

8. Agreement Tenure (Valid for Per Month Contract)

Bi-Monthly contracts will have a minimum tenure of 2 months. If the sponsor wants to break the contract before completion of two months, no refunds will be made and Facts Legend will retain copyright of the published content. The content will become IPR of Facts Legend and it cannot be used by sponsor anywhere else without express written permission from Facts Legend. Failure to comply will draw legal complications.

9. Refund Policy

There are NO REFUNDS for any format of contract.

10. Contact Info

For sponsored content, you can contact us through any of the following emails:

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