Raining Blobs – Mystery or Hoax?

by Sankalan Baidya
Raining Blobs – Mystery or Hoax

There is no denying of the fact that this planet that we live on is full of mysteries. Some of the mysteries are really authentic and are based on real evidences that startled the entire world. However, there is also no denying of the fact that some of the mysteries are faked and staged for the mere sake of publicity. There is definitely a third breed that hangs between authenticity and duplicity. So, where do we fit in the raining blobs mystery? Honestly, we don’t know. We rather prefer to tag it as a fine blend of mystery and hoax until someone comes up with a definitive proof that will unearth the truth.

The Circulated Story

So, what’s the deal with raining blobs?

It was year 1994. Everything was going fine for people for Oakville, Washington until something weird happened on August 7. It started raining! It was not usual rain as the world knows and neither was anything like the mysterious red rain that baffled the Indians and Sri Lankans. It was a rain of gelatinous blobs.

Yep, gelatinous and translucent blobs started falling off from the sky and it is said that these blobs continued to shower over a period of next three weeks. It is being said that Washington’s State Department of Health studied the blobs and concluded that the blobs had white blood cells found in human bodies and also had bacteria that is usually found in the digestive system of human beings. Apart from that, the State Department also revealed the presence of another variant of bacteria in the blobs but tricky part was that no further details of the other bacteria were given. Isn’t that kind of suspicious? Reports of people falling mysteriously and violently ill and staying sick for 3 months started spreading like wild fire.

The Circulated Image

The image that you see above was circulated as the gelatinous raining blobs. It was a complete hoax because the image shows the photo of salamander eggs.

The Actual Reported Incident

Story that stole the limelight.

One incident that received quite some attention was that of Sunny Barclift who lived in Oakville in a farmhouse. Sunny Barclift lived with her mother and after the rainfall of the gelatinous blobs of the size of half a grain of rice each, her mother became sick. Barclift took her mother Dotty Hearn to hospital where she was diagnosed. The doctor name David Little expressed concerns that Dotty’s reported nausea and dizziness were an outcome of contact with the blobs. Later it was reported that Dotty’s health conditions were because of an ear infection.

Barclift also reported that her kitten came in contact with the raining blobs and died. The problem however was that, prior to coming in contact with the gelatinous blobs, the kitten was suffering with intestinal problems.

It was doctor David Little who reported that the blobs had white blood cells found in human body. Barclift actually ended up sending samples of the blobs to Mike Osweiler of Washington State Department of Ecology. Osweiler and his team were the response unit for hazardous materials spill. Osweiler and his team tested the blobs and concluded that the cells found in the blobs did not have nuclei. On the contrary, human white blood cells have nuclei. On top of that, Osweiler and his team did not mention anything about the bacteria that were reported in the story that circulated.

The so called mysterious illness plaguing Oakville was also absent in the actual reported incident.

The contradictory reports do give us an option of raising our eyebrows. What do you think?

[Please Note: Sunny Barclift – the person who was actually involved in the story has left a comment. Kindly read her comment to know exactly what happened.]

Osweiler’s Theory

Osweiler came up with a plausible explanation for the raining blobs. He suggested that the blobs were nothing but fluid waste that managed to leak out from airplane toilet.

Problems with Osweiler’s Theory

There were two problems with Osweiler’s theory of leaked fluid waste:

  1. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) countered Osweiler stating that fluid toilet wastes in commercial airlines are all dyed blue. Unfortunately, the raining blobs did not possess that feature.
  2. It at all it was toilet waste, how come it continued pouring down for a period of 3 months as per the circulated story? (This one is not really a problem but a contradiction to the story that was spread)

A Report from Unsolved Mysteries

This is where we will see how things got twisted. The story of raining gelatinous blobs was first made accessible to public by Unsolved Mysteries on 9th of May in 1997. Note the dates. The incident occurred in 1994 and Unsolved Mysteries published the story in 1997 – 3 years after the incident. Here are the highlights of the report in 1997:

  1. The blobs rained over an area of 20 square miles.
  2. The blobs rained for 6 days over a period of 3 weeks.
  3. People coming in contact with the blobs suffered from extreme vertigo, increasing nausea, blurred vision of breathing problems.
  4. Beverley Roberts – a resident of Oakville reported that the flu-like symptoms continued for a period of 2-3 months.
  5. Cats and dogs that came in contact with the blobs also fell sick and many of them died.
  6. Mike McDowell from Washington State Department of Health reported two types of bacteria in the blobs and that one of the variants was the bacteria found in digestive system of humans.
  7. Tim Davis, a microbiologist believed that the blobs were alive.
  8. None of the blob samples exist today.

Notice the hell and heaven difference between the actual report and the report from Unsolved Mysteries. This difference definitely raises questions about the authenticity of the story aired on Unsolved Mysteries.

What really happened?

The raining blobs weren’t fake but the story offered by Unsolved Mysteries lacks authenticity for sure. But the question is: “What really happened and where did the blobs come from?”

Some say that it was a military exercises about finding out the results of a biological weapon. Oakville residents reported that they saw slow-moving military aircrafts almost every single day just before the blobs fell down from the sky. Air Force accepted that there were bombing runs over the Pacific in 1994 but that was only a bombing practice on a daily basis and that the Air Force had no relationship with the raining blobs whatsoever.

Some say that the Air Force accidentally dropped a bomb on a school of jellyfish in ocean and the gelatinous blobs were nothing but body parts of the doomed fish that were dispersed into the rain clouds due to the massive explosion.

This theory sounded somewhat authentic but the primary question is, how come an explosion send jellyfish parts so high up in rain clouds? The problem is, we will never know!

But what we can say for now is that raining blobs incident seemed to be true but the associated stories of 3-month long illness, bacteria, white blood cells etc. are nothing but hoax. So, the mysterious raining blobs definitely fall somewhere between truth and hoax.

Our Retraction [Published August 2, 2015]

We retract our statement: “the story offered by Unsolved Mysteries lacks authenticity“. In fact, according to Sunny Barclift, Unsolved Mysteries gave the most authentic story so far. We had a chance to talk directly with Sunny and asked her about the incident. She was kind and generous to give us a detailed narrative that we are publishing here. Because the story comes directly from the person who was involved in the incident, we will consider her version of the story to be the most accurate one:

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[wc_accordion_section title=”Sunny Barclift’s Story As Narrated by Her”]

It is my understanding that after the fallout several people in the community did come down with a flu-like illness that lasted for 4-8 weeks in some cases.  A couple that stick out in my mind were two individuals who had complications associated with kidney infection or kidney involvement,  which I think is somewhat unusual.  I did not go door to door and interview people as to the state of their health.  Mostly the information gleaned was during casual conversations and over-hearing statements made by others. ​I have no idea about what each person’s personal diagnosis was.

Communally it was thought to be something like the flu.  Some individuals, such as my mother Dotty Hearn and David Lacey, the police officer had more acute symptoms.  When my mother first found the substance, on top of a box on the porch where she stored her wood for burning, she touched the substance with her bare hands.  Although David Lacey said he wore gloves he too became very ill within hours of contact with the substance.

Initially my mother was treated for Meniere’s Disease (a disorder of the inner ear).  She had extreme vertigo, dizziness and felt the room was spinning.  Those are all symptoms of that disease.  However she also had a fever and other symptoms of infection.  She spent 4 days in the hospital.  Upon her release I asked Dr. Little what her discharge diagnosis was, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know.  Some type of virus.”  She did have a complete recovery after she arrived home and over time.  Meniere’s Disease usually manifests as an ongoing problem but she never had the symptoms again.

It is interesting to note that my mother had a plethora of outdoor cats used as mousers in the barns and such.  Gradually over the following months some of those cats also died or went missing.  In time the remaining cats were able to build up a healthy population again.

Dr. Little was the attending physician on duty when my mother arrived by ambulance at McCleary Hospital.  I had brought a sample of the substance to the hospital and explained to Dr. Little that less than 24 hours earlier she had made contact with the substance and since we didn’t know what it was would he be willing to do a lab test on it.  He agreed and had a lab technician do a routine lab exam.  That is when the white blood cell was found.  Dr. Little was intrigued by it but baffled as we were. My best recollection is that the lab tech who conducted the test on the goo was known as Kelly.

Once my mother had pointed out the substance to myself and my brother we decided to wear gloves because it was an unknown substance.  My background is in occupational safety and health so I opted to wear gloves as a precaution.  It is important to note that the gel like substance which was clear, no color at all and about the size of rice grains was literally everywhere.  In the grass, on foliage, on my truck window.

We probably would not have noticed them as they would have only appeared as drops of water had my mother not found them on the wood box.  She initially thought they were hail.  They were not liquid and had mass and were 3 dimensional.  I became mildly nauseated a week or so after the first fallout.  I became acutely ill with severe bronchitis 6 weeks post the initial fallout.  My kitten died on or around the 3rd day of the fall out.  It has been reported on some websites that the kitten had digestive problems prior to the fallout but that is not true.

Both of my mother’s dogs fell ill 3 weeks after the first fallout. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  The vet said they had an infection and they were treated with antibiotics.  It is important to note at this point the fallout of gel was not a single occurrence but instead was a series of 6 fallouts over 3 weeks.  All were documented by my mother in her journal.  There were rumors that some nearby farms experienced death of larger animals such as horses and cows.  I did not investigate those allegations.  I have no reason to dispute them but they are here say.

I was concerned about the material and spoke with Dr. Kobioshi at the Washington State Health Laboratory.  He advised me to send a sample of the material. I mailed a sample to The Washington State Health lab which was assigned to Mike McDowell one of their epidemiologist on staff.  Mike initially set the gel up on bacterial media to see if it would grow anything.  It grew two types of bacteria pseudomonas fluorescens and enterobacter collacae.  The gel specimen was locked in medium containment facility and over time Mike continued to research it.

At some point he drew the conclusion that the material itself was manmade and was being used as a matrix.  A vehicle capable of transporting a virus or bacteria.  He did report his findings to his supervisor.  When he returned to the lab at some point he discovered the substance was missing.  Again he reported this to his supervisor and was advised at that point to not ask any questions.  Mike is retired now and still does occasional interviews regarding the subject.  I trust his judgment and his findings as he was a credible expert in the field.  Mike was interviewed 4 or 5 years ago on a program on the National Geographic Channel the information about the substance missing was revealed in the program.  I suspect he was reluctant to speak of it while still employed.  He stated that it was the first time in 30 years of service with his job that a sample he was responsible for had gone missing.

I was contacting as many agencies as possible to find assistance in identifying the substance.  I took a sample to Mike Osweiler.  Mike Osweiler worked for the Department of Ecology. The Department concluded it was an organic material.  They determined they did find a cell with a nucleus which indicated to them that it was biological. The cell could have been a bacteria.  It was never specified.

Over the years I have held some information close to me.  Very little about it has been released to the press.  However, 2 years ago some information surfaced on the internet that led me to the conclusion that the Oakville Event was in fact a continuity exercise conducted by the military.




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Additional Source: Mystery Blobs Were Once Alive.” Observer-Reporter 20 Aug. 1994, D1

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Sunny Barclift July 28, 2015 - 7:23 am

I am the Sunny Barclift you mention in the Oakville Blobs mystery. First of all, I am a woman not a man. The Unsolved Mysteries segment on the fallouts was probably the most accurate media piece done on the subject. Not all information was covered during the program but what they did cover was correct. Oswiler did not find human white blood cells in the substance. That was done by a lab technician where my mother was hospitalized after coming in contact with the substance. I personally carried a sample of the gel to the hospital. Mike Mc Dowell the epidymiologist for the Washington State Health Lab found two types of bacteria in the gel. Over time and after studying the substance he concluded it was a man made material and called it a matrix. It was in his view a material made for the express purpose of being a delivery method for something like viruses or bacteria. Oddly, the material was kept in a medium containment facility and disappeared. When he reported it to his supervisor he was advised not to ask any questions. I have every reason to believe that the fallouts (there were 6 of them in August 1994) was a military exercise. I came across information about 2 years ago that led me to that conclusion. The notion that the blob like gel came from jettisoned human waste from an airliner was dismissed by the FAA as that material is dyed blue by regulations. The blobs were clear. No color. The idea that the blobs may have been remnents of jelly fish was ridiculous. The jelly fish would have had to be blown up into the jet stream, floated 50 miles inland and over a period of 3 weeks fallen 6 times. It never made sense and still doesn’t. My mother and I saw black military aircraft flying over her farm several months before the fallouts and they continued periodically for several months after. The aircraft was witnessed by many in the area including a county counselman who I spoke with. He had also wondered about the aircraft as they flew over his farm as well. I do not know who originally posted the photo of the gelatinous material shown above but you are correct it is a fake. If you want to know anything else please feel free to contact me.

John July 22, 2016 - 12:13 pm

I’m curious if you could elaborate on the information you came across 2, (now 3) years ago?

Sankalan Baidya
Sankalan Baidya July 22, 2016 - 12:56 pm

Which information do you want us to elaborate on?

John July 25, 2016 - 10:32 am

I was referring to Ms. Barclift saying, “I have every reason to believe that the fallouts (there were 6 of them in August 1994) was a military exercise. I came across information about 2 years ago that led me to that conclusion.”

Sankalan Baidya
Sankalan Baidya July 25, 2016 - 1:37 pm

I am sorry about the confusion. I didn’t notice that you referred to Ms. Barclift.

Steve Calvert July 27, 2016 - 10:35 pm

Thanks so much for being forthcoming regarding your experience all the best and hope we dont see any more blobs on the horizon 😉 peace.

JMcCoy May 11, 2020 - 2:01 pm

It’s probably human waste dumped from space, from either a shuttle or space station. It’s always hitting the same area because they’re dumping it at the same time and as they orbit past Washington.

Margie Corless October 9, 2017 - 8:38 am

Thank you for the clarification. I fear that too much of the story get twisted and distorted when others present their interpretation of the incident. I hate that it is being called a scam or hoax to satisfy some sinister illusion of mistrust of actual occurrences. I know it did happen. It is not a hoax. Strange oddities happen every day. and until you experience an oddity or strange occurrence yourself do not undermine or down play the incident because when something happens to you, you will fall into the same skepticism.

Sankalan Baidya
Sankalan Baidya July 28, 2015 - 11:36 pm

Thank you Sunny for your detailed comment. I am updating the gender issue in this article. It is really nice to know that you went through the article and decided to provide details which otherwise is not available on Internet.

HeavensFallenPhoenix September 26, 2016 - 2:47 am

How do we know the person commenting is really the person they say they are? They could easily say they are Sunny, as could I-or anyone else for that matter. First thing for finding out what is real and what is a hoax, is to question everything. Who puts “I found information a few years ago that leads me to believe the military was involved” and doesn’t put said information, or give links? Generally, people with no foundation for said information. I know not everything, I won’t claim to. However I fail to see why Sunny would choose now of all times to state that one wild, and nearly entirely different story was correct, that the original is not. All stories seem too unbelievable. And I’ve looked into many government conspiracies, aliens, etc. Wikipedia recorded the story, however it was not the Unsolved Mysteries story claimed to be real. The blobs were reported to be the size of grains of rice. I do not believe everything I see, hear, or read as factual. But I question everything.

Aaron Tyson February 17, 2018 - 4:02 pm

I was recently in the military for 8 years, and I can tell you right now that there is absolutely nothing more dangerous you could possibly do than to cross the US Military. Especially if it has to do with top secret, classified, or blacklisted information. So i can see why she wouldn’t want to say. Especially if she was told not to say anything and/or promised not to.
If they were conducting experiments, and I believe they were, then oddly enough it’s all for our own safety in the long run. As far as I’m concerned, the military would never permanently hurt or kill innocent people just to perform a classified experiment.
There’s a similar operation I am aware of that occurred in Guam back in 2009 called Operation: Sledgehammer. It was different in most aspects but the general idea was the same. And I’m quite certain that these are not the only ones we have performed.
My best guess would be that they were possibly testing a type of paralyzing agent to use on enemies in wars. At least, that’s the first thing that came to my mind. To make the enemy both immobile and vulnerable.

FZ September 19, 2018 - 11:02 pm

Um, okay, but coming out now and claiming you have proof the military is involved is hardly the actions of one afraid of the military or told not to say anything.

Sunny Barclift February 23, 2019 - 11:19 am

Thank you for your reply Aaron. You were right on the money. Sorry I didn’t see this for almost 2 years. I would have responded sooner.

Raymond Geyera April 1, 2017 - 12:41 pm

Holy cow I had no idea people still talk about this lol. I was involved in it in 1994. It was a classified cloud seeding experiment lol. I guess you could say it kinda worked. The seed media was cellulose. Not unlike the stuff they put in disposable diapers. Sorry lol. This information was declassified years ago. Originally it was called the totally uninventive project code name “Rainmaker 11439-A”.

sarah May 12, 2017 - 10:36 am

I’m curious as to where you got this information. Searching up that code name in google leads to only your comment. I’m doing a report on this topic, could you please elaborate?

kate June 16, 2017 - 7:58 pm

Hi Sunny, I’m doing a reserch projet about the Oakville raining blobs and would love to know any other interesting facts that you have not already mentioned in your comments, because I think that it would more exiting little touch into my projet.
Thanks Kate 🙂

WishtoremainAnonymous August 15, 2017 - 2:15 pm

This same gelatinous blob material just fell in my front yard on August 14, yesterday. I collected samples of it and put it in the freezer. I live only about 60 miles south of where the original Oakville occurrence took place.

NotConspiracyWhenItsTrue November 7, 2017 - 11:15 am

I’ve always had a suspicion that these “debunking sites” were funded under the radar by the same government entities that are responsible for these types of events. I recommend you watch the actual video. It has live interviews with direct witnesses of oakville washington. Not just some trailer trash either, PHDs. Doctors and scientists. https://archive.org/details/ChemtrailsPoisonRainsInfectSmallTownInWashingtonState

ed April 24, 2019 - 9:20 pm

Heavenfallenphonex…Truth does not come from what others tell you…sometimes, but comes from searching within…with your heart, mind, and soul. For example, our gov and media..did not tell us the truth on 911. A single side explosion from an aircraft on a building( as occurred on 911…could cause the top of the building to topple in the direction of lost support (ie where plane entered), but never cause the building to topple thru itself. This is similar to a single tire going flat on your car, which causes the car to sag to one side…The only way you can get the car to go straight down…is to flatten all tires simultaneously. That is why demo companies must use many explosives to bring a building straight down. If they could do it with a single explosion…they would do it…and save millions, not having to hire demo experts, architects, engineers, who precisely set off the explosions from bottom up…so the base is blown away before the top, so the top can fall thru it. Nature always takes the path of least resistance. A building falling thru itself is impossible…if the base is not blown away first. The fuel from the plane splashed against the same side where the plane entered…thus causing even more damage and structure loss on one side…which could only cause the building to topple to the side, never thru itself.


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