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In our previous phobia list articles we learned a few things like what is phobia and how it differs from fear, what causes phobia and what goes on in the brain of people suffering from phobia. Well, that was quite a lot of information. However, we are far from being done. In this article on Phobia List Starting With “D”, we are going to learn about the symptoms of phobia.

Phobia List Starting With “D”: The Symptoms of Phobia

Any person who is suffering from a phobia will have the following symptoms (please note that these symptoms are common across all types of phobias):

  • Uncontrolled anxiety sensation when the person gets exposed to source that leads to the fear.
  • The person will have a feeling of avoiding the fear source at all costs.
  • The person will lose his or her ability to function properly when he or she is exposed the source of the fear.
  • The person will acknowledge that the fear in unreasonable, irrational as well as exaggerated and overall, the person will acknowledge his or her ability to control his or her feelings.

Of course, intense anxiety and panic feelings will shroud the person when he or she gets exposed to object that causes the phobia. There will be a few physical affects as well that will include:

  • Butterflies in stomach.
  • A sensation of being choked.
  • Trembling.
  • Breathing will become abnormal.
  • The person will start sweating.
  • The person will either experience chills or hot flushes.
  • The person will experience the sensation of being poked by needles and pins.
  • There will be chest tightness or chest pain.
  • The person will tremble.
  • The mouth of the person will become dry.
  • The person will experience disorientation and confusion.
  • Headache, dizziness and nausea will also show up.

In case of younger people and children, the very thought of the object causing phobia can lead to the anxiety feeling and they may cry or just turn clingy. They may also attempt hiding right behind the legs of their parents or behind some object.

Okay, now that we know the symptoms of Phobia, let us waste time no further and take a quick look at the Phobia List Starting With “D”.

Phobia List Starting With “D”:

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