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One Universe Inside Every Black Hole – A Baffling Possibility

One universe inside every black hole! Isn’t that an outrageous proposition? Isn’t that a mind-bending proposition? Why mind-bending? Allow us to explain briefly. Take our Milky Way. We know that its very center is a massive black hole. Now imagine a whole universe inside that black hole. That universe in turn will have a black hole and that black hole in turn will have a universe inside it, which will have a black hole, which in turn will have a universe and so on… Go backwards from Milky Way. Our universe is inside a black hole, which in turn sits at the center of another universe, which in turn is inside a black hole and so on… Still with us?

So, why this kind of outrageous proposition in the first place? Who gave this kind of idea? Was that person some nutjob? Where was this idea published?

Hold your horses! We will answer all your questions one at a time. Only request, stay with us and we shall walk you through this amazing and truly mind-bending idea, which to the very least we can say, is not really that crazy after all. Let’s begin…

One Universe Inside Every Black Hole – Basic Things to Know

Here are the two basic premises we need to start with and you need to understand carefully:

  • Big Bang
  • Black Hole

Big Bang: This is the most widely accepted theory/model of the creation of universe (if you give up the religious aspects). What does it say? It says:

At the very beginning, there was a very dense and infinitesimally small point in an infinitely hot state. That very dense point suddenly exploded (the explosion is called Big Bang) and voila! We had the universe. That explosion created everything we know – space, time, matter, antimatter etc.

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Cool right?

Not really, no! There’s an important angle that you and I and everyone else tends to miss… Here comes the black hole.

Black Hole: What is it? Here are the things that physicists say:

  • A very massive star dies (runs out of fuel).
  • It’s core collapses on itself because of intense gravity.
  • As the core keeps collapsing on itself, it becomes infinitesimally small and infinitely dense. It’s gravity becomes so high that even light cannot escape it.
  • This infinitesimally small point is called singularity.

Wait, what?

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Yes, you read it right! Singularity!

But, didn’t singularity led to the creation of universe in the first place? Voila! See, you are damn smart!

So, here is the conundrum:

Every singularity in a black hole can give rise to an entire universe! May be our own universe is just one such universe created from the singularity of a black hole!

One Universe Inside Every Black Hole – Building Up: Event Horizon and Creation of Universe

Now that we have gained some working knowledge of black holes and also Big Bang, it is time to elaborate.

Let’s start with Black Holes

Did you know that every black hole has something called Event Horizon? This event horizon is basically a delineating boundary. This means, that if anything is outside the boundary, it is really safe. If however, an object crosses over and enters inside the event horizon, its fate is sealed. It will be sucked in by the singularity. There is no way the object can escape.

Here is the fun part. As matter keeps falling into black hole, it grows and at the same time, the event horizon also grows. However, when the black hole was just forming, matter was falling into it rapidly and the event horizon was growing rapidly. Over time, the rate at which matter falls into black hole just slows down and the growth of the event horizon also slows down simultaneously.

Now come to Big Bang

Those who support Big Bang say that when the bang occurred and the universe was created, the universe expanded at a speed faster than that of light within the first trillionth of a second. Now, you may argue that nothing travels faster than light but you forget that when the universe started, technically space and light were being created and so, the speed limit wasn’t really there. However, as the time passed, expansion of universe slowed down.

Doesn’t it sound pretty similar? Similar to the event horizon? So, it might be the case that our very own universe is actually the event horizon of the black hole of some other universe!

One Universe Inside Every Black Hole – 3D and 2D Conundrum

Now, here is a thing – a conundrum actually! It turns out that the black holes that we know of are actually 3D and their respective event horizons are 2D.

Our universe is also 3D. So, in order for our universe to be the event horizon of the black hole of some other universe then, that other universe needs to be a 4D universe. That’s is also a possibility. Why so? Let us explain…

We know that every known law of physics simply breaks down in the singularity of a black hole. So, we just cannot calculate anything there. However, the event horizon is something different. Laws of physics doesn’t break at the horizon itself. So, calculations are possible.

Now, here is the thing. When a matter falls into a black hole, that is, it enters into the event horizon and goes towards the singularity, all information about the matter gets encoded in the event horizon itself.

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Since the black hole and the event horizon grow proportionately, information of all the matter that have ever fallen into the black hole remains imprinted in the surface area of the event horizon. And interestingly, all the information can actually translate into everything that actually exists in our universe.

One Universe Inside Every Black Hole – Who Proposed It?

Who says so? MATHEMATICS! It actually adds up and solves various long-agonizing problems. And, we are not saying this. It is being said by some researchers who work at University of Waterloo and the Perimeter Institute. They even published a paper back in 2013. The paper can be found here. Also, the Perimeter Institute says something really interesting. They say that Big Bang theory says that every sanity, everything explainable, everything comprehensible to human mind comes from the insanity of singularity where nothing sane can exist and that sounds very unlikely.

So, this theory eventually boils down to just one thing – everything is just black hole no matter how far back or how far forward we go!

Tell us what do you think about this. We are dying to know.