New Evidences Show Chinese Discovered America, Not Columbus!

by Sankalan Baidya
ancient chinese scripts found by john ruskamp prove that chinese discovered america before columbus

What if the Chinese discovered America and not Christopher Columbus – the Italian explorer? In that case, whatever has been taught to us in schools and whatever has been preached by mainstream history textbooks is plain WRONG!

Ruskamp and Chinese Pictograms Which Prove Chinese Discovered America

A remarkable set of discoveries by several researchers point to the fact that long before the Europeans arrived in America, the Chinese people had known the place. These discoveries refer to a set of pictograms, which experts think are from a Chinese script from ancient times. These pictograms have been found on several stone all around America.

According to the researchers, ancient Chinese explorers made those pictograms alongside Native American carvings several thousand years ago. The unusual pictograms were first noticed by Illinois-based John Ruskamp. Ruskamp worked as a chemist. However, once he retired, he picked up epigraph research. Ruskamp was walking in New Mexico’s Albuquerque’s Petroglyph National Monument when he noticed the pictograms.

petroglyph national monument where ancient chinese scripts are etched prove that chinese discovered america

Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico Where John Ruskamp First Discovered Ancient Chinese Pictograms, Which According to Him Proves That Chinese Discovered America Before Christopher Columbus.

According to Mr. Ruskamp, these pictograms prove that ancient Chinese discovered America and set foot there in c. 1300 BCE. That’s nearly 2,800 years prior to Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America in 1492 CE. Ruskamp says that the pictograms he found are not fake and that they are extremely old and belong to a script, which too is very old.

Based on his finding, Mr. Ruskamp says that the ancient Chinese interacted with Native Americans about 2800 years ago and that most of these expeditions were not settlements but rather expeditions.

As usual, mainstream archeologists have turned skeptics because accepting something that completely changes History is something most people don’t like. According to skeptic experts, archeological evidences are absent that can support Mr. Ruskamp’s theory.

Interestingly, John Ruskamp is not the first person to have ever claimed that Chinese discovered America first. Gavin Menzies – a retired lieutenant commander of submarine also made a similar claim. According to Menzies, the Chinese reached America 70 years before Columbus did. As per Menzies, a Chinese fleet sailed for America in 1421 and reached there.

chinese symbols found by john ruskamp, which according to him are proof that chinese discovered america

Chinese Pictograms Discovered by John Ruskamp at Albuquerque and Deciphered With Expert Help

Getting back to Ruskamp, Petrogylph National Monument is not the only place where he found Chinese pictograms. He claims to have found similar pictograms, precisely 84 of them that uniquely match with the ancient Chinese script, in other places in US which include Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, California and Utah.

places were ruskamp found chinese pictograms, which according to him are proofs that chinese discovered america

Places Where John Ruskamp Claims to Have Found Ancient Chinese Scripts

Ruskamp said that he had the pictograms tested by experts who specialize in ancient Chinese scripts and that all these experts have agreed to the fact that the pictograms were indeed long-forgotten writing style of the ancient Chinese people. As per Ruskamp, the pictograms of Albuquerque are from a writing style that the Chinese used after Shang Dynasty came to an end.

chinese script recording ritual sacrifice of a dog etched in albuquerque which proves that chinese discovered america

Ancient Chinese Script Recording a Ritual Sacrifice of a Dog – Enhanced Image

Ruskamp explains that the pictograms he found in Albuquerque are representation of sacrificial offerings and are referred to as Oracle-Bone pictograms. According to him, the pictograms show a ritual sacrifice offered to King Da Jia – the 3rd king of Shang Dynasty. He also says that the pictograms also indicate a sacrificial offering to a divine power over auspicious sacred period of 10 days. He says that only half all pictograms of Albuquerque have been identified to be Chinese and the four central glyphs which are – ‘Jie’, ‘Da’, ‘Quan’ and ‘Xian’ are to be read in a fashion the traditional Chinese scripts were read, i.e. RTL or right to left format. When read in that way, it turns out that an honorable man sacrificed a dog to someone superior. Ruskamp goes on explaining that ancient Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty of China used the same syntax of writing order for recording any ritual and that during those days, i.e. second millennium BCE, sacrificing a dog was pretty common. Chinese pictograms for earth, flowers and dogs also present at Albuquerque.

Several other pictograms that Mr. John Ruskamp identified in other parts of America include:

  • Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona – pictogram of 500 BCE depicting elephant.
  • Grapevine Canyon, Nevada – teeth symbol from Oracle-Bone era of 1300 BCE.

In Arizona, one of the most well-preserved messages left by the Chinese translates into: ‘Set apart (for) 10 years together; declaring (to) return, (the) journey completed, (to the) house of the Sun; (the) journey completed together.’

pictogram discovered by ruskamp in arizona which he claims are proofs that chinese discovered america

Pictograms Discovered by John Ruskamp in Arizona

According to Ruskamp, at the end of this message, there is a character that has not been identified. He thinks that the character is actually a signature of the person who carved the massage.

Ruskamp has authored an academic paper as well as a book based on his finding. The academic paper is under peer review. In the paper he made claims that significant weathering over time has managed to distort these carvings. Such distortions by weathering, according to Ruskamp, is absolutely not possible with a period of last 150 years. He pointed out that the Shang Dynasty’s writing script was lost around 1046 BCE after the dynasty crumbled down. Only in 1899 Chinese people once again found out script and managed to decipher it.

oracle-bone scripts discovered by john ruskamp which according to him are proof that chinese discovered america

Pictograms Deciphered as Oracle-Bone Script

Based on these evidences he says that the likelihood of the pictograms he found in different places in America being fake is very low. He also referred to the fact that there are several genetic traits that are shared by the Asians and Native Americans and hence, he says, it was not Christopher Columbus who reached the New World first but rather, the land was discovered by explorers from Asia and they had been there not just one but multiple times.

If not all, some academicians are actually taking John Ruskamp very seriously. One of the most prominent figures who strongly supports Ruskamp is Smithsonian Institution’s Dr. Dennis Stanford. Yet another person is Dr. David Keightley from University of California, Berkley. Dr. Keightley is an authoritative figure in Neolithic Chinese civilization and he helped Ruskamp to decipher the pictograms.

The Bronze Artifacts of Alaska Prove Chinese Discovered America

Apparently, Ruskamp is not alone in his claims that the Chinese discovered America. In an archeological dig at a site called Big Whale in Alaska, researchers have unearthed at least a dozen Bronze artifacts. These artifacts predates Columbus by at least 2,600 years. Among these artifacts retrieved by a group of Americans are a bronze whistle and a buckle. Experts say that the archeological time line from where these artifacts have been retrieved from North America screams that they came from East Asia because during North America at time did not have the technology to make such alloys.

chinese discovered america - artifacts at rising whale dig site of alaska prove that

Artifacts Found at Rising Whale, Alaska Prove That Chinese Came to America First

According to experts, almost 2,600 years before Columbus set foot on North America, cultures like Korea, China and Yakutia region of Russia were already there and they also established trade relationships. They opine that people from these other cultures used the frozen Bering Strait to cross over to North America. According to Gavin Menzies (the retired lieutenant commander of submarine as mentioned earlier), what we have been taught about Columbus and his New World discovery is a mere fairy tale.

chinese discovered america - experts think chinese sailors reached america 2600 years before columbus did

Experts Believe that Cultures from China, Korea or Yakutia Reached America Long Before Columbus

According to some researchers, Western Hemisphere was first inhabited by people who came over the Bering Strait but the Chinese sailors were the first people who first reached the western hemisphere some 40,000 years ago by crossing the Pacific Ocean.

According to many experts, American Indians and several other natives of the so called New World are actually descendants of various Asian cultures. These experts base their claims on the DNA markers discovery.

Though we have traditionally been taught that some 15,000 years ago humans first set foot on New World, the genetic study of the recent times shows that Asian travelers reached the New World long before that. These findings are pretty radical as they call for a complete overhaul of our known history. Perhaps we should say that the history as we know is completely wrong. More and more discoveries are coming through which are extraordinarily puzzling. We today know that humans have inhabited this planet long before what history and science asks us to believe and that there are extraordinary ancient technologies that we are unable to understand with all our modern tools and computers.

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IJ December 30, 2017 - 1:06 am

Oh pleeease. There is also an ‘A’…does that mean Europeans were there first? The trouble is that people see what they want to see and if we began a Rumour that Vikings were there first someone would find similarities to runes in ol petroglyphs somewhere. And that is not saying it’s NOT possible, it’s saying the petroglyphs are not proof. You can make a suggestion, but not a definite claim…

Sankalan Baidya
Sankalan Baidya December 30, 2017 - 8:57 pm

Same applies to you too. You see what you want to see. Don’t you think that the ‘A’ that you mentioned can perhaps be the ‘thing that you want to see’ to be able to put together the comment that you posted?


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