Mysterious Sticky Black Rain Terrorizes Michigan

by Sankalan Baidya
sticky black rain

After the mysterious red rain and the raining gelatinous blobs, it is now time for the mysterious sticky black rain to unleash terror into the hearts and minds of the earthlings. This time, it is the turn of Harrison Township in Michigan, USA. This terror came pouring down from the skies on 14th February, 2016. Yes, that would be Valentine’s Day!

This mysterious black rain hit the cars and houses of the residents of Harrison Township during early morning and left everyone puzzled and worried and of course, downright shaken with fear. The fire department of the township was notified about this weird rain and Michael Lopez – the chief of the fire department of the township came up with an analysis of his own. He said that the matter that rained down had oily consistency and was ash-like. Lopez said that the substance didn’t look anywhere even close to being the fuel of any aircraft but despite the confirmation of the substance not being any type of fuel, it actually appears that this strange black matter came from an aircraft flying overhead.

sticky black rain matter on car hood

However, Lopez says that what they think of as source of the black matter is no more than just a conjecture and confirmations are yet to come after a full-scale investigation is conducted by Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

It was pointed out by Michael Lopez that the sticky black rain matter that rained down on Harrison Township was pretty heavy because they did not spatter the sides of the houses and cars, which clearly implies that they were too heavy for the wind to be blown away in a slanting direction. Even the black substance didn’t splash back up. The problem here is that the fire department didn’t conduct any kind of chemical tests. All the department officials said is based on their visual inspection.

Selfridge Air National Guard Base’s spokesperson released an official statement in which he said that there are absolutely no evidences that the sticky black rain was from any kind of military aircraft and that they are speaking with Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and sent a representative named Francisco Lim (an engineer by profession) on February 17 for investigating the matter that came down as rain.

sticky black rain

When Lim was questioned about the matter, he clearly mentioned that he would not risk commenting anything on the matter as of now in order to avoid misleading people. He said that at least a week’s time will be required before the results from lab testing of the collected samples come it. This means that Harrison Township needs to wait until 25th of February 2016 to know what exactly had struck them back on Valentine’s Day.

The question that is really important is not ‘what’ but ‘why’? Why is all this happening? Is this an indication of something that mankind should be worried about? Is this an indication that a massive destruction is on its way from Nature’s end? Is this an indication of weather crisis? Is this an indication of an upcoming mass extinction with a different terrifying faces? Or, is this a result of human exploitation of nature? Do let us know what you think about this mysterious stick black rain.

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