Many teachers try to find ways to mix entertainment and education to motivate their students to study hard.

Educational entertainment is not a new term, but, still, many tutors have to learn how to implement it properly.

In this post, we discuss four effective ways on how to combine entertainment tools and education to achieve amazing results in the shortest period.

Mixing Entertainment and Education: Recess and Physical Education

The extracurricular classes are, in fact, pretty curricular in many cases.

Many students and their parents underestimate the role of such subjects as art or physical education (unless they are interested in becoming high school athletes and join the field of sports later).

Physical Education

K-12 is a combination, of sports, recess, and PE for school students. These activities train such important and valuable skills as:

Spatial recognition and orientation
Physical fitness
Critical and strategic thinking
Goal setting
Hard work
Healthy self-esteem

Students who refuse to attend PE lessons usually show worse results in many other subjects as they lack movements and fresh air.

Unfortunately, many pupils today prefer the sitting way of life as they lack the motivation to attend PE lessons.

One of the reasons is school bullying, and it is especially wide-spread during recess and sports games.

Teachers and parents should do something about that, but the problem is many victims of school bullying keep silent.

Mixing Entertainment and Education: Positive Effects of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles suit students of all ages and preferences. Those are the mix of art and engineering to come up with an intriguing issue.

A puzzle is like begging one to be solved, and students tend not to give up once they start figuring it out.

jigsaw puzzles

It is that kind of an obstacle which teaches students how not to give up no matter how much time the solution requires.

The sense of accomplishment is the best reward in such type of activity.

If a student learns how to deal with jigsaw puzzles, he or she will understand the way our world functions better.

It will become one logical picture. The metaphysical import of puzzles might be a bit complicated to understand, but it contributes a lot to the knowledge of a young kid.

Kidshealth presents such puzzles as a valuable educational tool for school pupils as it trains:

Spatial relations
Logical thinking

Children with disabilities will benefit from dealing with puzzles as well. These “toys’ improve memory significantly. They also stand for better motor skills and attention span.

Mobile Apps, Computer Software, and Media

Technologies should become an integral part of any modern class.

Teachers who see only adverse aspects of using tech devices in class will always be behind their more contemporary and trendy colleagues.

Various online educational tools can help develop all the necessary skills as well as a deeper knowledge of various subjects and specific topics.

Mixing Entertainment and Education

Online resources are a better way than traditional libraries when students have to research as they save plenty of time and you can always find what you need on the web while a library may lack the materials.

Students who dislike homework or are unsure in their writing skills may use different free software to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation before submitting their papers to the teachers.

Some companies offer citation generators to assist students with proper formatting and organizing their works.

Finally, there are plagiarism checkers that allow making sure that the essays written by students are unique and free of duplicate content.

Technologies also make it possible to study online and reach the tutor at any moment without leaving home.

Various dashboards and forums make it easier and faster for all students and their teachers discuss the urgent questions in real-time.

The Power of Chess

As you may know, chess is considered a sports game while it does not seem to train any group of muscles.

The point is that it trains the brain. People who play a lot of chess are never fat or obese as this type of activity burns plenty of calories. Thus, chess is also useful for human health.

Mixing Entertainment and Education

There are many other benefits of playing chess. Here are some of the reasons to introduce chess in class and start playing them:

They offer fair rewards and punishments
A great number of problems for practice
Opportunity to analyze various alternatives before making a final decision
Guarantees better results in fluency and creativity
Rises competition that fosters interest
Makes the students want to achieve more in their lives

So, education and entertaining have a tight connection that leads to a perfect result.

With the help of a simple game, we can develop and enhance the most important skills both for education and sport. Thus, always consider mixing entertainment with education.

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