Meteor Strike Kills Man in India – First Case of Modern Times

by Sankalan Baidya
meteor strike kills indian man

Meteor strike kills man – well, this is not something you will hear too often but yes, it is not really an out of the world possibility. This has happened in the past and it has happened all over again. But just how far back in past? This happened back in early 19th century. To be precise, it happened in 1825 when a meteor strike killed a person. Today we are in the 21st century and just 9 years short of being 200 years since it last happened. So yes, the incident is literally old.

It happened on the fine day of 6th of February, 2016 in India’s Tamil Nadu. A freak meteor ended up crashing near or on a person named V. Kamaraj. The even unfolded at 12:30 PM IST when there was noise – a loud one. Principal G. Baskar of Bharathidasan Engineering College recalls that the noise sounded like an explosion. It was, according to G. Baskar, an abnormal sound and was loud enough to be heard at a distance of 3 kilometers or so.

crater left by meteor strike that killed indian man

Crater Created by Meteor That Killed Indian Man on 6th February, 2016

So, at 12:30 PM, a meteor (at least that is what people are thinking until the final confirmation comes from the experts) came in from the skies and crashed on cars and building windows and eventually made a crater of 4 feet in depth. The crater was formed in college campus.

Unfortunately, V. Kamaraj, who by profession was a bus driver, was at that time roaming around in the campus. The meteor possibly landed on him or beside him on ground. People aren’t sure where exactly it landed. This crash left Kamaraj with serious injuries which were critical enough to claim his life after some time. Apart from Kamaraj, three other people were also injured but the escape the tragic fate of Kamaraj and survive with less severe injuries. The three other injured people included one college student and 2 gardeners.

Death by Meteor Strike Killed Indian Man in 1825

For some odd reason, it seems that meteors seem to love Indians. Last time a freak meteor killed a man was in 1825 and interestingly enough, that man was from India too. Of course that man (whoever he was) made it to historical records but what about Kamaraj? If we go by NASA, V. Kamaraj is definitely destined to have his named etched in history because the sad and unusual death of his is the first one on record in modern time. This is exactly what NASA says: “It is a fact that there is no record in modern times to be killed by a meteorite.”

In modern history, V. Kamaraj definitely claimed the first spot in history but who is going to the next. We will never know that because according to Times of India, the odds of a second person getting hit by a meteor is 1 out of 250 million. However, we should not forget that people do love to be remembered through history. Someone may just pop out and claim that a person he or she knew was killed by a meteorite. Verifying the validity of such deaths may not be easy. So, watch out and don’t forget to carry a helmet! A meteor strike may be on its way and you or I may just get a place in history.

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