Math apps are like a boon because maths is a dreaded subject for almost all students. The range of fear may vary from one student to another, but yes, mathematics does make everyone queasy at least once in their school or college life. 

Maths is a reality and something that we have to overcome and pass in our exams. To understand maths better, we need to first overcome the fear of psychosis which surrounds maths. 

Today, we are just doing that. We are here to try to give you a list of wonderful and fun math apps that will not only dispel the fear but also make you interested in maths. Don’t believe us? Read on, we will prove you wrong!

But hold on! This list is actually meant for college students who want to go back and hone their mathematics skills a bit either because they need some basic knowledge in their college studies or simply because they need those skills for entrance exams.

That doesn’t however mean that school students cannot use them. They can! After all, everyone needs mathematics!

Convert Units Plus – Free App (Android)/Unit Converter – Best Unit App (iOS)

If you have problems in converting the values from one conversion chart to another, this is what you need to download. It has almost all types of conversions such as power, temperature, data, volume, speed, pressure, etc. 

It not only helps in making your math conversions easy but also it will help with the conversions of physics measurements as well. The best thing about it is, it is absolutely free!

Math Ref (iOS)

A major chunk of mathematics deals with formulae and equations which are extremely difficult to remember to say the least. A free math app called Math Ref comes to your rescue. 

It has almost all the formulae which are present in traditional math fields such as geometry, calculus, algebra, etc.

 Apart from this, you can actually add notes to any equation and you can save equations and even copy them! It is a life savior in a literal sense.

Math Apps: Math Solver (Android)

Linear equations and quadratic equations look easy when you start but as go deep into it, you will realize that it is not that easy. 

It is more infuriating when you can’t solve a few problems even after trying every possible method. Math Solver helps you with just that. It not only solves the problem but also gives the step by step solution to it. 

Along with linear and quadratic equations, it aids in solving factors, graphs equations, expressions, radical and literal equations. If you want to ace in these equations, you need to have the Math Solver app on your phone that too for free! 

Math Apps: CK-12

This app is accessible on various platforms like Windows 8, Windows 10, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. This app comes with simulations, adaptive practice, etc which improve the learning process of the students. 

High school students can make use of this free app in various ways. There are various sections such as BrainGenie section, FlexMath Section, etc. which allow students to focus on their weak spots and improve. 

Want more? CK-12 also has a number of quizzes, tests, and also include workbooks and they can practically be accessible anywhere and everywhere. 

Though CK-12 initially had separate apps, they have now been removed. They are now available on Edmodo that you can download from both App Store and Play Store.


If searching for a possible solution through various sections and problems is not your thing, then, fret not. 

Photomath allows you to take a picture of the problem or equation that you couldn’t solve. And bingo! Photomath gives you the solution along with the step-by-step solution to the problem. 

It allows you to solve problems from arithmetic to fractions, from linear and quadratic equations to trigonometry. This app is free for both Android and iOS. Photomath is something that you need to have on your phone. 

Math Apps: GeometryPad

GeometryPad is a free app for both iOS and Android. This app explains complex geometric concepts to students in an easy way. 

Not just theoretical concepts, students can actually learn how to take measurements, how to use a compass, you can experiment with various shapes in geometry, etc. 

You can bring out the architect in you by creating complex geometric sketches as well. GeometryPad is an app that steps up the game in the process of learning. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy started when Salman Khan created YouTube videos to help his nephew. It has now become a popular and free app with which people can study various subjects for free! 

From basic concepts like counting to complex concepts such as trigonometry, calculus, etc. are taught in the simplest way possible. 

The dashboard on the app helps teachers, students, and parents to track the progress of students which will help in improving the overall abilities of the students. 

Math Apps: Brainscape Smart Flashcards

Brainscape Smart Flashcards is a free app available on both Android and iOS platforms. As the name suggests, it uses flashcards to make high school students remember the pain-staking formulae and equations. 

It gets interesting here because of the fact that it uses your responses and results and creates a study plan which suits best for the student. Even the repetitions in the flashcards are timed according to the abilities of a particular student. 

This not only helps you boost your confidence but also helps you to improve in your subject at your pace without rushing or making you stressed. 

This particular method actually helps students (proved by scientists) to learn concepts in half the time it would take without this technology. 


This app is basically like a social networking app. You post a question that is bugging you. Other members of Brainly would answer the question and they also explain why a particular method is used and how to reach the solution. 

If you are lucky you can get the answer just after you searched as the question might have been asked earlier. Brainly includes the answers for questions from elementary level to college level. 

It is not purely a math app as you can ask questions on varied subjects like chemistry, biology, physics, English, etc. It is a free app. 


Yes, you might not have expected that we would include this big guy in our math apps list. We just can’t resist because YouTube has several YouTubers who teach you almost everything. 

You can actually find several videos for one topic and you can choose the one that suits you best. There are several YouTube stars who teach maths very easily. 

We can’t say that you need to download the app because we know YouTube is on your phone so we say that next time you open YouTube, you need to go for some maths classes, you will enjoy it!


There are several math apps out there in the market. We noted the free but worthy ones in this list. Choose those apps which are beneficial for you and the ones which help you in understanding the concepts easily. 

Our simple advice: Don’t go after fancy names and waste your time. Those apps may work for others but may not work for you because your abilities to understand stuff is different from any other person. 

Finally, download these apps (and even if you are already using it) and do share what you thought of them and if you are using any different app that we didn’t cover in this list, then do let us know!

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