Japan’s Robotic Super Monster Wolf – The New Guardian Angel

by Sankalan Baidya

Wolves are mystical creatures as far as humans are concerned. Some love them, some simply hate them. But irrespective of which group you fit in, here is a question – ‘what do you have to say about Robotic Super Monster Wolf?’ Yes, you read it right. That’s something that a company in Japan has created.

Interestingly though, this Super Monster Wolf in question is not really a bad guy. It actually comes tagged as a Guardian Angel for the sheep in Japan. Yes, yes… those sheep that give us wool, walk on four legs and bleat. That’s pretty weird right? Wolves, as we can picture, are the ones that are dreadful predators and will happily much on sheep bones and feast on sheep meat.

The story however is different in case of the Super Monster Wolf. There is a company in Hokkaido, Japan which has come up with this metallic and furry fake monster wolf. According to the reports of Japan News, the sole purpose of the company (which preferred to stay anonymous for the time being), is to create a wolf (a fake one), which can protect not only the livestock but also the humans from sudden attacks of boars and bears and other wild animals like birds, deer etc. Honestly, boars, dear, birds don’t really hurt the livestock but they do destroy crops leading to unimaginable losses for farmers.

So, this benevolent Robotic Super Monster Wolf simply wards off those threats and works as a Guardian Angel instead of being a perpetrator – a predator.

Some Details About Robotic Super Monster Wolf

The wolf that the Hokkaido-based company has created is not really that big a monster. Standing 20 inches tall and 25 inches long, this robotic animal is slightly smaller than an actual wolf. The scary part however is that it is covered with fur. We will assume that artificial fur has been used to adorn this metallic wolf.

As far as defending the livestock and crops are concerned, the Robotic Super Monster Wolf is blessed with a fierce-looking face with glowing red led eyes. The eyes blink on and off. The purpose of the look is to ensure that the bears are scared off just by the sight. In case a bear or two turns out to have enough courage to withstand such a face, the wolf has some other weapons in its arsenal. It has its own set of sounds – 18 to be specific. The first thing the wolf will do is just howl like any normal wolf would do. If that doesn’t work, it makes loud human voices and then followed by gunshot sounds.

How Effective is the Robotic Super Monster Wolf?

Pretty much actually. If the reports are true then one of the model wolves has been put to test since Jully 11. JA Kisarazu-shi – an agricultural cooperative association received the opportunity to test the Robotic Super Monster Wolf for free. The association reports that since the wolf arrived, the threatening wild animals have just disappeared from the vicinity. So, if the wolf is really that effective, it is expected that once it hits the stores, it will be quickly sold out because its price has been kept relatively low at USD 1,810 or ¥ 200,000.

Irony Associated With Robotic Super Monster Wolf

This robotic wolf in question has been created by a company located in Hokkaido. Hokkaido was once the home to Hokkaido Wolf, which is now extinct. People rampantly killed those wolves between 1868 and 1912 – the period of Meiji Restoration. The last Hokkaido Wolf was killed in 1889 and it was given the status of ‘extinct’ in 1931. However, there have been unconfirmed sighting reports on Sakhalin Island. The irony is that the Robotic Super Monster Wolf is created in a place where wolves were hunted down to extinction. It remains a lousy reminder to everyone that the robot exists today because the originals were destroyed in not so distant past. Whether the originals or the robot are good or bad is an argument we can get into sometime later!


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