You may be searching for a method to keep your beloved kitty warm during the chilly winter months – particularly if you have cold and uncomfortable windows. Cats, like humans, are sensitive to cold, and if they spend long amounts of time outdoors or if interior temperatures are lower than usual, their immune system may be compromised, increasing their risk of being ill.

While your cat may prefer to stay near a vent or in direct sunlight, with sunlight being scarce during the winter season, what other ways can you deploy for keeping your kitty warm? A cat heating pad is one alternative. But the question is: is it safe to use cat heating pads? This is a tiny mat about the size of a cat that lays on your house floor and warms up when plugged in. These pads, akin to an electric blanket, may provide a cozy spot for your cat to sit on chilly days.

Cat heating pads appear to be the ideal solution; a warm and cozy pad for your cat to sit on. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? However, you may be worried about your cat’s safety. After all, electricity is involved. Are cat heating pads safe? Yes! Most of the times.

The Pros of Cat Heating Pads

Because cat heating pads use a little amount of electricity, there is minimal danger of fire, electrocution, or overheating. Because the pads are designed specifically for cats, they will seldom become hotter than the internal body temperature of your cat, so you may leave them on for long periods of time. By and large, cat heating pads are quite safe, which means you won’t have to worry about them causing harm to your cat or house.

Cat heating pads may provide your cat with a feeling of security by simulating a lap or even a warm bed. Indeed, the majority of cats will feel the same way and find it comfortable. Additionally, they may offer a readily accessible location for senior cats that may get stiff during the winter months.

The Cons of Heating Pads for Cats

Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances in which a cat heating pad is not safe in your house, but the key to determining if it’s worth it comes down to your familiarity with your cat. The cat heating pad is unlikely to do harm to your cat. On the other side, your cat may do itself damage by messing with the heating pad.

For instance, if your cat is a chewer, he or she may end up chewing through the cable or pad, burning or electrocuting themselves. If they go beyond chewing and begin eating the pad, they risk developing an intestinal obstruction. Within the pad are wires that generate heat, and if swallowed, they may wreak havoc on your cat’s internal organs and leave you with a hefty veterinarian bill.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the heating pad’s temperature does not surpass the body temperature of your cat. If the pad is left on for an extended period of time and begins to heat up, your cat may get burns.

Additionally, since the pad is electric, it comes with a chord, which may cause strangulation if your cat plays with it or becomes tangled in it.

If you’re considering purchasing a cat heating pad, do your homework beforehand. Ascertain that the pad you purchase is well-reviewed and does not overheat. Once you have one, monitor your cat’s use of it and avoid keeping it on overnight.