This guide provides information on the recipe for crafting a Furnace in Minecraft, as well as instructions on how to make and use a Furnace in Minecraft on all platforms, including the Blast Furnace.

How to Craft a Furnace in Minecraft?

In order to craft a Furnace, it is necessary to first construct a Crafting Table and gather the required materials.

Step 1: Make a Crafting Table. To create a Crafting Table, place four (4) Wood Planks of the same type of wood in each box of the 2×2 crafting grid. You can use any type of wood, such as Oak Planks, Jungle Planks, and so on.


Step 2: Mine eight (8) Cobblestones or Blackstones. You will need a pickaxe for mining.


Step 3: Place your Crafting Table on the ground and open it to access the 3×3 crafting grid.


The method for doing this will vary depending on the version of Minecraft you are playing.

  • On Mobile: Single-tap
  • On Nintendo: Press ZL
  • On PC: Right-click
  • On PlayStation: Press L2
  • On Xbox: Press LT

Step 4: Craft the Furnace. Place eight (8) Cobblestones or Blackstones in the outer boxes of the crafting grid, leaving the center box empty.


Step 5: Place the Furnace on the ground and open it to access the smelting menu.


Minecraft Furnace Recipe

After obtaining a Crafting Table, the following items are needed to craft a Furnace:

To craft a Furnace, you will need eight (8) Cobblestones or eight (8) Blackstones. However, in the Java edition of Minecraft, it is possible to mix and match these materials.

Important: To smelt items using a Furnace, a source of fuel such as Coal, Wood, or Charcoal is also required.

What Can You Do With a Furnace?

In Minecraft, Furnaces can be used to create new items by smelting materials in a player’s inventory. Many items can only be crafted through smelting, such as Iron Ingots which are obtained by smelting Iron Ore and are required to craft a shield.

How to Smelt in Minecraft?

Regardless of the item being smelted, the process for using a Furnace in Minecraft remains the same.

Step 1: To begin smelting an item using a Furnace in Minecraft, place the item to be smelted in the top box on the left side of the Furnace menu.


Step 2: Next, place a fuel source such as Coal or Wood in the bottom box on the left side of the Furnace menu.


Step 3: After adding both the item to be smelted and the fuel source, wait for the progress bar to fill completely.


Step 4: Once the smelting process is complete, simply drag the newly crafted item from the output box into your inventory.


How to Make a Blast Furnace?

A Blast Furnace in Minecraft is capable of smelting items at double the speed of a regular Furnace.

To craft a Blast Furnace in Minecraft, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your Crafting Table and place three Iron Ingots in the top row of the 3×3 grid.


Tip: To obtain Iron Ingots, smelt Iron Ore using a Furnace.

Step 2: In the second row, place an Iron Ingot in the first box, a Furnace in the second box, and another Iron Ingot in the third box.


Step 3: Put three Smooth Stones in the bottom row.


Tip: Smooth Stones can be obtained by smelting Cobblestones to make Stones, and then smelting the Stones again.

Step 4: Once the crafting process is complete, add the newly crafted Blast Furnace to your inventory.


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