If you’re aware of horse breeding in Minecraft, there’s no need to travel across the overworld on foot. All that’s required are two domesticated horses and some Golden Carrots or Golden Apples.

Please note that the information presented in this article is applicable to Minecraft across all platforms.

How to Breed a Horse in Minecraft?

To begin breeding horses in Minecraft, locating and domesticating a pair of horses is necessary.

1. Search for a pair of horses in Minecraft by looking for them in plains or savannas where they tend to graze. Keep in mind that horses do not have specific genders in the game, so any two will suffice for breeding purposes.

Tip: To simplify the process, create a Lead and use it to tie your horses to a fence post to prevent them from wandering off.

2. Domesticate the horses by interacting with them empty-handed. Attempt to climb on top of the horse, even if it throws you off at first. Keep trying until you observe heart particles floating above the horse’s head, indicating a successful taming.


3. Obtain 2 Golden Apples or 2 Golden Carrots for breeding purposes. These can be discovered in treasure chests or crafted by following the appropriate recipe.


To produce a Golden Apple, place 1 Apple in the center of a Crafting Table and fill the remaining boxes with 8 Gold Ingots. Gold Ingots can be obtained by smelting Raw Gold in a Furnace.


To create a Golden Carrot, place 1 Carrot in the center of a Crafting Table, and then fill the remaining boxes with 8 Gold Nuggets. You can obtain Gold Nuggets by mining Nether gold ore using a pickaxe.

4. Once you have brought the horses close together, equip the Golden Apples or Golden Carrots and use them on each horse. When both horses exhibit hearts above their heads, they will breed and produce a baby horse.


5. Wait for approximately 20 minutes for the baby horse to mature into an adult. Feed the young horse apples, hay, sugar, or wheat to expedite growth.

Note: In order to ride a horse in Minecraft, it is necessary to first obtain a saddle.

How to Make a Horse of a Different Color?

Horses can possess seven different colors and various patterns in Minecraft. The appearance of a baby horse is primarily random.

Although baby horses are more likely to resemble one of their parents, they can also look entirely distinct. If you are aiming for a specific color, consider breeding two horses of that color.

The health, speed, and jumping ability of a baby horse are also influenced by the traits of its parents.

How to Breed a Mule in Mine Craft?

To produce a mule in Minecraft, it is necessary to crossbreed a horse with a donkey using the same steps as breeding two horses.

Mules can be equipped with Chests, allowing you to carry additional inventory. It is worth noting that mules cannot breed with any other animals.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft? FAQs

Which horse is the fastest in Minecraft?

White horses are usually the fastest in terms of speed stats, although other horses may have superior jumping ability. If you are interested in acquiring a swift horse, consider breeding two white horses together.

What is the rarest horse in Minecraft?

Skeleton horses are the rarest type of horse in Minecraft and cannot be bred. However, it is possible to tame a skeleton horse in the same way as a regular horse. To do so, you must first defeat the skeleton that is riding it.

How do I heal my horse in Minecraft?

To restore your horse’s health in Minecraft, you can use either a Splash Potion of Healing or a Splash Potion of Regeneration. This can be done while riding the horse or while dismounted.

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