Want to know how strong is a gorilla punch?

The typical punch of a gorilla delivers a force of 1300-2700 pounds. In contrast, the average untrained human’s punch delivers only around 150 pounds of force.

Boxers, who are trained athletes, deliver an average of 750 pounds of force, which is more than an untrained human but still far less than a gorilla’s punch.


The power of a gorilla’s punch can be attributed to two main factors: the length of their arms and their dense muscle mass.

Gorillas have a muscle density that is four times higher than most professional human fighters, and their robustness is due to their massive arms and muscle mass.

Their strength is evident in footage of them pulling and breaking banana trees with ease, making them a formidable force in nature.

There is a surprising lack of scientific research dedicated to determining the strength of gorillas, and much of the information available is based on assumptions and comparisons.

What Will Happen If a Gorilla Punches You?

If you were to provoke a gorilla to the point of aggression, the consequences could be dire.

While gorillas are generally peaceful animals, a direct punch to the head could easily crush a human skull, which can withstand up to 550 pounds of force – far less than the force a gorilla can produce with a single punch.

A punch to the torso could result in broken ribs, organ damage, severe bleeding, or even death.

It’s clear that even a single blow from a gorilla’s powerful arm could easily fracture a human limb.

Gorilla Has Large Arms

It may surprise you to learn that gorillas have arms much longer than their legs. In fact, their stocky legs are about 20 percent shorter than their enormous arms.


The arm span of adult male gorillas ranges from 7 feet 7 inches to 8 feet 6 inches (2.3–2.6 meters), while female gorillas have an arm span of 4 feet 1 inch to 4 feet 11 inches (1.25–1.5 meters). This means their arm span is roughly 1 foot (30 centimeters) longer than that of the average adult male human.

Can a Human Punch as Strong as a Gorilla?

No matter how much a human trains, builds muscles, and devotes their life to becoming the strongest person on Earth, they still won’t be able to match the punching power of a gorilla.

This is due to several differences in biological and anatomical characteristics between humans and gorillas, including the unique development of gorillas’ arms.

Thus, humans are not anatomically designed to punch with the same strength as a gorilla.

When Do Gorillas Punch?


Although gorillas are known for their peaceful nature, there are a few situations that can make them lose their cool.

In case their group is threatened or attacked, adult males (known as “silverbacks”) start throwing punches and protect their loved ones with their lives if needed.

These males can also show aggression towards other males to establish dominance, but it rarely leads to a physical fight. Females can also show aggression towards each other.

However, there are times when silverbacks become extremely aggressive, biting, bashing, and throwing punches. Even gorillas have their limits, and they can be pushed too far.