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What Are Cluster Lights?

Before we answer the question – “how many cluster lights do you need for a tree?”, let us first understand what cluster lights are.

The name says it all, as these LED lights have been grouped or clustered together and separated from the main string to create a garland of lights that is densely packed and much shorter in length than is customary.

You do not require, or desire miles of cable rolled up around the tree, which results in a large amount of plastic cabling with little effect.

What you need is an exquisite swath of lights that makes an immediate impact and is simple to drape around even the largest tree – and that is exactly what Cluster lights provide.

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how many lights you need, there are a few general considerations to make when selecting your Christmas tree lights. Finally, it is your tree; therefore, you may decorate it with as many or as few lights as you wish!

How Many Cluster Lights Do You Need for a Tree?

For optimal coverage on your unlit Christmas tree, approximately 100 bulbs per two feet of tree are recommended. If you have a six-foot artificial Christmas tree, you will require a string of 300 LEDs to properly light it.

Using this as a guide, here is the number of lights required for various sized Christmas trees. Take note that this is the bare minimum number of lights required to completely cover your tree.

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Adding more lights will only enhance the display but going below the minimum will make your tree appear empty.

Tree SizeNumber of Lights Required
3 feet tall tree150
4 feet tall tree200
5 feet tall tree300
6 feet tall tree400
7 feet tall tree500

However, many people prefer to use roughly twice as many lights in order to achieve the maximum amount of sparkle. For instance, some individuals employ the following:

  • A four-foot artificial Christmas tree requires 360 lights.
  • 600 lights are required to illuminate a six-foot artificial Christmas tree.
  • For an 8-foot artificial Christmas tree, 1,000+ lights

The number of windows and ceiling lights in your home is another consideration, as these fixtures can alter the appearance of your tree, particularly as the lighting changes throughout the day.

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You may wish to illuminate your tree and then monitor its brightness throughout the afternoon, evening, and night.

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