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Christmas is the world’s most important Christian festival. It is observed to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, whom believers believe is God’s Son. Continue reading this article to know: “How and why do we celebrate Christmas?”

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas? A Quick History

Though there are numerous interpretations, the traditional story of Christmas is that the parents of Jesus Christ – Joseph and Mary – arrived in Bethlehem but were unable to find a place to stay, forcing them to confine themselves to a stable or shed where Jesus was born. And this traditional narrative is referred to as Jesus’ Nativity.

Today Christmas is celebrated by people of all faiths, whether Christians or non-Christians. While for Christians, Christmas has religious significance, for others (non-Christians), it is merely a holiday to enjoy.

Christmas is the ideal time of year for friends and families to gather and share joy and happiness. People, particularly children, anticipate Christmas because it is a time for receiving and giving gifts.

Celebrations of Christmas

The celebrations begin on Christmas Eve, which is December 24th on the Gregorian calendar. The following day is Christmas Day (the main holiday), which is observed on December 25th. The third day is known as Boxing Day, and it occurs one day after Christmas, on December 26th.

Christmas is observed in a variety of ways in over 160 countries and by billions of people. Christmas decorations traditionally begin with the house being decorated with stars and colorful lights, a Christmas tree, and a crib.

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Following the Christmas celebration, cakes and cookies are prepared. Additionally, people sing Christmas carols (songs) to express their joy and happiness at the arrival of Jesus Christ.

Children are given special consideration during this festival, as they receive gifts from their parents, family members, and relatives, as well as from Santa Claus (which is most likely just a family member posing as Santa, because Santa is not real), who has developed a mythical status over the years.

Children anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus, who they believe will bring them presents by coming down the chimney and depositing them directly beneath the Christmas tree on Christmas night.

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