Homo Optimus – Next Stage of Evolution for Homo Sapiens by 2050?

by Sankalan Baidya

Homo Optimus – that sounds like a character from a movie with the settings of 2135. But hey! Don’t get judgmental so soon. There is much to learn about things before you jump on to the let-us-judge-bandwagon. Homo Optimus isn’t a character of a futuristic movie. It is rather the name of the next stage of evolution for Homo Sapiens.

Really? Evolution? Someone knows what will happen next in evolutionary tree? That’s outrageously weird but there is someone who just predicted this. This prediction came from a renowned futurologist who, based on the current state of merger between man and computer, predicted that by 2050 CE, Homo Sapiens will evolve into something better, something more machine-like, something that he calls Homo Optimus.

The person who predicted this goes by the name Dr. Ian Pearson. He works at Futurizon – a research institution that focuses on researching how future developments will take place in technology-driven world of society and business and every other field as we know today.

Dr. Ian Pearson - Futurologist

Dr. Pearson made this stunningly bold prediction as a part of Big Bang Fair 2016 that is slated to be held between 16th March, 2016 and 19th March, 2016. This whole fair is all about presentations and workshops that will be shown to young engineers and scientists. The presentations and workshops will be all related to STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The Big Bang Fair will be organized in UK’s Birmingham.

Quoting the exact words of Dr. Pearson,

“With optimized genomes and bodies enhanced by links to external technology, people could be more beautiful…more intelligent, more emotionally sophisticated, more physically able, more socially connected, generally healthier and happier all round.”

Dr. Pearson predicts that over the next few years, there will be immense developments in fields of science and technology that will allow fitting of advanced and sophisticated electronics to current Homo Sapiens and when that happens, today’s humans will become Homo Optimus – a more able and advanced life form on the tree of evolution.

Forecasts About Homo Optimus

Here are some of the interesting forecasts he made:

  • There will be cellular implants that will convert normal skin into electronic skin. This will allow interacting with electronic devices more seamless and easy.
  • There will be polymer gel muscles that will be threaded into wearable electronic tights (or simply put, wearable muscles).
  • There will be nanodevices spread throughout the body. These nanodevices will have specialized functions that will allow them to deal with illnesses, repair wear and tear and monitor health conditions 24×7.
  • For the beauty industry, things will work perfectly because they will offer interchangeable membranes that can be easily swapped to cover faces for custom looks.
  • May be, these interchangeable membranes will someday get new upgrades in form of wearable video displays.

So, all that for just humans? Hell NO! Dr. Pearson is one step ahead of us. Remember, he is a futurologist and he kind of thinks out of the box – waaaayyyyy out! To ensure that the young engineers and scientists stay fascinated, he event predicted evolutionary upgrade for dogs. According to him, dogs will become Rover Optimus. They too will be fitted with computer interfaces and nanotechnology.

Speaking of immortality, Dr. Pearson said that humans are about to achieve immortality using technology as soon the day is coming when human brain will be successfully transferred to a robot or a computer, giving humans technological immortality.

Now the question that is lingering around is, ‘will Dr. Pearson’s prediction of Homo Sapiens becoming Homo Optimus become true?’ Well not know anytime soon because most of what he predicted is in early stages of development and some possibly didn’t even make it out of the drawing papers. It is highly likely that if cellular structures can be changed using wearable implants, such implants can be transferred from one generation to another. It is also true that skin can be modified using nanoimplants and wearable techs. All we have to do is to wait and see if Dr. Pearson’s predictions turn out to be right. May be 2050 is way too soon but we can look at a time frame of 100 years from now. What do you think?


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