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Gravity Hills Mystery – What Causes the Anomaly?

You must have heard of Gravity Hills. If you haven’t then let us clarify. Gravity hills are landscapes where everything seems to move opposite to gravity. For example, you pour some water on the road. What do you expect to see? The water flowing downhill, right? In case of gravity hills, the exact opposite will happen. The water will appear to move uphill on its own.

There are several names that are used for describing Gravity Hills. They are often called Magnetic Hills. Sometimes people call them Mystery Hills. Mystery hill is not limited to just one country or place. There are various countries where you will find such hills. For example, you will find them in India and USA. You will find them in Germany too! Needless to say, these Magnetic Hills have become popular tourist attractions over time.

Gravity Hills Explanation – What Really Happens?

Pour water, it will flow uphill. Put a ball on road, it will roll uphill. That’s spooky right? But the big question is, ‘what really happens at Gravity Hills?’ These hills simply take physics for ride. So, what do you think causes such anti-physics behavior?

If you have any explanation, drop a comment as we will like to hear from you. If you don’t have one, here are some of the possible explanations you need satiate yourself with:

Uneven Gravity Causes Gravity Hills Mystery

Some people tried giving an explanation based on gravity. They say, that the gravity on top of the hill (or better put gravity uphill) is stronger than gravity downhill. So, objects move in opposite direction.

In case you are not aware, gravity on earth is actually uneven. For example, gravity close to equator is less than gravity elsewhere that is far from equator.

Scientists refute this theory saying there is no such place where gravity doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. Put in other words, there is no scientific proof whatsoever. So, uneven gravity causing Gravity Hills mystery is unacceptable.

Optical Illusion Causes Gravity Hills Mystery

There is another group of people who take a detour from gravity itself. They say that it is all about optical illusion. According to these people, the landscape surrounding the Gravity Hills create an illusion. That illusion makes a person look at downhill slope as uphill slope. Possible? May be. We don’t know.

The Supernatural Causes Gravity Hills Mystery

This was expected right? Ghosts! They are kind of mischievous and do bizarre things to spook people. Americans seem to never run out of such stories (And duh! They call 3rd world countries backward).

Let us take the example of Florida’s Lake Wales. There’s a gravity hill there. And… there is a legend. It says that once upon a time, a very long time ago, a Native American chief fought a gigantic alligator. Something happened in the fight and both died (no winner huh?). The ghost of either chief or the alligator created a large lake there. This lake causes the gravity hill. A lake fooling around with gravity? Who knows! Everything is possible in USA.

Let us take another example. This time we visit Pennsylvania. The gravity hill here is known as “Just off Route 219 in Brandy Camp, Elk County”. That’s a mouthful of a name. People here are partially sensible and don’t blame ghosts for the unusual gravitational activity. They do however manage to add some spice. They say that the road here is haunted. Guess what? The ghosts are not from humans. They are horse ghosts! Spirits of dead horses lingering around…cool.

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