Do Martian Photographs Reveal Life? It’s All Your Imagination!

by Sankalan Baidya

We earthlings have this amazing power of imagination. We all possess it and practice it at least once every night when we try to satiate our carnal desires all by our own. Just kidding! Anyway, we believe we made our point. We all know how to imagine. However, some people just do it better than others and it, almost always, turns up that imagination and perspective are kind of intertwined. So, why are writing all these nonsense? Well, perspective again!

Let’s get to the point! Did you get a chance to take a look at some of the images of the Red Planet sent by the Curiosity Rover in 2013 and the Spirit Rover in 2008? We believe you have. However, in case you have not really taken a closer look at them, here is where you can do so. Only this time, these photographs of Mars – the rocky desolate planet – will have some interesting highlights which, according to conspiracy buffs and UFO buffs, are proofs that the rocky, really rocky Red Planet has life. It is perspective or imagination you see!

So, what are these conspiracy theorists saying? Well, these extremely imaginative people have managed to point out Martian Crab, Barack Obama’s statue (Huh? Couldn’t they see a sane person’s statue?), traffic lights, mermaids, crash-landed UFO, levitating rock, jelly donuts, a rodent… you know, stuff that screams, ‘Hey, there’s life on Mars!’

So, it is time we start looking at the Martian Photographs from Curiosity and Spirit rovers one by one and find out what has been circulating on the Internet.

The Iguana in Martian Photographs

Imagine an iguana roaming around on the Red Planet that has lots and lots of rocks. Well, stop imagining because someone has already done that and here is the photograph you need to look at:

Martian photographs: structure claimed to be iguana on mars


Crash-Landed UFO Spotted in Martian Photographs

So, if you are a UFO buff and at the same time, you are a great fan of Star Wars, this photograph by Curiosity Rover is definitely going to get your attention. In fact, Scott C. Waring, the author of UFO Sightings Daily goes to the extent of giving measurements and assumptions of number of people onboard. Here is what he said:

“Apparently, the UFO is about 2.5 meters to 3 meters long and hence, the UFO could possibly only hold a few people onboard. However, given the fact that all the humanoid figures we spotted so far were only 5 centimeters to 8 centimeters tall, the spacecraft could have possibly carried anywhere between 20 and 40 passengers.” [Please note that the exact words have been changed to avoid any copyright issues. You can find his exact words in the link given above.]

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be crashed ufo

Star Wars-Like Crashed UFO

How About a Rodent in Photographs of Mars?

Some say it to be squirrel, other say it to be rat. Whatever it is, we can safely say that it definitely looks like a rodent but does that really prove anything? Here, take a look:

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be a rodent

Rodent/Squirrel on Mars

A Woman Looking Down at Curiosity from Hill Top

How about this? A woman standing on top of a hill or a rock and looking down at the Curiosity Rover, or may be posing for a photograph.

Ashwin Vasavada – a scientist at NASA who has been working on the Mars rover project says that the image is from a place that NASA calls ‘geological contact’. So what’s that? It actually refers to a place on Mars where sandstones – lots of them, were found right next to stockpile of mud that was formed at the very bottom of a lake – an ancient one. Vasavada explains that this event happened some 3 million years ago and as of today, sand drifts are falling down the adjacent hill. It is this sand that creates the illusion of a tiny woman because of the interplay of shadows and lights. Ashwin explained that the woman didn’t move from the spot for 3 months and hence, it cannot really be a woman.

Here, take a look at the image:

Martian photographs: Structure on mars claimed to be a standing woman

Standing Woman on Mars

The Tip of a Pyramid

Okay, now here is another interesting one. Those who keep looking for alien life forms are the ones (apart from the scientists) say that this image shows a pyramid which is no bigger than a small hatchback car. However, these imaginative people do say that it is only the tip of the pyramid that is showing up on the surface and that the remaining or the massive structure is buried underneath the ground. What do you think?

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be a pyramid

Pyramid on Mars

The Levitating Rock in Martian Photographs

Ah! Now this one is surely magical. A levitating rock! We must agree that this was really, really hard to spot but someone just did that. Amazing!

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be levitating rock

Levitating Rock on Mars

Like Crabs? How About a Martian Crab Dinner?

Now people are talking good! Bon Appetite! Jokes apart, someone noticed something clinging on to a Red Planet’s cliff and came up with the thought that it is actually a large Martian Crab. Take a look below”

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be a crab

Crab on Mars

World War I Helmet on Mars

We must give points to this. Indeed, the pic shows a helmet-like object on the desolate land of our outer neighbor. Look at it yourself and you will be surprised!

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be a world war 1 helmet

World War I Helmet on Mars

Humanoid Skull in Martian Photographs

Not that easy to figure out but look carefully. In fact, the distant photograph looks far clearer than the zoomed in version. Either way, it does look like a skull.

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be a humanoid skull

Humanoid Skull on Mars

And Then… There Were Dinosaurs!

These damn dinos can’t survive anywhere, can they? Even on the Red Planet they couldn’t make it! Losers! Kidding aside, the image you see below will make you think that they are just rocks protruding out from the Martian surface. Get imaginative folks! Look again and they will look like dinosaur spines and of course, just the fossilized version.

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be fossilized dinosaur spine

Fossilized Dinosaur Spine on Mars

How about a Martian Mermaid?

And who doesn’t like the idea of mermaids? In 2008 the Spirit Rover clicked the photograph you see below. It shows a mermaid-like structure. But… a land-based mermaid? Where is the water? Who knows? It’s Mars after all.

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be a mermaid

Mermaid on Mars

Barack Obama on Mars

This perhaps is THE MOST outlandish claim but is worth looking at. The same man Scott C. Waring noticed the face. He however did not say that it belonged to Obama. All he said that looking at the position of the face, it can be said that it is a whole statue with on the head above the ground and the rest of the body is buried in ground. Waring also stated that it looks very much like a 3D-printed statue. It was someone else from UFO Sightings Hotspot who says that the face resembles the face of Barack Obama. This person actually took the pain of a computer software for cleaning the image before making the statement.

Martian photographs: structure on mars claimed to be barack obama's statue

Barack Obama’s Face on Mars

So, now that you have looked into various photographs, what do you think about them? Is there life on the Red Planet? Is NASA deliberately hiding things from us? Is Obama’s statue indeed placed on Mars? Is there a mermaid or a woman or a rodent there? Or, is it just human imagination with a few people only trying to get attention? Do tell us what you think about these photographs. Comments are always open.

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