Dangers Of Online Dating

Technological change is an unavoidable reality of existence! Much of what was once is beginning to fade into oblivion. Dating, like everything else, has been affected by the virtual revolution.

Nowadays, social gatherings are not the only way to meet someone, and the pleasure of meeting someone via personal experience is reserved for purists. The online dating era is here! Is it feasible? Yes! Is it culturally and geographically diverse? Yes! Is it safe? (Silence…)

As is the nature of technology, it provides a slew of advantages and broadens your horizons, but also a slew of risks. If left unaddressed, these risks will eventually develop into life-threatening situations. Dangers? Continue reading to discover more about the most common dangers of online dating.

Common Dangers of Online Dating

Personal Information At Risk 

Being visible in public via personal dating services has an inherent risk. While the service provider assures its security, the risk of your personal information being abused (for example, your name, photograph, contact number, email address, and home address) occurs continuously, without many people realizing it. As a result, the majority of data is shown without regard for context, and a simple search by the unscrupulous may reveal your personal information in seconds.

Relationship Status: Truth or Lie? 

It is almost impossible to verify whether a member of these ostensibly online dating services is being truthful about his or her relationship status based on the information provided by the user.

Frequently, the “Single” person is married or in a relationship. All you have to do is read the signs — he or she may initiate contact first, respond seldom, provide just the phone number, or choose not to reveal the last name. According to MSNBC, one-third of users of online dating services are married.

Spams that Scam 

If you are not cautious in your disclosures, you will never see the end of what follows. Your mailbox will be flooded with emails. You will get phone calls at inconvenient times, constantly demanding more personal information, to the point of duping you into giving your bank account or PAN number. Never fall into the trap and never give your bank account number or any other personal information, regardless of the amount of money claimed by the mailer or caller.


Con artists and con women often roam the vast, but physically inexistent, online dating scene. They will talk to you in an appealing manner until you are completely smitten with them and ready to help them in any way imaginable.

After days or months of setting you up, they will eventually let the cat out of the bag by requesting money to treat a family member who is sick. When you do, this will be the last time you hear from them.

Undisclosed Records 

Prior to admitting new members, online dating services often perform background checks on all potential members. The procedure, however, falls short of professional standards, and neglecting to reveal potentially dangerous criminal information may ruin your day afterwards. As such, it is advisable not to take information given at face value and to act carefully in dangerous waters.

Online Dating Tips

  • Ascertain that your first interaction with the person occurs in a public area and that you independently get at the meeting site.
  • Before you go, tell a few of your closest friends or family members about your plans and the location of the meeting.
  • Avoid prematurely revealing personal information. It is preferable to communicate the facts after physically seeing him/her and meeting a couple of his/her friends or family members.
  • Create a new email account just for the purpose of joining the online dating service. You should use an anonymous email account, such as [email protected]

The truth is that many people meet online, then meet in person and marry in order to start a wonderful life. Having said that, the dangers associated with internet dating cannot be overstated.

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