Can You Win the Tyrannosaurus Rex Quiz?

by Virupakshi
tyrannosaurus rex quiz

The Tyrannosaurus Rex quiz! Well, we have been thinking of this for quite some time now and here it is! We finally did it!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex has been immortalized by various movies, specifically the Jurassic Park series that came during the ’90s.

Those movies were fun and scary at the same time. It can be said without an iota of doubt that they sparked an interest in the general populace about this ferocious dinosaur.

We don’t know about you but yes, all the dino movies that came after that, we watched them! Such was the interest created in our minds by the initial movies.

Needless to say, we still watch those movies even today and especially during these days of lockdown, we have nothing better to do! Watching those movies is a great way of killing time.

These movies often leave us wondering what if these dinosaurs actually lived during our times?

How would we deal with such threat or would we just wipe them out or worse, would they eat us up?

What do you think? Who would win between the T. Rex and humans if they lived during the same time? Who would dominate this earth?

Maybe, you have watched those movies as well. Maybe you studied about the T. Rex in your school. Maybe you know quite a lot about these dinosaurs. So, what do you think? Who would win?

We can talk about this later. As of now, let us see how much you know about the T. Rex? Play this Tyrannosaurus Rex quiz and have fun. Don’t worry if fail. It is just a fun quiz. You can play again and again.

It is not a timed quiz and there are no restrictions whatsoever. So, play!

Just don’t cheat! That would be unfair! The answers are available on the internet but cheating is not really fun, is it?

In which year did Susan Hendrickson, an amateur fossil hunter, find the preserved bones of T. Rex?

which year
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Susan Hendrickson found the fossil of T. Rex at South Dakota Badlands in the year 1990. By examining the fossils of the dinosaur, scientists estimated that the dinosaur died from wounds to the head that it got after a fierce battle with another dinosaur.

Where is Sue displayed?

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Sue is a T. Rex fossil which is one of the best specimens of T. Rex found till now. In 1997, Sue was sold to the Field Museum of Natural History located in Chicago. She has been on display since 2000.

What is the literal meaning of T. Rex?

t rex meaning
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The literal meaning of T. Rex is a tyrant lizard king.

Fossils of T. Rex was found for the first time in the year?

when was t rex first found
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Barnum Brown found the fossils of T. Rex for the first time in 1902. He found them in Dawson County, Montana.

What was the length of T. Rex’s teeth?

teeth length
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The length of T. Rex’s teeth is 12 inches.

How agile was T. Rex according to the scientists?

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Scientists estimated that T. Rex was extremely agile by studying the fossils and estimating the power of muscles attached to the bones.

Which of the following points are true regarding the teeth of T. Rex?

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All of the three points are true. The bite force of a T. Rex is estimated to be about 34,000 Newtons. It is the highest bite force ever recorded.

Who was the first to find the fossil of T. Rex?

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Barnum Brown was the first person to find the fossil of T. Rex.

What was the size of T. Rex’s chick or T. Rex’s baby?

baby size
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The chick was the size of a chicken. The chick had different features than the adult one. Its sharp teeth and light skull made it easy for the chick to hunt small prey and to escape from predators.

A four-year-old T. Rex is 2 times heavier than a four-year-old human. How many times does a 20-year-old T. Rex weigh more than a 20-year-old human?

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A 20-year-old T. Rex is roughly 71 times heavier than a 20-year-old human.

Is there any difference between Tyrannosaur and Tyrannosaurus Rex?

any difference
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Yes, there is a difference. Tyrannosaur is the group that includes different types of animals and one of the members of Tyrannosaur is Tyrannosaur Rex.

What was the color of T. Rex?

t rex color
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Scientists can’t really estimate the color of T. Rex by fossils. So, no one really knows the color of T. Rex.

Which was the first part of T. Rex that was found?

which part found first
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Teeth were the first part of T. Rex that was unearthed.

In which period did the Tyrannosaurus Rex live?

which period
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Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during the Cretaceous period some 145 to 65 million years ago.

What is the estimated amount of weight that the shoulders of a T. Rex could take?

how much weight
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T. Rex could take a weight of 400 pounds on its shoulders.

How did T. Rex walk?

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T. Rex walked on its hind legs i.e., they were bipedal. However, they walked parallel to the ground by keeping their tail on the ground to support. Earlier, scientists thought that they walked upright.

How many T. Rex’s have been unearthed by 2000?

how many fossils
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40 specimens of Tyrannosaurus have been uncovered by 2000. 20 of the 40 were nearly intact.

For how long did T. Rex live as a species?

how long did they live
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As a species, T. Rex lived for only 2 million years.

What was the estimated lifespan of T. Rex?

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The lifespan of T. Rex is around 20 to 30 years.

When was the dinosaur T. Rex given the name and described?

when was it named?
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President of the American Museum of Natural History, Henry Fairfield Osborn named the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex in the year 1905.

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