Aioli is the quintessential Spanish condiment, whether used as a dip or spread over bread. However, can you freeze aioli, and if yes, how?

Yes, it is possible freeze aioli

But it is not recommended. Aioli does not freeze well. Once defrosted, the mayonnaise will be divided and greasy, rendering it useless.

Can Aioli Be Refrozen? No

Does Aioli Freeze Well? No

Why You Shouldn’t Freeze Aioli?

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, aioli as well as other emulsified goods will not freeze properly. Aioli, on the other hand, seems to freeze well. You’re going to take it out from the refrigerator, and it’s going to look fine.

However, when it comes to thawing, everything goes terribly wrong.

The oil separates from the egg yolk and garlic as the aioli starts to defrost. As a consequence, a thick gloopy combination of yolk and garlic forms on top, complete with a pool of oil.

You may attempt to aggressively mix it back together, but the end result will never be the same again.

How to Store Aioli?

When keeping aioli, it is recommended to use a jar with a lid that fits tightly. Close the jar tightly and store the aioli in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. Beyond this point, it may begin to deteriorate and should be retrieved and discarded.

Making aioli takes just a few minutes, so prepare it on the day you want to eat it — it will taste lot better, promise!

Does Aioli Freeze Well?

As you may think, aioli does not freeze well. Regrettably, no emulsified condiment freezes well. As the oil defrosts, it separates from the other ingredients, creating a pool of oil that keeps floating atop the yolk.

You may attempt to integrate it back in by whizzing it up with a stick blender, but this can be tough. While adding some water may assist, it will thin down the aioli.

Related FAQs

If you still have concerns regarding freezing aioli or questions about aioli in general, the following may be of assistance:

Can You Freeze Traditional Aioli?

The majority of people believe aioli is garlic mayonnaise — that is, garlic is combined with conventional mayonnaise. However, this is not the appropriate way to produce real aioli.

Rather than emulsifying the egg yolk with the olive oil, you need to emulsify the oil entirely with raw garlic. So, can this type of aioli be frozen?

Regrettably not! Even while this is not a traditional mayonnaise, it is an emulsion, nevertheless. This implies that when you thaw the frozen aioli, there will be a reversal of emulsification, leaving a layer of oil and salt & raw garlic and salt combination. Not at all pleasant!

Can You Freeze Mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise, whether simple, garlic-infused, or chipotle-infused, does not freeze well. Indeed, it is not entirely accurate. It will freeze just nicely. The problem arises during the defrosting process of mayonnaise. The oil separates from the egg yolks as it defrosts.

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