Buddina Beach Mystery – Thousands of Dead Fish Appear and Disappear

by Sankalan Baidya
dead fish mysteriously appear and disappear on australian beach

What’s happening in our world? We talked about Biotic Crisis that many are looking as the 6th Extinction Event. Here is perhaps another glimpse of the same – on September 2, 2015, something really strange happened in Australian beach known as Buddina. Located in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, beach-goers were startled by the sight of the beach swarming with dead fish – literally thousands of them!

No one knows what caused the death of these fish. According to Susan Sheard – a local resident and frequent beach-goer, the beach littered with thousands of fish, mostly dead while some struggling and flipping in a desperate attempt to live. She picked up a few and threw them back in the water but there were just way too many of them to be rescued. She photographed the fish and even noticed that the water was just as clean and pollution-free as every other day. There was absolutely nothing wrong anywhere that could possibly explain why those thousands of doomed fish ended up on beach.

Well, while the sudden event of dead fish washing up on the beach with no possible explanation is pretty mysterious, even more mind-boggling is the fact that those fish – lying dead and still on the beach – all of a sudden disappeared in thin air just a few hours later, leaving behind no clue as to what really happened! This weird and mysterious event left every single tidal expert and marine biologist in a state of disbelief and confusion. Their science and their experience – everything was just belittled by this mysterious die-off and mysterious disappearance of the corpses.

So, the dead and dying fish shows up on 2nd of September, 2015 somewhere in the afternoon. In just less than 24 hours, before the experts could really make it to the beach to examine the fish, they were just gone. They simply disappeared. All that was left behind were imprints on the sand where the dead fish lay.

Possible explanations for the mysterious disappearance?

  • People started blaming the disappearance on tidal forces. However, Wappa Falls Observatory’s expert dismissed the simple idea of tides washing away the dead bodies. According to Owen Benedick – the expert – such thing is possible only in case of King Tides! Unfortunately a King Tide or a very Low Tide can actually occur when it is either new moon or it is full moon. None of those happened!
  • Humans, animals of birds picked them up! Okay, that was possible only if there were supporting footprints of any of these three culprits alongside the imprints of the bodies of those unfortunate fish. So, this too was dismissed as a possible scenario.

Now there was no really good explanation left. Scientists have nothing but some photographs and imprints on sands to examine the case. Those resources, under no circumstances, were good enough to explain the die-off and then the sudden disappearance. Heightening the mystery even further, the photographs weren’t good enough to determine the type of fish. Some say that they are Sardines but Jeff Johnson – Ichthyologist from Queensland Museum ruled that out saying that Sardines are not the type of fish that usually roam around near open sea beach and neither are they bycatch of trawler fishing. So, the likelihood of the fish being caught and dumped at beach is quite out of question.

So, what fish were they? How did they end up stranded in beach and what killed them? More importantly, how did they vanish and where did they go without anyone even noticing? Oceans are getting mysterious by every hour and Mother Nature is making things really difficult for us to understand. Are we to blame ourselves for our exploits that are eventually backfiring at us? Are we approaching our end? Has mass extinction begun? Let us know about your thoughts.

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