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There is now a plethora of fascinating and educational internet games for pupils such as Kahoot, Gimkit, SplashLearn, and Quizlet, among others. Each of these games has a unique set of features and levels of interaction, all of which are designed with two things in mind – teaching and engaging the player’s intellect.

None of the games we’ve examined (or we will examine in coming days) are as engrossing as Blooket. You may read our evaluations of Kahoot, Quizlet, and Gimkit.

As a teacher, I strongly suggest Blooket. In my opinion, Blooket play is more fascinating for students to the point that they demand to play it repeatedly regardless of the topic or difficulty.

Their passion to play Blooket games and give it their all is not only admirable, but I have discovered a significant degree of attention that they apply to other areas of study. Let’s begin by discussing what Blooket is and how Blooket play works.

What is Blooket?

Blooket is a relatively new service that provides instructors with online trivia and quiz choices. After establishing a teacher account, you may construct “sets of questions” on any subject. Additionally, you may look for “sets” made by other instructors. By developing a collection of questions, you may arrange games for your pupils.

Blooket is unique among the sites I’ve used with kids in that the same set of questions may be utilized for several different game forms. The instructor might conduct a Gold Quest, a Battle Royale, or even a Classic game.

Students are not required to register for an account. Students may join any game hosted by a teacher simply by visiting and inputting the pin provided to you while hosting a game. Yes, you need to share the pin with the participants so that they can join. 

Most games allow students to work at their own speed and do not need them to see the instructor screen. As a result, they’re an excellent alternative if you’re working with virtual pupils. You may host activities for students to play concurrently or give homework for students to do within a certain time frame.

How Blooket Play Works?

Blooket follows a five-step process, with each design presented in a step-by-step module.

Here are the steps involved:

1. Choose a Question Set.

Blooket enables you to choose your collection of questions either by generating your own customized to your class’s needs and importing them using Blooket’s converter tools, or by searching their “Discover” database for a range of questions. Whichever one you choose; you will undoubtedly discover the ideal collection of questions for your learners.

2. Select a Game Mode.

After writing and uploading your questions or selecting questions that are appropriate for your students from the Discover Database, the next step is to choose a Game Mode. There are a range of distinct game types to select from, each one designed to maximize your pupils’ participation. Additionally, look out for event and seasonal modes that are only available for a short period.

3. Host & Join

As a teacher, you must host a game on a big screen in front of your class and invite your students to participate and compete using their devices equipped with the game ID. You must share the game ID with them.

4. Play to Review

Students will not only have a good time during a gaming session, but they will also be responding to questions to review the material covered in class.

5. Analyze the Results

Here, you may examine the results in depth through thorough score reports and question analysis. You’ll be able to quickly assess your pupils’ performance and highlight crucial areas that may require more study, as well as encourage them during the following game.

How to Create an Account for Blooket Play

To begin using Blooket play to engage your kids, go to Following that, you’ll need to create an account. If you are a Google user, you may create an account using your Google credentials. After registering, you may begin utilizing Blooket to increase student engagement. Here’s how to create an account.

  1. To learn more about Blooket, please visit their website at To start the account creation process, click “Sign Up” in the top-right corner.
  2. Select a method of registration. To establish an account, click on “Sign Up with Email” or “Sign Up with Google.”
  3. Complete the needed information in the boxes provided. This information might include your email address, username, and password. (While registering with Google needs just the use of a username, registering by email requires the entry of your email address in addition to a username and password.)
  4. Your age must be confirmed. Verify that you are above the age of 13 (or at least 16 if you are not a resident of the United States), indicating that you are of legal age to use Blooket.
  5. Create an account by clicking Sign Up.
  6. Choose the account type for which you’re signing up. When requested, identify yourself as a student or educator. This may be changed in the settings section later.

How to Host Blooket Play

In this section we will go through detailed steps for hosting Blooket play. Let’s get started.

Once you’ve created an account, you need to log in to get started!

Following that, you’ll be brought to your dashboard, where you may choose to build your own questions set or choose one of the existing questions sets.

Additionally, on the left-hand side of the screen, there are tabs named “News” and “Shortcuts” that provide pertinent news and handy tips/quick connections to popular games.

Additionally, you may “select and store” games and other publicly available question sets that interest you under the “Favorites” page.

Additionally, there is a “Homework” page where you may add or verify homework assignments for your pupils.

blooket play dashboard
Blooket Dashboard

If you’re seeking inspiration or ideas, click the “Discover Sets” button to browse hundreds of readymade questions sets on a number of subject areas, like “Brain Teasers,” “Math Additions,” “Continents and Oceans”, among others!

blooket discover sets
Blooket Discover Sets

If you want to import your own material, click on the “Create a Set” option. This will take you to a “template” page where you can enter the title, description, and photos for your set.

It’s now time to include some questions. These are multiple-choice questions with an easy-to-use style in which you may indicate which of the four answers is accurate. Additionally, you can put a time restriction to each question to make it more difficult and add images to make it more engaging!

One of the fantastic ways the Blooket website benefits instructors is that every information provided is freely accessible to other educators. Thus, after you complete and publish your set, it automatically gets added to the library, where it may be discovered and used by other instructors!

After you’ve completed your collection of questions or selected a pre-made set, identify the sort of assignment you’re creating. Since you are a teacher, you will always need to choose “Host,” as “Solo” is reserved for pupils.

There are many game modes available, each with a “Homework” or “Host” option, based on how you choose to use the set.

Host Blooket Play

If you opt to host a game, this means that all of your students will engage with it concurrently, resulting in a group gaming session. This is essentially Blooket Live, where you can design competitive games and track student engagement effortlessly. You have the option of allowing the students to play this game alone or in teams.

You may customize the game by permitting latecomers, randomly assigning student names, and setting the number of questions. Students may engage in hosted games using their cellphones or PCs via the Blooket app.


Using the “HW” option, you may allocate a review game as homework. This will bring you to a page where you may specify a deadline/timeframe and a goal. The objective is either a certain number of playtime minutes or a specified sum of money won in the game.

homework or host modes
Blooket Homework or Host

It’s now time to create and distribute the Game ID to your pupils. When the multiple-choice game is prepared, Blooket will supply you with a number code that you may distribute to your pupils so that they can enter the game mode.

You may utilize the “Student Engagement Portal” to track your students’ progress and determine their percentage of right answers.

Blooket Play Game Choices!

There are several game modes available, including enjoyable arcade games and numerous ways to play and win!

For instance, the Tower Defense game mode is a popular game in which students construct tower defense and manufacturing stations and earn tokens for accurately answering questions. There are a variety of blooks (including bad blooks) as well as monsters and attractive avatars to provide diversity and challenge to this Blooket voyage.

These educational games are beneficial and fascinating for students who use virtual study techniques, particularly since a large portion of contemporary teaching has shifted to remote learning. Features such as point randomization and automatic group generation aid in classroom management and provide important feedback on pupils.

Student Perspective

Blooket is very user-friendly and convenient for students to access and utilize at home or in the classroom. Once they’ve made an account, they only need to enter the game ID for the game or assignment their instructor assigned, along with their nickname/icon, and they’re ready to go!

Students may access Blooket independently and play online games in a range of disciplines using their preferred ways. This sort of game-based learning for pupils is sophisticated and interesting, comparable to other video games prominent in contemporary society.

The opportunity for students to review games and assignments enables them to select how, what, and when they study, increasing the likelihood that they will!

What are the Pros and Cons of Blooket Play?


  • Blooket play is absolutely free to use, at least for the time being. However, account upgrades are available for a fee.
  • In several of the games, students may work at their own speed to answer questions.
  • Blooket is a highly competitive game, which makes it very interesting and enjoyable for pupils.
  • Without having to create your own collection of questions, “Discover Sets” enables you to get started instantly.


  • Blooket entails a plethora of questions. While there are built-in questions, you will need to create a large number of questions to personalize it to your students’ requirements if you are unwilling to work with questions that already exist on the platform.
  • There is no way to change questions submitted by other users to make them more relevant to your pupils.

Blooket Frequently Asked Questions

How do you host a Blooket Play for free?

Blooket is completely free to sign up, host, and join games. There are premium upgrades available. They have two premium plans – Plus (that costs $2.99 a month billed annually) and Plus Flex (that costs $4.99 a month billed monthly).

What is a Blooket code?

When a teacher decides to host a Blooket play game, a Blooket Code is produced. This code is used by students to participate in the game.

Is Blooket game free?

Blooket is free for instructors to host and for students to play. There are, however, upgrade options available for enhanced functions.

Can you play Blooket by yourself?

Yes, you may play Blooket alone. It is, however, more enjoyable, and interesting when others participate.

What age is Blooket for?

The minimum age should be 13 (16 if you are a non-US resident). Students below the age of 13 will require parental consent to use Blooket services.

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