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Bigfoot Is Real? A Video Claims So!

Do you believe in aliens and ghosts? You may, you may not!

There are thousands of people out there who claim that they have experienced the paranormal or the aliens. There are stories abound that can be found flocking the Internet.

When it comes to Bigfoot, most of the stories that you come across will discard the creature as a myth, a figment of human imagination.

But then comes Doug Teague, the man who claims to have finally videotaped the elusive Bigfoot.

Here is a quick about of Doug’s encounter with the creature that he believes is so very real!

What is Bigfoot?


There is a research group out of Marion, North Carolina that researches on the Bigfoot. The group is known as Bigfoot 911.

In 2017, at the Hickory Library, the group described the creature as:

Something that walks on two legs just like humans do.

Something that is around 6 feet to 9 feet tall.

Something that weighs between 600 pounds and 900 pounds.

According to the research group, the ways you can tell whether a Bigfoot is near or not is to look out for two things, namely:

Rock throwing.

Wood knocking.

Doug Teague’s Encounter with Bigfoot

Doug’s encounter with the creature took place on August 16, 2019. Doug was walking through the woods near McDowell County along with his dog named Crazy Daisy.

Doug wasn’t simply wandering through the woods. He was there picking up and recovering trail cameras that he had set up.

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That is when he heard wood knocking. According to Doug, he initially dismissed that sound as some woodpecker doing its stuff in the woods.

Things changed after that. Woodpeckers do not really throw stones. Doug understood that there was something in the woods that was throwing stones.

Doug Videotapes Bigfoot

Realizing that there was something fishy, he immediately pulled out his phone and started recording the event.

Apart from a video, Doug also managed to click some still photos of a creature what appeared to be a Bigfoot sitting on the ground.

Later, Doug was asked, “What makes you believe that you photographed and videotaped a Bigfoot and not a bear?”

To this question, Doug answered, “bears never throw stones!”

Crazy Daisy Goes Nuts Over Bigfoot


Doug said that his dog Crazy Daisy usually would approach a bear. This time however, Crazy Daisy had an abrupt behavior.

The dog was simply going nuts and was showing an unusual behavior. The dog, according to Doug, was never leaving his side.

Doug Encountered the Bigfoot at an Unusual Time

When Teague went into the woods, the encounter with the creature was quite unexpected. Usually the time for investigating the creature is either early morning or dusk at 40 to 70 degrees and there shouldn’t be any leaves on trees.

The time when he encountered the creature was somewhere between 3 PM and 4 PM at 90 degrees.

That was pretty unusual time for a Bigfoot to show up.

Teague’s Interest in Bigfoot is Quite Old

According to Teague, he has been investigating Bigfoot for around 10 years now. He says that gorillas have always fascinated him and that the tricky creature is often considered as an oversized gorilla in terms of looks.

Teague often visits Marion area. That particular area is considered as the hotbed of activities for the creature.

It goes without saying that the community interested in investigating the elusive creature will be hosting the annual Bigfoot Festival on 14th September. This will be second annual festival.

Teague said that when he visits the woods in search of the creature, he usually packs the same way hikers pack in general.

The things that he carries with him include:

Some food.

Walking stick.

A map.

Teague doesn’t really carry the food for himself. He usually takes the food to bait the creature. He carries a wide range of food items including Moon Pies, turnips, mushrooms, apples and granola bars.

According to Teague, the creature is quite a fan of sweets.

The extra thing that he carries (unlike hikers) is casting material so that he can, if he spots one, make a cast of the footprint of a Bigfoot.

He also carries a scope so that he can use it like binoculars.

bigfoot print cast
Bigfoot Print Cast

He even displayed the latest cast he made from Bigfoot print. The created it in July 2019.

Teague said that when he encountered the creature, he felt just like a giddy kid despite the fact that he has turned 54 now. And yes, this is not his only encounter with the elusive creature. He had the chance of 3 more such encounters in the past.

Expert Talks on Bigfoot

According to Marsha Fanning (Biology professor and Chair of the School of Natural Sciences, Lenoir-Rhyne University), she never saw any evidence of existence of the creature anywhere despite she being a field biologist.

According to Fanning, if such a creature existed in this world, by now we would have gathered some solid evidence and not just some random reports of sightings.

Bruce Beerbower, who is the lead naturalist at Catawba Science Center says that while there is no proof of existence of the elusive creature, there is no proof either that such creature doesn’t exists.

Bruce has been hearing the stories of the creature since 1970s. He grew up in West Virginia and when he moved to Western North Carolina decades ago, he frequently heard about Bigfoot sightings.

Bruce has a very nice wish. He hopes that such elusive creature does exist but he also wishes that humans should never be able to find them. The reason is simple!

If humans find them, the poor creatures will become victims of trophy hunting. His wish pretty much sums up human nature. We as a species are detrimental to this nature as a whole.

We drove many species to extinction either because we needed area to expand or simply because of trophy hunting or at the best in the guise of defending ourselves.

Federal Bureau of Investigation and Bigfoot

 Even FBI was involved in investigation of the elusive creature. Several years ago, however, FBI decided to declassify the file and all the information that was in the file was published online.

Once a file is declassified, it usually means that FBI will no longer pursue the case. That is what happened. However, in 1970s, some hairs and some tissue samples were sent to FBI and under pressure from a Bigfoot research group and media, the agency decided to test the samples.

The samples were sent by Bigfoot Information Center who had a strong belief that the sample were from the elusive creature.

FBI was reluctant to carry out the investigation but after several years, they did test the samples only to find out that the hairs and the tissues were from an animal that belonged to the deer family.

Is Bigfoot an Urban Legend?

What you believe is up to you. To this day, many people simply discard Bigfoot as urban legend. However, Doug Teague strongly believes that Bigfoots are real and they are lurking there in the woods.

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