by Sankalan Baidya

Facts Legend is a startup website with one and only one target – ‘TO GIVE A LEGENDARY COLLECTION OF FACTS IN ONE PLACE’. We will keep it small at the beginning but will continue to grow with time. As of now we will be working with only a few selected categories.

We collect all our information from different sources. Those sources may be from fragments of internet or from authoritative works in form of paper-bound books. We will do the hard work and keep it simple for you.

To give you facts! We will give facts and only facts. At the most we will be describing a few facts in short or provide additional supportive information for those facts. Because they are all facts, we will try our best to avoid controversies. There may be controversies but we will do our best to provide information from best possible sources.

Mostly students but these facts are for everyone. Anyone, who is curious will get answers here. So, whether you are a computer nerd or housewife, you are welcome to our world of wonderful facts as long as you have that curious little diablo poking your brain with his trident!

You are welcome to read and share but we expect you to be nice and not infringe on our copyright. It will only brutally kill all our hard work and motivation and dedication.

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