A Sporadic Quiz – We Challenge You to Win!

by Virupakshi
sporadic quiz

After a stellar response to our previously posted ‘Truly Random Quiz,’ we thought of coming up with another round of a sporadic quiz. If you think you can win, play on!

The thing is, even if you fail to win, you shouldn’t be disheartened.

There is so much to know and there is so little time. Yes, we know that learning everything in details is not easy and neither do we expect you to do so.

Even we do not know everything. And honestly, while making this quiz, we took help from different resources scattered all over the internet. Even we didn’t know the answers to many of these questions until now.

It is perfectly normal to not know things. That never makes you any worse than others. If you know answers to many of these questions, it is great but there is no point thinking that others are inferior. They may have knowledge about something else that you possibly don’t know.

Learning is a continuous process and it never ends. In this sporadic quiz, you will possibly learn a lot of new things.

Needless to say, during these critical hours of widespread suffering, this quiz will bring some fun and the much-needed instrument to kill your spare time learning a few things.

It is productive and fun!

So, if you have that unsatiable quest of knowledge, roll up your sleeves and dig in. Don’t forget to invite your family members to participate. After all, knowledge is for everyone and so is fun!

And if you think we should go ahead and hold a contest in coming days, do let us know through the comments section. We will organize one and of course, we will have Gift Cards as prizes.

Make your voices heard and let us know what you want from us to keep you busy at home and defeat the crisis that has struck us without any mercy.

So, let’s play and have some fun!

Which one of the following cities hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics?

summer olympics
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The city of Berlin, Germany, hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Maldives island is surrounded by which ocean?

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Maldives island is surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

Where is the highest waterfall in the world located?

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Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world. It is located on a tributary of the River Rio Caroni, in Venezuela.

The mammal with the longest gestation period is?

longest gestation period
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Elephants, with a gestation period of 640 days to 660 days or 95 weeks, have the longest gestation period among all mammals.

Was Titanic, which sank in 1912 on its maiden voyage, termed as an unsinkable ship?

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True, Titanic was famously known as an unsinkable ship. But as fate would have it, it sank on its very first voyage in 1912.

Pudu is the world’s smallest species of which of the following animal?

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Pudu is the world’s smallest species of South American deer. These are the world’s smallest deer.

Which of the following is the name of an Indian airline company?

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Kingfisher Airlines Limited is an Indian airline company. It was founded in 2003.

Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2006?

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Italy’s national football team won the FIFA World Cup in 2006. They defeated France in the finals.

How many letters are present in the Greek alphabet?

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Greek alphabet consists of 24 letters.

Horn of rhinoceros is made up of?

rhino horn
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Horn of rhinoceros is made up of keratin. Keratin is the protein that makes up the hair.

Which of the following is the world’s largest railway station?

largest railway station
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Grand Central Terminal which is located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue is the world’s largest railway station. It is located in America.

How many toes does a dog have?

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Dogs usually have 16 toes. Some dogs may have 18 toes and others can even have 22 claws.

How many keys are present in an acoustic piano?

piano keys
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There are a total of 88 keys (52 white keys and 36 black keys) in an acoustic piano.

How many rings can you find in the Olympics?

olympic rings
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There are five rings in the Olympics. The colors of the rings are blue, yellow, green, red, and black. The rings represent the five continents.

Which is the biggest state present in the United States of America?

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Alaska is the biggest state present in the United States of America.

On a mobile keypad, MNO is on which number?

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MNO is present on the number ‘6’ on a mobile keypad.

Who was the first one to commit murder in the Bible?

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Cain was the first one to commit murder in the Bible. He murdered his brother Abel.

Which country is the northernmost country in the world?

northernmost country
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Greenland is the northernmost country in the world. Greenland’s Kaffeklubben Island is the northernmost point in the world.

The capital city of Zimbabwe is?

zimbabwe capital
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Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe.

Tropic of Capricorn divides which continents in almost half?

tropic of capricorn

Please select 2 correct answers

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South America and Australia are the continents that are nearly divided in half by the Tropic of Capricorn.

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