A Basic World War II Quiz – Do You Know History?

by Virupakshi
basic world war ii quiz - german troops in russia

The second world war or the WWII or WW2 was a global war. This World War II Quiz will not only help you test you knowledge but also help you to get little-know information about the great war that claimed the 73,000,000 (73 million) lives across the world.

That was just the number of lives lost! The social, political, and economic impacts of the war were far beyond comprehension. It was the war that saw the devastating power of the atom bombs that wiped out cities in a way as if they were made of cards.

While it is true that the war was devastating, it also led to many inventions and discoveries that today help us in medical science, space science, and more. Unfortunately, the same inventions and discoveries have paved the path for more destructive weapons, which, if used, will send us to the Stone Age.

In simple words, if there is a 3rd world war, we will be fighting with sticks and stones in the 4th world war (if it happens) [Albert Einstein].

We somewhere feel that it is not a question of whether there will be a 3rd world war or not. The question here is, when will it happen? The sheer scale of destruction caused by WW2 can give us a glimpse of the destruction that will take place in the case of WW3.

We believe you have read about WWII in your school and even you know about the consequences of that war. However, the question here is, how much do you remember and how much you read about it?

This basic World War II quiz will help you to understand the depth of your knowledge. So, go ahead and give it a try. Even if you fail, try again. There is no time limit to this quiz.

Which are the two cities of Japan that were bombed with Atomic bombs?

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The US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – the two cities of Japan.

What was the name of the aircraft that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki?

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The name of the aircraft that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki was Bocksar. It was named after Frederick Bock, the aircraft’s usual pilot.

Who used the phrase ‘a war to end all the wars?’

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It was Woodrow Wilson who used this phrase. Surprisingly, he meant World War I and not World War II.

The nuclear bombs that were dropped in two cities of Japan were named as?

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The nuclear bombs that were dropped in two cities of Japan were named as Little Boy and Fat Man.

Did any of the relatives of Hitler fight for the Allies?

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Yes. William Hitler, Hitler’s nephew, served in the navy of the US. He changed his name from William Hitler to William Patrick Stuart-Houston.

To compensate for the shortages of chocolate, a new treat was invented during World War II. What was it?

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It was Nutella that was invented during World War II to compensate for the shortages of chocolate.

How many years did World War II last?

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World War II lasted for 6 years. The war continued from 1939 to 1945.

Before Japan surrendered, America planned to attack another Japanese city with the A-bomb. Which city was targeted by Americans?

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Before Japan surrendered, America planned on dropping another Atomic bomb on Tokyo.

In which year was Pearl Harbor attacked?

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Pearl Harbor was bombed on 7 December 1941. It killed more than 2000 American soldiers and service personnel.

Who was the president of the United States of America when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

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Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president of the United States of America when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

During World War II, British referred to the Germans with which nickname?

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British used the slang word Jerry (Jerries) to refer to the Germans.

After the Pearl Harbor bombing, how long did it take for Congress to approve the president’s request for declaring war on Japan?

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It took just one day for the Congress to accept or approve the President’s request of declaring war on Japan.

Which country was invaded by the Soviet Union in 1939?

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The Soviet Union under Stalin occupied eastern Poland just 16 days after the German invasion of Poland.

The most amazing sniper in World War II had over 500 kills. He was from which country?

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Corporal Simo Häyhä, a sniper from Finland killed over 500 soldiers during the Winter War against the Red Army. He even survived the war and died in 2002.

How many were killed in the bombing of Coventry?

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Around 600 people were killed in the bombing of Coventry. The incident took place in November 1940.

The nations were divided into two groups during World War II. What are the names of the two groups?

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The nations were divided into two groups – Axis and Allies. Axis had Germany, Italy, and Japan, and Allies included Britain, France, USSR, the US, etc.

Adolf Hitler predicted the war way back in 1925 in his memoir. What is the name of his memoir?

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Adolf Hitler predicted a war in Europe in his memoir, Mein Kampf.

Which US general vowed ‘I shall return’ when Japanese soldiers drove him out of the Philippines?

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Douglas MacArthur kept his promise. He went back to the Philippines in the October month of 1944 and declared ‘I have returned’.

What is the name of Germany’s capital surface ship that remained intact even after the war?

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Prinz Eugen is the capital surface ship of Germany which survived World War II without major damages. It was captured in Copenhagen and then the ship was given to the US.

When did Germany invade Poland?

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Germany invaded Poland in September 1939. Britain and France declared war on Germany because of the invasion of Poland.

Basic World War II Quiz
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