A Basic Sun Quiz – How Much Do You Know About the Sun?

by Sankalan Baidya
the basic sun quiz

The basic Sun quiz here is designed to test your knowledge about the source of light and energy that keeps this planet alive. In absence of Sun, our Earth would become a cold, frigid place devoid of any life.

Sunlight is the source that plants use for food production and rest of the living organism on this planet are directly or indirectly dependent on plants.

This alone should explain why Sun is important. Absence of Sun will mean drop in global temperatures and our beloved Earth will wind up like distant planet like Uranus or Neptune that are lifeless icy-cold worlds.

We all know a few basic things about the Sun. For example, it is at the center of our solar system, it exerts gravitational pull on planets, moons, asteroids, etc., it is the source of clean energy and more.

We keep on reading these things every now and then and most likely, you read about the Sun in your school. How much do you remember? Do you know enough about the Sun?

Here is your chance to put your knowledge to test. Don’t worry, we have not included any thing that you can classify as rocket science. The basic Sun quiz, as the name suggests, focuses only on basic information.

We do agree that we have included a couple of questions that are slightly difficult but they shouldn’t be a big deterrent for you. Those questions are not so difficult either. You can easily pass the quiz in your very first attempt.

Make no mistake though, even the simplest of answers can seem extremely difficult! So, take your time and be wise when it comes to selecting your answers. And if you think this quiz on Sun is too simple, wait for the advanced quiz to show up! We are working on it!

Okay, now play the damn quiz!

When we click a picture of Sun, we are basically taking a picture of which part of Sun?

sun clicking image
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We take a picture of Photosphere when we try to take a pic of the Sun.

At what speed does the Sun travel?

sun travel speed
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Our Sun travels at a speed of 220 km/s.

The core of the Sun is at what temperature?

sun core temperature
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The temperature of the Sun’s core is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit or 15 million degrees Celsius.

The outer atmosphere of the Sun is hotter than the surface of the Sun.

sun outer atmosphere hotter
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The outer atmosphere of the Sun (Corona) is hotter than the surface of the Sun.

Sun makes up 99% of the mass of solar system.

sun weight
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True, 99.8% of solar system’s mass is because of sun. Everything else in the solar system makes up only 0.2% of the mass of the solar system.

Which is the major constituent of the Sun?

sun constituents
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Hydrogen is the major constituent of the Sun. Hydrogen makes up 73.46% of the total composition of the Sun.

Is Sun a star?

three stars
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Yes, the Sun is a star. The stars that you see at night are far away and hence look extremely small.

How many layers are present in the Sun?

sun layers
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The Sun is made up of three layers – the core, the radioactive zone and the convection zone. The other four layers namely Photosphere, Chromosphere, Transition Region and the Corona are the part of the Sun's atmosphere.

What causes sunspots?

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Magnetic field of sun causes sunspots. Sunspots are the phenomena on the Photosphere of the Sun.

How many Earths could fit in the Sun?

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Around 1.3 million earths could easily fit in the sun.

How old is the Sun?

sun age
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Sun is approximately 4.5 billion years old.

What is Helioseismology?

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Helioseismology is the study of the interior of the Sun.

What will happen to our Sun in about 5 billion years?

5 billion years from now
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After 5 billion years, Sun will become a red giant.

Which of the following elements is the least widespread in Sun?

which element least widespread in sun
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With 0.09% of the total composition, Nitrogen is the fourth least widespread in Sun.

What is the generally accepted color of Sun?

sun color
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Sun’s color is basically white though it may appear as yellow.

How long does it take for sunlight to reach Earth?

time required for sunlight to reach earth
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Sunlight takes 8 minutes 20 seconds to reach earth.

What type of star is our Sun?

what type of star is sun
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Our Sun is a yellow dwarf star.

Sun is part of which galaxy?

sun is in which galaxy
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Sun is part of our galaxy, that is, Milky Way galaxy

What type of reaction takes place in the Sun?

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Nuclear fusion is the type of reaction that takes place inside the Sun. Hydrogen atoms fuse to form Helium atoms.

Sunspots are present on which layer of the Sun?

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Photosphere is the layer of the Sun which has Sunspots.

The Sun Quiz
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Come on! It is the Sun! You should know about it. Fine! There are a couple of questions that may be slightly difficult but you should have passed comfortably!
Looks like you have pretty good knowledge about the Sun. You can improve!


You did pretty well! We know there are a couple of questions that are slightly difficult but hey, what's the fun in asking all easy questions?
Are you a scientist or what?


Your knowledge about the Sun is incredible! Are you some kind of a scientist we are dealing with here?

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