5 Fun Food Facts For You

If you are running short of time, here are five fun food facts

  • Americans consume 500 million pounds of peanut butter every year.
  • 70% of the red meat consumed comes from goat and not cattle.
  • Broccoli contains more protein than steak.
  • The country that spends the least amount of time on cooking is America.
  • Pound cake originally consisted of a pound of every ingredient – a pound of butter, a pound of flour, a pound of sugar, and a pound of eggs!

Food is a part of everyone’s life. However, most of the people now don’t get enough time to cook for themselves or focus on the food they are eating. So, today we are going to tell some fun food facts that will prompt you to move into the kitchen and cook a meal for yourself and your family.

Fun Food Facts 1-10

1. The co-founder of Domino’s sold his shares for a Volkswagen! Nearly four decades later, the other co-founder sold his shares for $1 billion.

2. You might have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you believe it, but what if we told you that it was a marketing gimmick? General Foods created the above statement in its marketing campaign in 1944. They aimed to sell more Grape Nuts cereals.

3. It is not possible to cook an egg on a sidewalk. The maximum temperature measured at the sidewalk was 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature required to cook an egg is 158 degrees Fahrenheit. On top of that, concrete is not a good conductor of heat.

4. If you want to burn some fat in your body, try to have an early dinner. It significantly increases the amount of fat burned while sleeping.

5. The original Margherita pizza colors matched with the color of the Italian flag. Tomatoes for red, basil for green, and mozzarella for white.

6. Hot chocolate tastes better when served in orange cups. Scientists experimented and proved it.

7. Christopher Columbus changed the course of food in many nations. If it were not for him, there would have been no bananas in Ecuador, no oranges in Florida, no pineapples in Hawaii, etc.

8. The number of Indian restaurants in London is more than the number of restaurants that serve Indian cuisine in Delhi or Mumbai.

9. Americans eat 500 million pounds of peanut butter each year. It is enough to coat the Grand Canyon’s floor.

10. When it comes to meat-eating, no country can beat Australia. Each Australian eats 200 pounds of meat each year! Americans secure second place.

Fun Food Facts 11-20

fun food facts

11. A death row inmate asked for an expensive meal for his last meal but didn’t eat it because ‘he didn’t feel hungry.’ State legislators decided that there would be no further last meal wishes for death row inmates.

12. Low-frequency sounds enhance the bitter taste, and high-frequency sounds enhances sweet taste. People drink more alcohol and faster when they listen to loud music.

13. 40% of the produce in America is not sold because the fruits and the vegetables are ugly! As they are not in perfect shape (which is natural and perfectly healthy), stores refuse to buy them!

14. NASA astronauts ate food that grew in space on 10 August 2015. They grew red romaine lettuce.

15. The fifth-largest supplier of food in the world is California.

16. Norman Borlaug was one of the most influential people in history, and he was an agricultural scientist.

17. From 2015, it is illegal to throw food in Seattle. If you fail to compost your leftover food, businesses are fined $50 per dumpster, and single-family homes are fined $1.

18. 70% of the red meat that is gobbled down globally comes from goats.

19. The amount of Nutella sold each year can circle the earth 1.8 times, cover the Great Wall of China 8 times, and weighs as much as the Empire State Building.

20. How bad is fast food? Eating it regularly impacts the liver the same way as hepatitis (a liver disease) would do! So, it may be a bit time consuming and may look a daunting task, but home-cooked meals are the best.

Fun Food Facts 21-30

21. It may sound fake, but Eskimos use refrigerators to keep their food from freezing.

22. A cluster of bananas is called a hand, and a single banana is called a finger.

23. Women spend twice the amount of time on food preparation than men.

24. The first person to publish a cookbook is Fannie Merritt Farmer. The book was titled Farmer’s Boston Cooking School Cookbook.

25. Do you know the difference between herbs and spices? Herbs are the leaves of the plant, and spices are other parts of the plant (except leaves).

26. The vegetables that grow underground like potatoes, beets, and carrots should be put in normal water for cooking. The vegetables that grow above the ground like cabbage, corn, and peas should be added in boiling water to be cooked.

27. Gordon Ramsay lost to a prison cook in onion cutting competition! He offered the prisoner a job to join in his restaurant after he was released.

28. People suffer from fear of cooking, and it is called mageirocophobia. Fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the palate (roof of your mouth) is called arachibutyrophobia.

29. As of today, Americans spend nearly 30 minutes on cooking and nearly 5 minutes on cleaning. It is less than half of the time Americans spent on cooking and cleaning in 1965.

30. Salted butter can be kept outside the fridge for a longer time than unsalted butter as it is less vulnerable to bacteria.

Fun Food Facts 31-40

31. Scientists noted that cooking produced energy-packed and light on stomach food. The food allowed the guts to shrink (as they don’t have to work so hard) and brains to grow bigger. Cooking also gave time for other activities like culture, education, etc.

32. Americans spend more time watching others cook than they do the cooking themselves.

33. Mageiros is the Greek word for butcher, cook, and priest. The meaning of the root word of mageiros is magic.

34. Toque is the official name of the chef’s hat. It is an Arabic word meaning hat.

35. The father of American cuisine is James Beard.

36. Americans spend the least amount of their time cooking than any other country in the world.

37. Did you know that a blind girl participated in a MasterChef competition and even won it?

38. Fortune cookies were invented in San Francisco in the 1990s.

39. Food loaded with nutrients is expensive than junk food.

40. The country with the lowest meat consumption in the world is India. An Indian consumes just 7 pounds of meat a year!

Fun Food Facts 41-50

fun food facts

41. The state nut of Alabama is the pecan. They also have a state pecan festival that is held every year.

42. Jelly and jam may look similar, but the jam is made from whole fruit, and hence it is chunky. Jelly is made from fruit juice.

43. Coriander is the dried seed, and cilantro is the leaves with the stem. They both belong to the same plant, however.

44. Richard Montanez, a janitor, invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in the year 1976.

45. Because of the presence of quinine, tonic water glows in the dark.

46. The very mention of cinema theatre reminds us of popcorn, but in Columbia, dried ants replace popcorn. In China, dried salted plums are preferred.

47. People in the Netherlands drink 2.5 cups of coffee every day. It is the most for the country in the world. People in Finland and Sweden consume 1.8 and 1.3 cups every day.

48. An average person in Turkey drinks 7 pounds of tea every year.

49. Pule is the costliest cheese in the world. It is derived from donkey’s milk and originated in Serbia. A pound of pule costs $1,000!

50. Nearly 50% of the Americans who are 20+ eat at least one sandwich each day.

Fun Food Facts 51-60

fun food facts

51. The country that consumes, produces, and exports chili peppers the most is India. Funny enough, chili peppers are not endemic to India. They were introduced in the 15th century. The spiciest of the chili peppers, bhut jolokia is also produced in India.

52. Figs have dead wasps. Fig trees need wasps to pollinate instead of honey bees. Wasps lay their eggs in male figs that humans don’t consume, but if a female wasp enters a female fig accidentally, it dies inside!

53. 60% of the DNA of humans and bananas match.

54. Altitude also affects how food tastes.

55. You may not believe it, but mountain dew contains orange juice.

56. If you suffer from bad breath, try chewing on some coffee beans or drink some coffee. You would notice that there is no bad breath because it prevents the bacteria that cause bad breath.

57. FDA allows the presence of insects in some food. In a 100 gram of chocolate bar, it can have around 60 (not more) insect fragments! For 100 grams of peanut butter, it is 30 insect fragments.

58. Cranberries that are ripe bounce!

59. The primary source of antioxidants to Americans is coffee.

60. Rotten eggs float, and fresh eggs sink in water.

Fun Food Facts 61-70

fun food facts

61. No one is aware of the origins of chocolate chip cookies.

62. Pineapples are not related to pines, and strawberries are not berries. Twinkle cream is not a cream!

63. Belgium is the country that produced French fries and not France.

64. Pufferfish is an expensive dish and is considered a delicacy in Japan. But it is not prepared correctly; a person can die by eating the dish. Hence chefs have to train for over two years to qualify to prepare pufferfish’s dish.

65. Spam was invented in Minnesota, not Hawaii. Hawaii consumes the most spam per capita than all the other states.

66. Water can never expire. Then why does bottled water has an expiry date? It is the expiry date of the plastic bottle but not of the water.

67. McDonald’s sells 2.5 billion hamburgers each year, which means 75 hamburgers are sold each second, and 6.5 million of them are sold every day.

68. Mexican and South American civilizations used chocolate as currency.

69. 25% of the world’s hazelnuts are used in preparing Nutella.

70. The most stolen food in the world is cheese. 4% of the cheese produced in the world gets stolen. Cheese is so famous that there is a black market for cheese.


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