There is no dearth of fun and crazy facts. We realized that facts about studies might become stressful sometimes. So, it is essential to spend time on stuff that goes easy on our minds. These crazy fun facts would do just that. These facts would help you relax so that you can unwind yourself. What are we waiting for? Ready, steady, one, two, three, here we go.

Crazy Fun Facts 1-10

1. Humans are the only species that enjoys spicy food, rollercoasters, and scary movies. Scientists say that spicy food helps in fighting microorganisms out. The reason why humans love rollercoaster rides or horror movies is not known yet.

2. Our brain shrinks as we age, everyone knows this. But what you or even we (till we wrote this article) didn’t know was the fact that this phenomenon happens only with us. Our closer relatives (chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys) also don’t show this.

3. According to a study conducted at Harvard University on over 1,20,000 people, potato chips are the number one cause for weight gain (1.69 pounds every four years). Potatoes (1.28 pounds) and sugar-sweetened beverages (1 pound every four years) hold 2nd and 3rd positions.

4. People who died can get goosebumps because after death, muscles stiffen and the muscles that hold hair also stiffen creating goosebumps.

5. The national anthem of Spain doesn’t have any words! Other countries with no words in their national anthem are Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Marino, and Kosovo.

6. A male giraffe headbutts in the urinary bladder of a female giraffe continuously till the female pees. The male then tastes the urine and understands whether she is ovulating or not so that he could mate!

7. If a person finds a way to extract the gold present in the earth’s core, then it can cover our earth with a gold layer up to our knees!

8. If you were to remove the space between atoms that makes up humans, the entire population could easily fit into an apple.

9. 1,200,000 mosquitoes, and they sucking our blood once is what it takes to drain out the average amount of blood in humans.

10. You may know that it takes 8 minutes for the photons of light to travel from the Sun to earth. Did you know that it takes the same photons 40,000 years to travel from Sun’s core to its surface?

Crazy Fun Facts 11-20

11. There are more possible moves in the chess than there are atoms in the universe (known).

12. Coffee decreases the perception of sweetness in both mice and humans.

13. Your body takes rejections the same way it considers physical pain.

14. An airplane fly for a hundred miles with a hole in a fuel cell ( both the turbines off). Such an incident happened.

15. Monkeys can see optical illusions. They see their enemies almost everywhere because they are scared for their lives.

16. In a matter of 10 years, your mattress weight would double because of the accumulation of dust and mites.

17. At night, our intervertebral discs relax and, in turn, expand. This is the reason why we are taller in the morning than in the evening.

18. We share our bodies with 90 trillion bacteria.! That is more number of bacteria living on our bodies than the total populations of humans on earth.

19. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock’ n’ Roll, was a blond guy. He dyed his hair black as he thought that it would suit him better.

20. Next time you have to make a hard decision, try thinking about the problem and possible solutions in a different or foreign language. Your brain has to focus on language (that doesn’t happen when you speak your mother tongue), and it keeps your mind away from emotions so that you can think clearly.

Crazy Fun Facts 21-30

21. 15% of the air in the subway consists of only and only human dead cells.

22. You might have heard that some humans are allergic to cats. But we bet you didn’t know that some cats are allergic to humans.

23. The possibility of dying while you are on your way to buy a lottery is higher than the possibility of you winning it!

24. The structure of hair takes an overhaul during the first year of the newborn baby. Baby’s curls may become silky and straight or vice versa, blond color may change to brunette, etc.

25. Did you know that polar bears cover their noses with their paws in an attempt to make themselves invisible?

26. Pessimism is genetic. Yes, it is. Pessimistic people have a mutated ADRA2b gene.

27. Obese people are higher in numbers than people who starve in this world. 30% of the world population suffers from obesity.

28. We smile differently according to the different needs. Our smiles to attraction, praise, and superiority are different.

29. When photography was a new thing, people used to click photos of dead people as if they were alive!

30. Most of the power outages in the US occur because of the squirrels.

Crazy Fun Facts 31-40

31. A woman lost her wedding ring and she found it sixteen years later on a carrot raised in her garden.

32. 1/4th of our bones are located in our feet.

33. Blood donors in the country Sweden receive a text message when their blood is used.

34. You may not believe it but your computer is more vulnerable to virus attacks when you visit a religious site than a porn site.

35. People in the earlier days used spider’s web as bandages. Learn more about spiders now!

36. Sunglasses were invented by the Chinese for their judges so that their expressions can stay hidden while giving the judgment.

37. A dentist invented cotton candy! In 1897, dentist William Morrison and John C. Wharton, a confectioner invented cotton candy that came from the machine. Another dentist, Josef Lascaux, reinvented the machine in 1921.

38. The epitaph of Shakespeare contains curse for the grave robbers.

39. Genetically speaking, children of identical twins are siblings and not cousins.

40. The official bird of California’s Redondo Beach is the Goodyear Blimp. They passed a resolution in 1983.

Crazy Fun Facts 41-50

41. A duel between three people is called truel.

42. The name for Pringles’ shape is called a hyperbolic paraboloid.

43. Frostnip is the name given to the stage before frostbite.

44. Remember Sparky, the gay dog in South Park? George Clooney gave the voice to him.

45. Most of the toilet papers sold in France for home use are pink.

46. Square watermelons of Japan are ornamental and are not edible.

47. The largest of all the honey bees, the Himalayan Honey Bee, produces hallucinogenic honey.

48. Expedia.Inc owns Trivago, Travelocity,,, and Orbitz.

49. Sunsets on Mars are blue.

50. The opposite of albino animals is melanistic animals. Black Panther is nothing but a melanistic jaguar.

Crazy Fun Facts 51-60

51. Mr. Bean or Rowen Atkinson gave voice to Zazu in The Lion King.

52. Can you believe there are wealth psychologists hired by banks for super-rich clients who are not able to cope with their wealth?

53. The state of Minnesota is younger than the University of Minnesota.

54. People can’t sneeze in their sleep because the brain shuts down that reflex.

55. 60% of our brain is fat, making it the fattiest organ of our body.

56. The first atomic bomb that was created in 1945 was named “The Gadget.”

57. Iguanas have three eyes. The standard two eyes are for sight, and the third eye, which is present on the head, perceives brightness alone.

58. Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.

59. If you gulp down 30 to 90 grams of polar bear’s liver in a single meal, you can very well die.

60. Maurice Ralph Hilleman developed 8 of the 14 vaccines. The vaccines are Hepatitis A & B, Meningitis, Chickenpox, Pneumonia, Measles, Mumps, and Hemophilia Influenza.

Crazy Fun Facts 61-70

61. Rabbits are blind and hairless at birth, whereas hares have hair and can see at birth.

62. You can’t hum with your nose closed as just like exhaling; the air is blown out of your nose when you hum. Can’t believe us? Try it.

63. 11 April 1954 is the least exciting day in history.

64. On a diet? Use a smaller fork. Smaller forkfuls of food give the impression that you ate enough and you feel full.

65. Termite is the longest living insect.

66. If you suffer from heartburn, just chew a chewing gum after your meal. The saliva that interacts with chewing gum becomes more alkaline, and that can reduce the acid built in your stomach.

67. According to a study, husbands do less housework than boyfriends.

68. Bees can detect the presence of bombs with their tongues. They can be trained to lick out the explosive just as dogs sniff them out.

69. As of 2016, MySpace website gets 50 million visitors every month!

70. The word Jurassic is a Celtic word meaning forest.


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