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Science saves lives. It helps in creating vaccines that prevent people from falling ill because of certain diseases. It helps in making our lives easy and improves our standard of living.

But all this comes with a price that comes in a polished name called experimentation. The price is the lives of thousands of organisms – be it humans or animals.

Today we will learn about 7 scary science experiments that will surely give you creeps. Let us begin

Scary Science Experiment 1: Japanese Unit 731

Nazis are termed as the cruelest in the time of World War II. Not that we disagree, but Japanese cruelty is something that is not usually talked about (at least as much as the Nazis). Unit 731 of Japan committed numerous atrocities in the name of scientific experimentation.

Unit 731 was started in 1938 and focused on chemical warfare. The aim was to create biological weapons to help the Japanese Imperial army in world war II.

Researchers and doctors (supported by Japanese medical universities) used Chinese and other Asian civilians as their subjects.

They injected a plethora of disease-causing microorganisms in the civilians to see the effect. Some civilians were put in pressure chambers to see the outer limit of the human body to pressure.

America benefitted from Unit 731. America took vital findings of experiments and, in exchange, left the ones involved in Unit 731 unharmed. America had the same approach while dealing with Germans.

Scary Science Experiment 2: Transplantation of Testicles

Leo Stanley was a doctor in California’s San Quentin prison. He believed that low testosterone is responsible for criminal activities. So, he started transplanting the testicles of young executed prisoners to the older inmates.

When he saw that the supply of young testicles decreases, he resorted to slicing off the testicles of animals like pigs, goats, deer, etc. He made the testicles of these animals into a paste and injected the mixture in the abdomen of inmates.

Some of the inmates felt healthier and energetic after this weird experiment. However, there is no conclusive data on this experiment.

Scary Science Experiment 3: Stanford Prison

It is one of the most infamous psychological experiments to date. A psychology professor, Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University, chose 24 students for his research. Half of them acted as prisoners and the other half as guards. He was the jailer.

He created a temporary jail set up in the basement of the building. The aim of the experiment was to see how people would react under stressful situations.

In just two days, the ‘guards’ were showing dominance and power over ‘prisoners’ in an unsavory manner. The ‘prisoners’ resisted first and then revolted. The situation got worse by the day. Zimbardo, he allowed the ‘guards’ to misbehave with the ‘prisoners.’

This experiment, being gross, showed that even a sane and law-abiding person can become violent and demon-like when he/she has power or authority.

Scary Science Experiment 4: Transplanting human brain cells in mice

Scientists of the University of the Rochester Medical Center transplanted glial cells (the cells that protect the neurons by insulating them) into the brain of mice.

After transplantation, it was observed that the glial cells multiplied and formed astrocytes. These cells strengthen the connections of neurons. The differences between the astrocytes of humans and rats being the human ones are more massive and had more neural connections.

Surprisingly, mice with human brain cells performed better in cognitive and memory tasks. After the success of this experiment, scientists are about to repeat it on rats that are more intelligent and smarter than mice.

Scary Science Experiment 5: Experiments of Stanley Milgram

These experiments are infamously called “shock” experiments. In the 1960s, Stanley Milgram wanted to see how far people would obey orders of an authoritative figure when they were ordered to hurt someone.

Milgram chose a few actors who would increase the magnitude of a shock given to the ‘test subjects.’ As the doctor advised to provide a higher range of electric shock, many of the actors obeyed the doctor even after watching the subjects crying in pain.

Many of the test subjects succumbed to the shocks given by the actors. After the experiments, the actors were shocked to know that they could go this far and show such inhumane behavior.

Scary Science Experiment 6: Entomological Warfare

Insects are one of the most dangerous animals on earth. They kill more humans than any lion, leopard, or a shark (even combined). The U.S. Army noticed it and took advantage of it.

In 1955, they initiated an operation called “Operation Drop Kick.” They air-dropped some 600,000 mosquitoes in some parts of Florida where the black population was more.

In the same year, they started another operation called “Operation Big Buzz.” In this operation, they air-dropped 300,000 mosquitoes in areas where mostly minorities were living.

Tropical rat fleas were left in Utah as a part of the “Operation Big Itch.” Needless to say, several thousands of people were ill, and thousands of them died.

Scary Science Experiment 7: Stuttering Experiment

Famously known as the “monster study,” the experiment was conducted on orphans of Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Orphans’ by speech pathologists of Iowa University.

They believed that stuttering in people was the result of the anxiety in children regarding speaking. To prove their point, they chose a few orphans and condemned them whenever they spoke. They admonished the children to speak only when they were sure that they would not stutter.

The experiment was not at all victorious as the children didn’t get stuttering. However, healthy children became victims of anxiety, low self-esteem, and became too silent and withdrawn.

There are several such scary science experiments. If you want to know more such scary experiments, do let us know.

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