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7 Best Mobile Apps for Studies That Every College Student Should Consider

Looking for best mobile apps for studies? Perhaps no one else knows and understands the pain of flipping through scores of notebooks other than college students.

Lack of organization skills haunts majority of the college students, especially when it comes to keeping the study notes organized. Thanks to the digital era we are living in, the daunting task of organizing study materials is a thing of the past.

Today we have education-focused mobile apps that help to organize and sort with ease, allowing you to increase your productivity and focus.

So, if you are stuck back in the era of 90s, when the only option was that of pulling out your notebook and your pen, it is time to upgrade. All you need to do is to pull out your smartphone and checkout these 15 best mobile apps for studies:

1. Study Related Mobile Applications: Evernote

best mobile apps for studies: evernote

Like it or not, college is all about taking notes – a lot of notes. These notes can come in any format – audio clips, class lectures, attachments, links and more. Keeping them organized is a must.

Paper notebooks don’t really have a charming appeal in this case because they cannot keep audio files and neither can they save clickable links. They cannot clip webpages or they cannot perform on demand search functions.

Evernote does it all. You can keep everything in one place in a tidy fashion that suits your needs well. Best part, you can access all your notes from any number of devices you want.

When we say any number of devices, we mean that you can sync your Evernote on any computer, tablet, phone or laptop and access your notes whenever you want. There is a catch though!

To have unlimited device syncing ability, you will need to premium version. The free version can sync only on two devices of your choice

What’s more? You can attach PDFs, text documents, images and even forward your emails into Evernote. Want more? You can even search through your documents (PDF, docx, txt, etc.), arrange everything with title, tag or date.

In short, there is a lot that you can do. It is a complete solution for note keeping. The premium version comes at a price of $7.99 per month but you can always get “students discount.”

There is a reason why this app is listed on the top of our list of best mobile apps for studies. We just love it! It is extremely powerful and feature-rich. Do try it once.

2. Best Mobile Apps for Studies: iStudiez Pro

istudiez pro

Okay, we agree that a student’s life can be dizzying. You need to keep a track of every bit of your study life. You need to track your semesters, your holidays, your exam dates, your homework due date and more.

The list is kind of endless and at the same time, you need to have fun as well. Doing everything at once requires some serious organization skills and this is where iStudiez Pro comes in handy.

Available for all platforms – Mac, iOS, Android and Windows – this small software allows syncing to the cloud. This means that no matter what device you use, you can access all your data whenever you want.

So, how does it work? Input your data and save. You are good to go! The app will take care of the rest and give you reminders as per your settings.

The app comes complete with a calendar and you can go on to integrate the apps calendar with some other calendar app such as the Google Calendar. Of course, the app has a free version but you can always upgrade it to a premium version for a monthly fee of $1.99 or you can simply go for an annual plan and save 60%. The annual plan will cost you $9.99.

3. Study Related Mobile Apps: Quizlet


Physical flashcards can be messy and throw a massive challenge your way when it comes to organizing things. So, say hello to Quizlet – a unique way of dealing with flashcards!

Get modern folks!

Okay, so what is Quizlet? It is a place where you can create your own study sets or you can simply access the study sets that others have created. It works pretty much like flashcards but with advanced features.

You can insert diagrams, notes, audio files and more. You can annotate your diagrams, create playable games and more. It is a fun way to learn just about anything you want. Biology? Not a problem! Mathematics? Quizlet got you covered.

Think of anything – social sciences, history, geography – create flashcards and access it later or simply access the study sets that others have created. There is premium version available for teachers who can create more detailed study sets.

You can also buy study sets. Yes, there are premium sets that you need to purchase in order to study. If you are using it on mobile, you can download the study sets for which you need to subscribe to Quizlet Go at a price of $1.67 per month.

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4. Best Mobile Apps for Studies: My Study Life

my study life

If you are looking for simple and free app that will help you to organize your exams, assignments and classes, My Study Life is the one you need. It is completely free!

The interface is pretty similar to that of iStudies Pro but with less complexities. It works on your mobile on your desktop and even on the web. With cross-platform compatibility, you can keep your data synced on any device and access it from anywhere.

Oh, did we say that your data remains available even offline?

5. Study Related Mobile Apps: Simplemind Pro

best mobile apps for studies

Okay, this is the one app you should take seriously if you want to brainstorm ideas and create mind maps. It is perfect for project planning or even holiday planning. Complete with amazing layouts, this app gives you the power to insert voice memos, videos and images into your mind maps.

The app is very interactive. Drag-and-drop, click-and-add – nothing gets simpler than that. Once you are done mapping your mind and you are satisfied, you can send it to others (email) or you can get the map printed!

Albeit, the app comes for a price and you need to pay. The pricing depends on the platform for which you want to get the app and the number of users who intend to use the app. Choose wisely.

6. Study Related Mobile Apps: Wolfram Alpha


Google is great for finding answers but imagine an application than can give you answers to your specific questions! Type in a math problem and this app called Wolfram Alpha will not only show you the answer but will also show you the process of deriving that answer!

It is not just about science or math major. It covers a whole lot of subjects and even comes handy for things like music, stock trading, retirement planning, personal fitness and more. It is a must have app for every student!

It is a premium app and you need to pay a one-time fee to install and use it. So, why are you wasting time. Just get that app today!

7. Study Related Mobile Apps: Flashcards+


Let us being by saying that it is completely ‘Free’. Unlike Quizlet, you really don’t need to pay anything at all for anything you do on the app. This app is offered through Chegg.

Did you hear about Chegg? No? Well, it is a company that rents out text books.

So, what really is Flashcards+? Simple! It allows you to make flash cards – pretty much like the study sets you create when you use Quizlet.

You have the freedom to make your own flashcards or you can use the ones that others have created. It even allows you to add images to your flash cards. You can remove a card when you have mastered it.


Everyone studies but those who are organized and follow routines are the ones who ace. No, no… we are not talking about the exceptionally talented people like Einstein or Newton or Nikola Tesla. These people are never counted. They never needed anything to assist them. People like them come once in a while and so, you can remove them safely.

We are talking about normal students who study and then get a job or get into a business and live a life, marry someone, raise some children – I am talking about those people – people like you and me. In order to achieve great results in our studies, we need to be meticulous and organized and this list of 7 best mobile apps for students is something you should take seriously.

I personally use Evernote and it is plain awesome. Depending on your needs, you may need something else on this list. Check them out and we are sure you will find your love in one of these 7 apps.

Which one do you think is among the best mobile apps for studies? Do let us through the comments section.